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Explosive (SPN, Jack)


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One of my headcanons is that fully-powered Jack makes things (especially lightbulbs) explode when he sneezes. Allergies become... complicated. 

It didn’t happen right away, but after Jack had spent a few months on earth, his body, part human, part archangel, had started to adapt. Some helpful ways– while he didn’t need much sleep, when he did get tired it was within the usual human wake/sleep cycles. His sense of temperature improved so he was able to notice when he was starting to get cold and put on a sweater before he felt like he was going to freeze to death. 

One negative physiological adjustment was that he was starting to react more to his environment. Apparently, his human side was prone to pretty bad allergies. 

Jack trembled with yet another stifled sneeze. 

“Geez, kid. Your allergies are bad today, huh?” 

Jack sniffled and wiped his nose with a crumpled, over-used tissue. 

“I think holding them in is making me sneeze m-more..heh..hup’nxxx-chh! uhh…” The lights flickered and Dean looked up worriedly. 


The lamp nearest them shattered. 


“Gesundheit.” Dean sighed as he looked at the ruined lamp. “Well we can’t just keep replacing all the lightbulbs in the bunker. You’ve been taking those meds, right?”

Jack nodded. 

He groaned softly and rubbed at his itchy eyes. “Sobetibes they help. But dot as buhhuh! hut’NgTXT! hhh… heh! eh’NGXXT! guhh…. dot as buch whed I’ve beed outside.”

Bless you. Going on that walk with Cas earlier probably wasn’t smart then.”

Jack looked guilty. “I was so bored sitti’g arou’d doi’g dothi’g. A’d the leaves are so beautiful right dow… We cabe hobe whed I couldd’t stop sdeezi’g.” 

“At least when you’re outside you don’t break anything.”

Jack’s already watery eyes filled with more tears and Dean wanted to kick himself. Jack pinched his nose tight and shuddered with another repressed sneeze, then got unsteadily to his feet.

“I’ll be id by roob. I already broke the lights id there agaid this bordi’g.”

Dean winced. He’d heard him the moment Jack woke up sneezing, which was becoming a regular occurance. The sound of a very congested morning allergy fit mixed with exploding lightbulbs was hard to ignore. 

That night, on the way to get something from the Impala, Dean found Jack sitting outside the bunker.

“What the hell are you doin’ out here?!”

“I deeded t-t- tuh... TSHHhuu! to sdeeze ahh ah'DSHHhiew! and holding theb id was starti'g to hurt..."

“You didn’t think that maybe—“


“—coming out here would—“


“…Geez. Bless you, Jack. Oh shit, your eyes...”

Dean crouched down next to Jack and firmly took his chin, tilting his face up. Jack squinted, puffy red eyes overflowing with irritated tears. Dean wiped Jack’s cheek with a rough thumb. 

“I’b godda.. sdeehh” Jack wheezed with a hitchy gasp. Dean scooted out of the line of fire, frowning at how urgently out of breath Jack sounded. 

Hehhhh… HEgKSHhhuu!” Another harsh wheeze as Jack tried to get his breath back for a second “HESHH!” and third “ESHHHhh!” and fourth “nnJSCHHhh!” 

Something soft was pressed against his face, gentle pressure pinching his nose shut. He trembled with a violently suppressed triple “hnngxt!ntcht!NgXXT!” but instead of launching into what he assumed would be a never-ending fit, the hitching irritation faded into wheezy recovery breaths as Dean gently massaged away the tic of allergic sneezes. 

Dean let go of the bandana so Jack could blow his nose. 

“Your chest feel tight?” he asked. Jack hesitated, lowering the bandana. Dean had seemed mostly irritated, then resigned and grudgingly sympathetic since Jack’s allergies had shown up. Now he looked concerned. Jack knew that he didn’t like the way his breath sometimes rushed from his lungs without relieving the hunger for oxygen, but he didn’t understand why Dean was suddenly staring at him so intensely. 

But he did feel breathless in a way he hadn’t before. He choked out a cough, half to clear his throat and half to try to dislodge whatever was keeping him from taking a full breath. He put a hand to his chest and frowned, noticing Dean’s gaze shift down to follow his hand. 

“Maybe?” he said. “I feel... stuffy.”

“Yeah you sound congested. But you’re wheezing pretty bad—“

hehhhh! heh’EHHYESHhhuu!” Jack took in another harsh gasp and tried to cough, only managing empty-sounding barks. 

“Yep, okay, we’re going inside and finding Sam.” Dean hauled him to his feet and pushed him towards the door. 


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Hey Lillian, I’m not sure if you will see this or when you’ll come back to the forum but I was wondering if maybe you would want to trade writing? I have a few guilty pleasure things written (though I never thought they would see the light of day) and I am desperate to read more of your work. I’m new and not sure how this whole thing works so I am sure there is more to discuss but I just thought I would throw it out there. Anyways, love always. 

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