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Trying Drabbles again


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I realize my writing presence has been streaky as I adjust to life post school.    So I thought I’d try some drabbles based off sentences we love to hear.    I’m not posting the list or titles because that will spoil the Drabble (list available tho).


so, because there are characters I haven’t written in years in here, here is a refresher on who’s who:


The Comedians and adjacent 

Jamie – policy advocate, married to Freddie

Freddie – comedian, married to Jamie

Alex – actor/comedian, dates Alyssa

Alyssa – College Biology professor, dating Alex

Tim – comedian/accountant, paired with Ethan

Ethan – nurse educator, Tim’s partner

Dustin – nurse, Ethan’s best friend

Beth – Dustin’s wife

Rachel Bill’s wife

Bill – Tim’s best friend & boss at accounting gig

Sam – comedy writer

Ella – comedy writer

Toby – nutritionist, works with Ethan


The Goalies

Carter – the rookie 

Cal – the starter


and now, some drabbles:

Cal sat on the floor, petting the puppy at his side.  He frowned as he heard another sneeze from Carter’s room.   “Hope he’s not getting a cold.”  He commented to the dog.


He spent half an hour petting the dog, trying to keep it from pulling the cone off, and getting increasingly concerned as Carter kept sneezing in the other room.


He was about to check on him when the younger goalie stepped into the living room, almost empty box of tissues in his left hand.   He saw the dog, stopped and took two steps back.


“You ok?”  Cal asked.  


“So this is why I’m sneezing,” he mumbled, looking at the dog, too softly for the other goalie to hear.  “Why do we have a dog?” He asked, louder.


“This is Beau, Steve’s dog.”  Cal referenced their captain.  “He got neutered yesterday…can’t be left alone because he’ll pull the cone off.   And Steve had a few appointments this afternoon.”


Hh’Kshhh.”  Carter squished a sneeze into well worn tissues.   “When’s Steve picking him up?”


“About 4.  You ok?  Not catching a cold, are you?” 


“I’m allergic to dogs.”  Carter said with a rueful smile.  


“Explains the sneezing.”  Came Cal’s comment as they both looked at their watches.   About 2 more hours with the dog.   “If I’d have…I’d never have told Steve…”


Carter cut him off.  “It’s not like you knew.”  He held a tissue up towards his nose.


“I don’t know if anybody can take him…or if Steve can get back sooner.”  Carter frowned.  




“Bless you.  There’s antihistamines in the bathroom.”   The one thing he could offer up.




“Maybe I can take him to the park?”  He offered.


“In a cone?” Carter sniffled, swiping at his nose.  “Probably easier for me to get lost for awhile.”


“You sure?  I mean, it’s 2 hours, and you’re still dealing with that ankle sprain.   Not like you can go for a walk.”


“I’ll grab lunch…groceries…somethiiihKihtschh.”


Carter nodded.   “Go take an allergy pill.   I’ll check to see if the grocery list is missing anything.”  




Sam looked up from her nest on the couch as her roommate stepped into the apartment.   Ella slipped off her jacket, looked at her and sighed.


“Blind date went that well?”


Ella rolled her eyes, pushing Sam’s legs aside and slumping down on the couch.   “Why do I put myself through these things?”


Sam fumbled for a tissue; not finding one, she buried her nose in her comforter.  UhhChoo!”


“Gross, Sam.”


Sam unearthed the box of tissues for a loud blow.   “Bless you sounds nicer.”


Ella looked up at the ceiling as if asking the lord for strength.   “Didn’t even make it to dessert.  He was so condescending.”




“Can you actually survive as a writer?  Does it pay enough?  Isn’t it egotistical to thih..thihhhihtSchoo!…think you’re funny?  On and on and on.”


She sniffled.  “And then he droned on about his own work.   Because being a patent lawyer is sooooo fascinating.”   She brought her hand up.  Ehhtshoo.  And on top of it, my allergies are acting up this evening.”


Sam bit her lip.   Ella had allergies, but in the 3 years they had lived together, she’d never seen them flare up in January.   “I think you caught my cold.”


Ella sighed, burying her nose in her elbow.   Uhhtschoo!”   She nodded.   “I wasn’t going to tell him that though.”





“You look a little under the weather.”  Tim commented as he walked into the office to see Freddie slumped at his desk.


“More than a little.”  Freddie moaned.   “Caught Jamie’s cold.  Everything hurts.” He paused.   HuhhChushh.   And I can’t stop sneezing.”


“Bless you.” Tim slipped into his desk chair, setting his backpack on the ground as Freddie sneezed again.   “Bless you again.”


Freddie sighed.   “There’s gonna be three or four more before they stop for awhile.”  He exchanged his crumpled tissue for a fresh one, just in time to need it.   ChuhhSchoo!”


Tim shot him a sympathetic smile as Alex walked in.   “Try not to get the boss sick, ok?”  He whispered.





Ethan looked over as Toby suddenly stopped talking, cupped his hands over his nose and sneezed again.  “Ble-“ Ethan started, only to be cut off by Toby’s quick head shake and another sneeze.


When Toby didn’t move his hands, he slid the tissue box over.


Toby twisted so his elbow covered his nose, reaching for tissues with his free hand.  UhhShuhh! Schuhh! UhhhShuhh-shuhh! ShuhhSheshh!”  He came up for air and blew his nose.  


