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Castle has always been one of my favorite shows and I was disappointed with only Detective Ryan ever sneezing throughout the series. 


It was the first winter Castle worked with Kate. The weather finally changed from sweater weather to need a scarf weather. You could tell it was cold because you could see everyone’s breath outside. Castle and Kate arrived at the same time. 


“Good morning Detective Beckett” Castle said practically grinning ear to ear. 


“Morning Castle” Kate responded as they approached the crime scene.


They saw a female laying on the small dock with a sheet wrapped around her. Lanie was analyzing the body as they made it closer.


“Hey Lanie, what do we have here?” Kate asked.


Lanie looked up and responded “She’s frozen solid. No obvious cause of death. She could have been frozen to death or she was frozen short after she passed because she is well preserved. I won’t know much until I get her back to the lab.” 


“Okay, thanks Lanie” Kate said as she looked around at the crime scene. 


There was nothing but two small wheel tracks leading to the dock like a dolly would make. Kate had her eyes on the tracks and walked over toward them and Castle followed. Ryan and Esposito were over looking at them too. 


“Do the tracks lead anywhere?” Kate asked.


“The tracks lead to pavement which could be where a vehicle dropped her” Ryan answered. 


“Yeah, I figured it would lead to a dead end, but have CSU canvas the area and see if they find anything and check to see if there are any street cameras in the area — and if we are lucky we can try to get our hands on footage that shows the drop.”


With that said the guys were off and Kate looked over at Castle who looked like he was frigid. 


“Forget it was winter Castle?” Kate asked shaking her head.


“I might have misjudged the temperature.” Castle responded through clenched teeth. 


“That explains why you’ve been so quiet” Kate snickered then added “Let’s head back to the station before you are our second frozen victim.” 


“Very funny” Castle said as he shook his head.


As soon as they got in Kate’s car, Castle turned the heat on full blast. Kate rolled her eyes and let it go. Castle held his hands up to the vents and sighed with relief.


Kate just shook her head and as the full blast heat warmed her up and caused her to sniffle. She almost always sneezed as she warmed up in a car after being in the cold. It didn’t even have to be that cold for the heat to make her sneeze, and sometimes it would cause her to sneeze on and off the whole drive. She didn’t want to say anything, instead she just hoped the heat wouldn’t make her sneeze this time. 


Not even two minutes after Castle turned the heat on full blast, Kate felt a sneeze coming. She rubbed at her nose staving it off for a minute but it was too strong to ignore. 


Kate took in a sharp inhale, which got Castle’s attention and she sneezed into her left hand away from Castle. “Hii hngt-chew heh hngt-choo snff” 


Kate felt Castle’s stare as he was almost stunned until he broke the silence with “bless you.”


Kate replied with “snff thanks” and of course she felt her nose trying to cause more issues. She rubbed her nose again and  turned the heat down a bit, but it was too late and she brought her left hand up to her face again.


“Hehh hehh hgntt-chew hi nggt-chew ‘sorry excuse me” Kate was flushed at this point with embarrassment.


“Bless you” Castle said with concern as he pulled out a handkerchief and offered it to her. 


“Thanks Castle” Kate said as she took the handkerchief and wiped her nose.


Castle did not know what to say. Kate was tough and he’d never seen her show any vulnerability, but just now she sneezed four times. 


“You feeling okay Kate?” Castle said with concern. 


As if to make matters worse Kate felt another sneeze coming. She rubbed her nose and it went away. “Castle I’m fine, it was just a couple sneezes.” Her body was betraying her as soon as she stopped talking she took in another sharp inhaled and sneezed four times into the handkerchief Castle gave her. “Hii choo hih ngtt-choo heh ngt-chew heh hgt-CHOO” the last one was a little more emphatic than she would have liked. 


“Wow bless you, are you getting sick? I’m sure the guys could handle this—“


Kate interrupted “Castle I’m fine. Snff. I’m not sick. The heat in the car, especially on full blast, after being out in the cold sometimes—most times, makes me sneeze, sometimes a lot. Snff” 




“Yeah so you better get used to it if we are going to work together through the winter. And don’t hate me if I don’t want to put the heat on full blast, so I suggest you bundle up next time. Snff” 


“You know I’ll know if you’re lying when this never happens again”


“Castle! I’m not lying, it’s happened ever since I was a kid. Trust me I’d rather have not told you, but I was sure your probing wasn’t going to stop until y-you heh ngt-chew-chew snff had an explanation”


“Bless you. Does anything help?”


Kate rubbed her nose praying that was the last of the sneezes. “Turning the heat on low or off sometimes helps, but it will all go away when I get out of the car”


With that response, Castle immediately reached to the heat and turned it on low. “Why didn’t you say anything?” 


“Castle you were freezing and I was hoping it was going to be one of the few times the heat didn’t make me sneeze. Snff” 


“Well stifling probably doesn’t help get rid of the itch”


“Castle I’m already sneezing my head off in front of you, the least I could do is be polite and hold them back”


“Don’t feel like you have to hold them back. I know how much better it feels to let it out and again you’d probably sneeze less if you didn’t hold them in”


“I-if you in-insist heh hetchew heptchoo” Kate sneezed again into the handkerchief.


“Bless you, didn’t that feel more satisfying”


“Getting out of this car will feel even better” Kate said as they pulled into the precinct. 


They got out of the car and Kate wiped her nose with the handkerchief. They headed inside to the precinct. 


Castle was fascinated with this whole anomaly. He starred at Kate for the next hour and she didn’t sneeze once since getting out of the car. Kate looked at Castle and mouthed “what?”. He shook his head and then tried to contribute more to the murder investigation. 

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This is great! I loved Castle as well, such a fun show.  Always wished i could see Kate sneeze in the show but alas you have now written it haha.

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