“Bless you.  I’ve never seen you sneeze like this before.   You’ve been sneezing since you got here.”




“It can’t be your allergies.   It’s the wrong season.   And I’ve never seen them this intense before.”


HuhhtSchehh, UhhChesshhUhshh!”  Toby blew his nose again.   “Cat.” He managed before folding over again.


Ethan looked confused.  


“Allergic.”   Toby said after a fierce blow.   Trying not to sniff back his runny nose, he continued.   “I didn’t know you had a cat.  HuhhhChshh!”  That one he managed to stifle.


Ethan’s nodded.  “Bless you.”  He reached for the cat.   “Might be better if I put him in the other room.”


Toby shrugged.   “Maybe.”  His voice was stuffier than Ethan had ever heard him.   He pressed the tissues to his nose to catch four harsh, rapid sneezes.”


“Do you need to leave?  I can take you…call your wife…”


Toby shook his head.   “I don’t know.   I didn’t know you had a cat, so I’m allergyyyyYihhChushh!  ChuhhhEhhShoo!   No allergy meds.”   He wiped his nose with the tissue.


“I’ll grab a Zyrtec for you after I deposit him elsewhere.”  He heard another trio of sneezes as he took the cat from the room.   “Bless you.”  He called back.


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I love these little shorts and I'm super intrigued by your characters.  I hope inspiration continues to strike!

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On 10/3/2023 at 7:52 AM, SpookingPhlox said:

I love these little shorts and I'm super intrigued by your characters.  I hope inspiration continues to strike!

Thanks.   I’m hoping to use these to flesh some of the minor ones out more.   

And I wrote some more:


Tim sat outside on the deck, watching his nieces play in their yard.  His older brother sat next to him.


Mark rubbed his nose and looked at his watch.   “Mari will be home with supper in about an hour.”   He turned the upper half of his body away from Tim.  HuhhChsht.”


“Bless you.   Sounds like someone’s allergies are starting to kick in.” 


“Starting?”  Mark complained.  “You didn’t hear me this morning as I was trying to get the girls ready for daycare.”


“So the sneezing stops for me?”  Tim teased.


“Guess so.”  Mark pulled a tissue from his pocket, muffling another soft sneeze into it.


“Gonna last out here until Mari gets home?”


“Gotta tire out the kids.   Then I get to sleep.”


Tim chuckled.   


“I’m serious.   The twins will stay up until midnight if they can.”


Tim reached for his water and took a drink as Mark sneezed again.


“Bless you.”


Mark smiled.  “You’ll be saying that all evening, you know.”


“Consider it all inclusive.”  Tim said with a grin.


Chhshoo! UhhChshh!  Have I ever apologized to you for all the shit I gave you for this growing up?”


Tim laughed, shaking his head.   “Sorry you have to go through it now.”   He pulled a tissue out of his pocket and handed it to his brother.   “Old habits.”  He shrugged. 


“Works in my favor.   Didn’t think I’d work through my stash so quickly.”   Hh’Shushh!”


“You sneeze one more time, you’re going inside.”  Tim was stern.


UhhChusshpt.  Girls.”  Mark blew his nose.


“I got it.   Go get a break from this.”  He said, shooing his brother into the house.




Carter came back with the groceries, just in time to find Steve there, holding the dog on its leash.  


He looked over and greeted Carter.  “How are you?”


Carter sniffled, feeling his congestion start to return, in spite of the antihistamine.   “To be honest, was hoping you’d come and gone by now.”


“Yeah.”  Steve shifted his weight.  “Sorry, I didn’t know you were allergic.” He apologized as Cal took the groceries from Carter, taking them to the kitchen.


Hehtchuhh!” He stepped past Steve to grab a tissue off the coffee table.   “Don’t really advertise it, I guess.”  He scrubbed at his itching nose, then sneezed again, more forcefully than before.   “Guess my nose is picking up where it left off.”   He sighed.  


“Sure sounds like,” came Cal’s comment from the kitchen.    “Steve…”


“I should go.”  Steve finished, making his move towards the door.”


“Why don’t I watch him at your apartment while you’re at PT tomorrow?”  Cal grinned.  


“Thanks.”  Carter said, behind his tissues.  




“UhhChushh, ChuhhEshshoo, hieshoo!”


“Bless you.   Still going at it?”


Bill looked up at him through watery eyes.   “Guess so.”  He sniffled, reaching for a fresh tissue.   A loud blow followed soon after.


“Any idea what’s setting you off today?”


A shrug.  “I dunno.   I mean, it is fall.  HihhCheshuhh! Ughhhhh.”


“You need more tissues.”  Tim observed.   


“So, go get me some.”  Bill pitched forward again…4 sneezes this time.   


Tim grabbed a box of tissues from the hall closet.   “Bless you.”  He handed the box over.   


“Thanks.”  A handful of tissues found their way to his nose for a couple of quick blows.   “I don’t know why this isn’t stopping.”


“What do you say we order a pizza tonight?”


“I thought we were going for pizza and then, the movies.”


“I don’t think that’s such a good idea, Sniffles.”


“HehhEhshoo!  Eishuhh!”


“See what I mean?”


“I’m not going to let my allergies get in the way of having fun!”  Bill protested, rubbing his nose.


“And you’re not going to let them get in the way of everyone else having fun.    Pizza and a video is what I’m offering.”


Stifling a pair of sneezes into a clean tissue, he offered Tim the finger, doubled over for a significantly harsher sneeze, and begrudgingly agreed to the revised plan.



Tim fumbled in his pockets for his sunglasses. 


Ethan gave him a funny look.  “Everything ok?”


“Forgot my sunglasses.”


“You had them in the car; probably left them there.”


Nodding, Tim agreed.  “You’re right.”  Now that he thought about it, he’d laid them on the center console and neglected to grab them.


“Ready to grab dinner?”  Ethan touched his arm.


Tim nodded, steeling himself to exit the dark theatre.


Ethan pushed the door open, and they stepped out.


HuhhYehhshoo! Yehhshuhh!”  A pair of powerful sneezes struck faster than he’d expected, doubling him over as he hastily scrambled to cover.   


“Bless you.”


Tim straightened up, then doubled over, away from Ethan, again.   HeySchoo!  HihYihhSchoo!”


“Bless you again.”  He watched as Tim pulled a tissue from his pocket and took care of his nose.  “What was that?”  He asked his new boyfriend.   


Tom sniffled a couple time and looked at Ethan, keeping his eyes averted from the glare of the sun.   “The sun always makes me sneeze.”  He commented.


Ethan nodded.  “I’ve heard of that.  Explains why you always have your sunglasses.”



Dustin walked into the living room, saw the lilies on the table and groaned.   He could feel the congestion starting and his nose begin to itch.   Rubbing a hand to his nose, he began to help Beth unload the groceries.    


“What’s with the flowers?”  He tried not to sniffle.


Beth grabbed a vase from the cupboard and began filling it with water.  She shrugged.   “Thought they looked nice.  Change from the usual bouquet.”


Dustin nodded, biting down on his lower lip.


“What do you think?” She asked.


Dustin’s nose could no longer resist his attempts to fight the sneezing back.    He held up his hand, indicating she should wait, then bent into the opposite wrist.   HahKishoo-kishoo-kishoo-kshoo-kshoo-shoo-shoo-shoo…HahKishoo!”


“Bless you.”  Beth handed him a piece of paper towel.   


“Thanks.”  Knowing that sneeze had opened the dam, he kept the paper towel close.    


“Allergies getting to you today?”


“They weren’t.”  


She looked confused as she pulled the flowers from the plastic and placed them in the vase.”




“Bless you!” Beth exclaimed as she set the vase on the table.    




Keeping the beyond useless paper towel over his nose, he turned for the living room…freedom from the flowers…and access to tissues.  Rubbing his eyes with one hand, he grabbed for tissues with the other.


“Why didn’t you tell me you’re allergic?”  Beth demanded, taking in his red eyes and nose.


Dustin looked down at the floor.  “I unno.   Guess maybe I was embarrassed to tell you a little flower does all this to me.”


A gentle laugh.  “Grass does this to you; trees, weeds do this to you; cats do this to you.   What’s one more thing?”


He pitched forward for another set.   “So we can get rid of them,” he sniffled thickly when he straightened back up.


“Considered them gone.” Beth called from the kitchen.



“HiihtSchoo! HihhItschoo! IhhhttSchoo!”


“Bless you,” Freddie said for the, well he didn’t remember how many times that day just as he’d lost track of Jamie’s sneezing.


HihhtSchiih!”   He waited for the blowing to end.   “Are you ok, babe?   This seems worse than usual today.”


She nodded, wiping her eyes with a fresh tissue.   “I’m fine.”  Came the stuffy answer.   “It’s just hayfever.”


Her nose gave her a five minute reprieve before deciding to go at it again.


“Bless you.”  Freddie offered again, half a dozen sneezes later.    “Do you need a Benadryl?”


HiihhKitschh! Ihhtschhhh!”  She shook her head.   “I need to be upright, if not functioning today.”






Alyssa sighed as Alex sneezed and broke her concentration…again.   She picked up her red pen, and once again, began the essay from the beginning.


The silence lasted 30 seconds.  HihhtSchahh!”


The cycle repeated itself, as she again returned to the paper in front of her.




“You’ve been at that for half an hour.” She sighed. “Can’t you have your fit elsewhere?”


He offered a small smile.  “Waiting on the oven.”


Picking up her pen, she turned away from him to begin grading, yet again.  She got a minute’s reprieve.




“Would you stop that?  I’m trying to grade papers.”


“Would if I could.”  He blew his nose loudly.


“What if you go in the living room, and I get the casserole out of the oven?”


“I don’t want dealing with the oven to break your concentrahhhAhhCheshh!”


“Believe me, it’s not the oven that is.”  She glared.


Seeing the ferocity of her gaze, he retreated to the living room as she picked up her pen, yet again.



Bill had taken the day off.   It was a school holiday with the kids home from school, Rachel had a cold, and was starting her 3 day stretch tonight.   So, he’d taken the day off so she could rest.    


He’d noticed, as the day went on, he was sneezing a little…probably just some random, freak allergies, probably from the time outside with the kids before lunch.  


HuhhChushh!”  A sharp sneeze caught him of guard, as did the second that followed.  He looked at his watch.  Only 1:00.   The kids (and him) had slept in this morning, yet the day was crawling, and he was exhausted.   He grabbed a glass of water after finishing the lunch dishes, noticing as he swallowed that his throat was slightly achy.    Achy, not scratchy, he noted.


EiChushh! ChushhEhh!”   Was it his imagination or was the sneezing picking up, not to mention increasing in strength.”


He headed for the playroom, putting a movie in for his sons.    “I’m gonna take a nap.  I’ll just be in the living room.   Wake me for anything.” He ordered.


Laying down on the couch, he noticed he was sore.   Too much time at a desk, not enough time cleaning a house and running after 4 boys, he reckoned.    “HahhhtChushh!”  Grabbing a tissue from the box on the end table, he blew his nose, then grabbed a few more to keep close for his nap.


He didn’t remember closing his eyes, but they snapped open when he heard Rachel sneezing.


“HihtChuhh! IhhtSchuhh! Schushhh!”


“Bless you.” He mumbled, sleepily.


“You ok?  Naps aren’t like you.”


He was about to respond, then was suddenly grateful for the tissues in his hand.  HuhhtChuhh! UhhShushh! UhhChuhhh!”


“Bless you.” She frowned, reaching out to feel his forehead.   “You didn’t catch my cold, did you?”


Bill groaned, flopping back on the couch.  “Allergies are seeming less and less likely.”





Dustin pulled his pillow over his head.  He had a headache, was trying to nap, and Ethan had chosen now for an allergy attack.   The joys of small dorm rooms.


“Bless you.” He said through gritted teeth, knowing that it irked Ethan to be blessed mid fit.  


Ignoring Ethan’s glare, he closed his eyes, trying again for sleep.     




Dustin tried not to clench his jaw, knowing that would make the pain in his head worse.




“Could you be any louder?”  Dustin groaned.


Ethan glared at him.   “I’m sorry, ok.   I can’t exactly take this elsewhere.   And yeah, you’ve heard me be a lot louder.”


Dustin sighed.   “Sorry.  It’s just, this headache.”


“Neither one of us are at our best right now.”





Dustin looked over from the door to the staircase where his wife stood.    “Bless you.   You okay?” He frowned as he stopped putting on his coat.


“Would you relax?  It was just a sneeze.  KihtSchoo!”


“Two sneezes.” He countered, wondering if their first night out since Ada Lyn was born was in jeopardy.


“Ok.  Two sneezes.  I’m fine.”  She grabbed a tissue as she made her way to the door, surprised at how stuffed up she was.


He looked at her suspiciously.


“You’re just anxious about leaving the baby and using a couple random sneezes as an excuse.”  Beth informed him.   


He was anxious about leaving the baby, but a sneeze from Beth were rare, 2 was rarer still.


She grabbed her coat, pushing him out the door, then turned to lock it.   HihhKitxx.”  She tried to stop that one, keep him from hearing.


He picked up the key she’d dropped, opened the door.   “One of us has a cold.”  He said plainly.   “And it’s not me.”



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And some more:


Alex woke up, more feeling Alyssa sneeze than having heard her sneeze.


Iihhshoo.” Came a second breathy sneeze.   


“Bless you.”


She frowned, pressing her forearm to her nose.  Ihhshoo.”


He handed her a tissue from the box next to him.   


Shoo.”  She caught that sneeze in it and looked at him.    “What’s going on?  I can’t stop…hh’shoo…stop sneezing.”


Alex took a look at her.   Sneezing and eyes that were starting to look pink and irritated.   “I think it’s allergies.”


“I don’t have allergies.  Hihshoo.  I never have before.”


“We’re halfway around the world from California.   Different ecosystem.   For one thing, it’s summer here.”


She nodded, reaching for the tissue box he handed her.  Ihshoo.”


“Look on the bright side, babe.  You’re sneezes are so quiet no one’s going to notice them.”


She glared, then ducked forward into a tissue.  Hihhshoo.  Just make this stop.”


Alex reached into his carry on and handed a bottle to Alyssa.  “Start with one of these.”




HeyYesshuhh! YehhShoo!”


Ethan heard Tim before he saw him.  Getting tissues ready, just in case, he waited for Tim to come into the apartment.


YuhhShuhh! AyyYuhhShehhh!”


“Bless you.” Was offered with the tissues, and Ethan was rewarded with half a dozen fierce bows.


“Did your cold come back?”  He frowned, stretching up to feel Tim’s forehead.   


Tim stepped back.  “Don’t think it ever left.”  He coughed.


Ethan’s frown deepened as Tim curled into his elbow.


HuhhRahshoo!  AhhScheshh!  HuhhShehhSchushhh! HahrrSchuhhh!”

“Bless you.  Back to bed.”




Tim sat in his cubicle of an office, opening up the taxes of his first client.


UhhChushhChushhhEiChushoo!”  He heard Bill, boss at work, best friend outside of it, blow his nose from the large office down the hall.   Tim bit back a smile – it was practically fall, then went back to work.   


He turned to the stack of receipts in front of him, hearing Bill sneeze again.


Starting to sort them, he yawned.   Looking at his watch, he sighed.   Too early in a day of tax prep to turn to coffee, but here he was, headed to the coffeemaker.


“AiihChuhh, HuhhChushh, chuhhShoo, aayehhshoo!”


Tim filled a mug with coffee and stuck his head in Bill’s open office door.  “Bless you.”


Bill, blowing his nose, jumped slightly.


“Sorry, boss.   Didn’t mean to startle you.”


UhhpChussh!”  Bill waved off Tim’s apology.


“You gonna be ok?”


Bill sighed.  “It’s gonna be a bad allergy day; I can tell already.”


Tim nodded; fall treated Bill the worst.


“Haven’t even been up 2 hours yet, and this is my third fit.  Time to get used to this again.” 


“Can I get you anything?”


Bill muffled a quartet of sneezes into a pile of tissues.   “Just close my door.”




“6.” Tim stated, taking his seat at the table across from Ethan as Ethan wiped his nose with a napkin.   He picked up his spoon and started into his cereal, ignoring Ethan’s glare.   “How’d you sleep?”


Ethan shrugged.  “You were pretty restless, so…”


“Sorry.  Just kept having the weirdest dreams.   Probably should have moved to the couch.”


“You’re fine.   Restless or not.”  He paused, picking his napkin up, “HatChoo!”


“Seven.  It doesn’t keep you awake when I’m having trouble sleeping.”


“It does, but so does sleeping without you.”


“Awwww.”  He reached for his coffee.   “I sleep better with you, too.”




“Eight,” Tim grinned.


“You know, this sneezing for the first hour of the morning is annoying enough any help from you.”


Tim sipped his coffee.  He picked up a plate and offered it to Ethan.   “More bacon?”


“All yours.  I’ve had enough.”    He took a few bites of his own cereal.   “Dinner reservations tonight?”


“Sure.  I’ll make them while you’re at work.”






“I hate it when you count my sneezes.”


“I bet you get to 13 this morning.”


“I hate it even more when you try to predict how many there will be.”





“Here, have a tissue.  You look like you’re going to need one.”  Ethan fished around for the pack in his pocket, extracted one, and passed it to his brother-in-law.


Mark blinked.  “How…” he stopped, pressing the fresh tissue over his nose.  HuhHushh!  How did you know?”


Ethan chuckled.  “Experience, I guess.”   He brought his own tissue to his nose, waited a few seconds.  HatShoo!”


HuhUhhShuhh!  Don’t do that.”  He mock scolded.




Mark nodded from behind his tissue.  UhhChushh! UhhChuhh!”


“Bless you.”  He looked around at the yard, the woods a short distance away.  “I’m sneezing.  You’re really sneezing.   Why are we sitting out here anyway?”


Mark shrugged.  “No idea.”  He smushed another sneeze into the tissues, blew his nose.


“Inside.” Came Ethan’s executive decision.




“Heyyehhchuhh, YuhhChuhh!”  Tim doubled over for the fifth time that afternoon.   He was helping Bill with yard work, knowing that his best friend would be sneezing for days if the work was left for him.


Wiping his nose with the hem of his shirt, he continued with the tree trimming.    He didn’t know what it was, but something over in this corner was driving him absolutely nuts.   Wiping his eyes with the back of his hand, he sniffled and snipped another branch, grabbing it avoid Rachel’s plants below.


“Chushoo!  ChuhUshoo!”


“Take a break,” he heard Bill yell from the deck.   He turned and saw him standing there, box of tissues in his hand.


Tim wasn’t going to deny he needed a few of those and loped across the yard, joining Bill on the deck.


HehhHuhSchoo! ChuhhShoo!”


“Those are picking up.”  Bill frowned, handing over the tissues.


Tim focused on clearing out his nose.   “Something out here is giving me a fit.  Didn’t start til I got over there.”  He gestured to a corner of the yard.


“I think you might be allergic to something in that corner.”  He paused for Tim to double over with another set of explosions.   “Probably Rachel’s daphnes.   They’re the only thing blooming right now.”


Tim took another tissue, wiping his eyes.    “I guess it’s possible.”


“Take a break.   And an antihistamine.”  He handed Tim the bottle of water off the picnic table, then the pill bottle from his pocket.   “And some time with an air purifier.”  He laughed, opening the sliding door for Tim.





Ethan made a pointed effort not to turn and glare at Beth…who had once again disrupted his studying.   He wasn’t the biggest fan of his roommate’s girlfriend to begin with, and this was not helping.


He tried to ignore the sniffling from the other side of the small room and focus on writing out notes.


“KihhChoo! IhhKitschoo!”


The sniffling intensified as did Ethan’s irritation.   “You need a tissue.” He informed her, brusquely.    


She glanced at the box on the table.  “Then give me one.”


He handed her a tissue, paused and pushed the box at her.  “Take ‘em.”


“Thanks.”  She curled back up on the couch, coughing.


Ethan looked at his book, sighing as she continued to cough.   “Want some tea?”  He asked, deciding to try to be nice.




“Do you want some tea?” He repeated.  He’d caught her off guard, he realized.   “I’m not going to poison it.”  He informed her with a small smile.   


“That does sound good.  Thank you, Ethan.”  She blew her nose again as he went and rummaged around the kitchen.     


He returned, set the cup and the plastic bear with honey next to her.   “I figured you could add your own honey.   Apparently, I never put enough in, according to Dustin.”


She turned away.  Kihhshuhh.  Ah, yes,the reason I’m sneezing like this.”


“Bless you.”  Ethan offered.   “Should have stopped kissing him when you knew he was sick.”


She gave Ethan a curious look as he picked up the tissue box she had knocked on the floor and set it next to her.   “Why are you suddenly being nice to me?”


He shrugged.  “I don’t know.   I know you feel awful.”


“How would you know?”


“Dustin got his cold from me.”



Jamie could hear Freddie sneezing as soon as she unlocked the front door.


Walking the few steps to the living room, she cleared her throat as Freddie sneezed again.  UhhChuhh.”


“Bless you.”


He startled.   “I didn’t hear you come in.”


“You were sneezing.  You alright?”


Freddie blew his nose.  “Just a cold.”


“Oh, baby, not again.”


HuhhChushh. UhhUhhshoo!  Feels like I just had one.”


“You did.  Two weeks ago,” she reminded him, heading to the kitchen to start some soup.



Dustin sat at Tim’s kitchen table as Ethan dealt out the cards.   


He went to take up his cards, but brought his hand up to his face instead.   “HahKishoo-kishoo-kshoo-kshoo-shoo-shoo-shoo…HahKishoo!   Sorry.  Excuse me.”


“Bless you.  You ok?”  Ethan frowned.   


“Yeah.  Still getting over my cold, I guess.”  He picked up his cards and began sorting them.   They went a round before Dustin started sneezing again.   HahKishoo-kishoo-kishoo -kshoo-kshoo-shoo…HahKishoo!”


“Bless you.”  Tim slid a roll of paper towels over to him.


“Thanks.”   Dustin blew his nose, picked up his cards and tried to focus on the card game and not his itch nose.   He was getting ready to take the deck from Ethan.  “H-Hol…” he hitched.


“Seriously, more?  This is some cold.”




Dustin looked down as he felt something brush his legs to see Tim’s cat.   “Mrow?” It asked loudly.


“Um, Ethan?”  Dustin began rubbing his hand against his nose to forestall the oncoming onslaught.


“Are you sure it’s her?  Usually-“


Dustin cut him off with another set of sneezes.  HahKishoo-kishoo-kshoo-kshoo-shoo-shoo-shoo-shoo…HahKishoo.”   This was followed by a second, almost identical set.   He was vaguely aware of Tim picking up the cat and leaving the room.


“Bless you.   I’ve never seen you like this around a cat before.”


Dustin took his time blowing his nose before responding.   “It’s a thousand times worse when I have a cold.” He sniffled.  

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@2SHY222  Thanks.  😘      Here are a few more.     This weekend was busier than I had planned, but gonna try to start writing during the week.    

Ethan threw a box of tissues on the cart they were taking to the education room.   Toby looked over at him as he got ready to wheel the cart down the hall.   “You too?”


Ethan nodded and shrugged as they began the short walk down the hall.   “Not sure why.”  He commented.


Ethan unlocked the door, and Toby pushed the cart through.   They began setting up the table for their class.




“Bless you.”  Ethan pulled the tissues off the cart and slid them over.


“Thanks.  Hope this isn’t starting something.”


“Me too.   You got a 2 and a half hour class in front of you.”


“Get pretty tired of sneezing my way through it over half the year.”  He grumbled.


Ethan laughed.   “Feel you there.”  He patted his friend on the back and went to get their students.


He came back to Toby fidgeting with a tissue.  “Ok?” He whispered.


“Starting up.” He whispered back as their class sat down.


As the nutrition portion was the first part, Ethan let Toby introduce himself first.


Toby was halfway through his standard speech when he turned towards the whiteboard.  HighChush! ChuhhSchoo!”   Turning back to the class, he cleared his throat.  “I’m sorry.  My allergies are acting up.”


Ethan spoke up.  “Same here.  I don’t know if the air is getting to anyone else, but you’re gonna hear a good bit of sneezing today.”  He paused for Toby to sneeze again.   “But I promise, we’re not contagious.”



Rachel sniffled, rubbing her nose with little relief.    Date night, and she’d spent the ride to the restaurant trying not to sneeze.


Hihhschoo!”  She couldn’t fight it back any longer. 


“Bless you.”  Bill looked over from the drivers side as she grabbed a tissue and blew her nose.


“Thanks.  Ahhishoo!”


“You ok?” He frowned, pulling into a parking space.  “Not catching a cold?”


She shook her head.   “I’m fine.   Just a couple sneezes.”  She exited the SUV, met him at the rear hatch.  Bill reached for her hand, and for the first time,she was acutely aware of a new scent that tickled her nose and made her eyes prickle.   “AhShoo! HahhSchoo!”   


“Bless you.”  Bill pulled a tissue from his pocket, handing it to her.   “This isn’t normal.”


She distanced herself slightly from her husband.   “New cologne?”  She asked hesitantly.


Bill nodded.   “Tim wears it; doesn’t set off my allergies, so I thought I’d give it a try.”


She groaned, suppressing another sneeze into the tissue.   “It may not bother you, but I think your cologne is making me sneeze.”


“Try date night again later?”



Carter entered the kitchen where Cal sat, face buried in a handful of tissues.  HuhhChehh!”  Came another powerful sneeze, followed by a second…and a third.


“Bless you,” he offered.


Cal waved him off, reaching for the tissue box.   Carter noticed the pile of tissues next to him.  


“HuhhYuhhshh! YuhhHuhhSchuhh! Schuhhh! ShuhhSchoo!”   A quick blow, another grab for tissues.  


Carter frowned, concerned.  “Are you…”


Cal waved him off again, kept sneezing.   


Carter stood there, frown deepening on his face the longer Cal sneezed.


HeyyYahSchoo!”  One more forceful sneeze, and Cal looked up from his pile of tissues.


“Bless you.”  Carter said seriously.   “That fit was impressive.  You ok?”


Cal chuckled and pointed to the bottle of allergy pills on the table.    He screwed the top off and swallowed one dry.  “Spring snuck up on me.”





Tim, only half awake, took a minute to figure out where the sneeze had come from and, more importantly, who it came from.   His new boyfriend had spent the night for the first time, and the perpetually single Tim wasn’t used to having someone there when he woke up.


AhShoo!”  A second sneeze.  


Tim pulled himself out of bed, pulled his jeans on and headed to the kitchen to check on his boyfriend.   “You ok?”  He asked, casually.


Ethan nodded, quietly blowing his nose.   “Sorry I woke you.”


“Was only dozing.”  He paused as Ethan sneezed again.  He opened his mouth to bless him, but Ethan cut him off. 


“Don’t even bother saying bless you; I won’t be done for awhile.”


“Have to say, I haven’t heard you sneeze like this before.”


Ethan sighed.  “Happens every morning.   Worse right now since you gave me your cold.”


Tim looked pained.   “I’m sorry,” he began to apologize.   Ethan cut him off again.


“You should see me during allergy season.”   He picked up his tissue off the table.  HahShoo!”


“You sure you’re ok?  Doesn’t seem to be stopping.”


Ethan laughed.  “Give me an hour.  Or I guess 30 minutes now.”


Tim nodded, looking dubious.


“I’m fine.  You just haven’t seen this yet.”

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Aw! I love these so much! I’m so glad you’re feeling them!

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@MyOwnPrivateSFC  Thanks.   I’m always glad when I go into writing mode again.


And have some more y’all


Tim looked at Ethan, skepticism across his face.   “You’re sure?”


“Of course, I can go to work.  AtChoo! I’m not that sick.”


Tim frowned.  “I can’t talk you out of it?  I just have a feeling it’s not a good idea.”


“I’ll be fine, Tim,”. Ethan insisted, sneezing again as he headed out the door.


“Bless you.”  Tim sighed to a closed door.



Ethan slumped in his desk chair.    He wasn’t gonna admit it, but Tim might have been right.   He was alternately sweating and freezing, and just praying his coworkers wouldn’t notice.  He tried to ignore Toby’s gaze on him.


HahShoo!”  He reached for his tissue, grabbing the last one.    


“Bless you.”  Toby was there with a fresh box.  “That cold seems pretty rough.”


Ethan shivered.  “Yeah.”  He gave his tender nose as gentle of a blow as he possibly could.


Toby grabbed the thermometer out of the vitals cart he had next to him.  “I think you’ve got a fever.”


“Do not.”  Ethan batted Toby’s hand…and the thermometer away.


“Prove it.”  Toby stared him down, handing him the thermometer.


Ethan scanned it as Toby got first glance at the numbers on the back.   He turned it over and looked at it, understanding Toby’s smug look.


“100.8.”  He confirmed.  


“Go home.  You’re miserable.   You look like just trying to answer email is taking all you’ve got.”


Ethan nodded.  Toby wasn’t going to give up.   And he was not calling-


“Tim for you?”  Toby broke into his reverie.




“Want me to call Tim for you?”


Ethan shook his head vehemently, regretting the action as his head swam.  “Tim’s busy.”   He looked at his watch.    Dustin was on nights right now, and at 10:30, possibly still awake.   “I’ll make a call.”


He could feel Toby hovering as he called Dustin.  Hanging up the phone, he glared at his friend and coworker.   AhShoo!”  A sneeze ruined it.  “Dustin’s coming,” he mumbled, wiping his nose carefully.


“Bless you.   Get some rest.” 


Ethan pulled his coat on, remaining at his desk.   “He’ll call when he’s here.”  He muttered, shivering and blowing his nose again.


Ethan crawled into the passenger seat of Dustin’s car.  “Thanks.”  He mumbled.


“Trying to hide how sick you are from Tim?”  He asked, noting Ethan shiver.   Reaching forward, he adjusted the heat on Ethan’s side.


“He said…AhShoo!  He said I was too sick to go to work.”


“He wasn’t exactly wrong.”  Dustin handed him a tissue after watching Ethan pat down his pockets.




“How many times are we gonna do this?”


“Do what?”  Ethan blew his nose again.


“You going to work…me having to come get you because you’re too stubborn to stay home.  This is what, 5 times, 6?”


“6.  HahShoo!” he grudgingly admitted, looking at his tissue.  “You wouldn’t happen to have another tissue?”


“Bless you.  That was my last tissue, but can I interest you in a fast food napkin?”  He asked, reaching down to the door pocket.


Ethan tried not to wince at the thought of the rough paper rubbing against his nose.   “Beggars can’t be choosers.”  He sniffled.




AhShoo!”  Ethan sneezed for the 5th time since joining his sister at her hotel, mentally thanking her for suggesting the room service they were waiting on now.    “Sorry,” he apologized, blowing his nose.


“Bless you.  You ok?”


“Been fighting this all day.” He sighed, hearing the knock on the door.   Following his sister, he grabbed one of the room service trays and set it on the desk.   She set hers on the bed and began pouring out ketchup for her fries.   


He took a few bites of his burger, listening to his sister chatter about his nieces before another sneeze interrupted him.  HatChoo!”


She smiled, skipping the blessing.    She finished her story about their latest cross country race before switching topics. “Tell me about your Tim.”


“Like what?   I mean, what do you want to know, I guess.”  He stammered.   


“You know…what’s he like, what does he do.   How did he get you to date after your last disaster of a relationship.”




“Does this one put up with your sneezing?”


He glared.   “Yes.” He hissed.   “He had allergies as a kid, so he gets it.   And he sneezes at least as loud as I do, so he says he can’t complain about the volume.”


“What’s he look like…another brown haired, blue eyed, 5’8”?”


“Are you implying I have a type?  And the only part you’re right about is the blue eyes.”




“Red hair, 6’3”.  HahShoo!”


“Bless you.  You’ve got a case of the sneezes, as dad would say.”


Ethan laughed.   “I believe you’re right,” he sniffled, giving his nose a firm blow.   “Heard that plenty from him.”


“Still says it.   I’m 45, and my last cold was ‘just a case of the sneezes.’” She laughed.


“How is dad?   I mean, we talk, but it’s been awhile since I was home…” he trailed off.  “Well, you know…”


She nodded.  “He’s definitely getting older.  But still putting in 10-12 hour days.  I’m sure you can convince him to take some time up here though…”


“I’ll…HahAhShoo!   I’ll see.”



Ella looked up to see the strange expression on her roommate’s face.    “You ok?”  


Sam waved a hand under her nose.   “I’m going to sneeze,” came her sigh.  “And it simply won’t come.”


“That’s different.”   Typically, Samos’s sneezes came with just enough warning…never a delay.    


“It’s annoying, is what it is.”  Sam grumbled, switching on the lamp and staring at it, then sighing.  She tried fanning her hand under her nose again.


“Maybe stop trying to force it?”  Ella suggested, biting back a smile at her roommate’s antics.   “It’ll come.”


Ella sighed, slumping down on the couch next to her.   “It itches.”


“Ignore it.”


“I can’t.”


Ella switched on the TV.  “What do you want to watch?”   


“Don’t care…ugh, it feels like it’s right the…ehhhShuhh! HuhYushh! YuhhSchooo!   Ugh.”  She picked up the tissue she’d been carrying and blew her nose.   “Finally,” she sniffled.


“Bless you.” Ella laughed.  “Better?”





Freddie slid the flexible dental pick into his left nostril and wiggled it around, searching for the spot.


UhhChushh!”  Found it.   He wiggled the pick more, forcing his breath to hitch.  Huhchushh! Uhhshh! HuhCushh! HuhhYuhhShoo!”   The last sneeze in the set bent him double as he heard a knock on the door.


“You ok?”  He heard Jamie call through the door.


He hastily threw the pick in the trash and blew his nose.  “Fine,” he sniffled, opening the door. “Just some weird sneezing fit.”  He tried to sound casual.


“Well, bless you!  Sounds like you needed to get those out.”


Freddie nodded.  “Sure felt that way.”



HihtSchoo!”  Ella sneezed for the fifth time since they had convened at the conference table to start writing for tonight’s show.


“Bless you.”  Tim grinned, the fifth time one of her coworkers had blessed her.


“Hihhschoo! Ihhhtschoo!”


“And again and again.”  He laughed.  


She took a tissue from the box Freddie slid her way. 


“You ok?” He frowned.


Ihhschoo!  Sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”  She apologized.   


“You were fine this morning.”  Sam chipped in.


“Must be something in here.” 


“But I was fine yesterday.”


“Sounds like we’ve got a mystery on our hands.”  Freddie teased as Alex came in to start the session.



HuhChuhh!”  Carter woke up to the sound of the older goalie sneezing in the kitchen.  Followed by two more sneezes and a loud blow.


Pulling himself out of bed, pulling his sweatpants on, he made his way to the kitchen, mostly for coffee, but also to make sure Cal was ok.  


“HuhhYushh! Yuschh! Chuhh-Uhhshh!”


“Bless you.”  Cal said, casually, pouring himself a cup of coffee.




“Planning to stop anytime soon?”  He teased, knowing humor was the way to make Cal feel less self conscious about his allergies.


Another loud blow, then a sneeze and another blow.   “Ughh.  My allergies haven’t been this bad in a long time.”  He said by way of apology.


“At least, we’re not playing tonight.”  Carter pointed out as Cal resumed sneezing.





Alex looked at his girlfriend and frowned.   “You ok?”


“Yeah, fine, why?”  She blew off his question.


“You’ve just sneezed four times; that’s not like you.”


“Alex, I’m fine,” Alyssa protested.  “Must be some dust in the air or something.”


“I’m not sneezing.”


“A chill, maybe,” was her weak excuse as she tipped her head down for another breathy sneeze.


“And that’s five.   Do I need to sleep in the guest room?”


She coughed into her tissue.  “Probably not a bad idea.”

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