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It never usually lasted this long. By now he’d have walked away and been done with it. But this lady was taking forever, and her perfume…

            A little barista watched from a side station, watched as her male coworker struggled to get an order, ANY order, from the elderly woman in front of him. The little barista fiddled with her name tag that read “Bella”, thinking back on all the other times that perfume had caused a scene in this same situation.

            From here she could see his face perfectly. It was interesting, the way he always tried to hold back the sneeze. There, the way he scrunched his nose to the side. Every time he wiggled his nose to the left, making all these little creases up the bridge,

            Then, yes just on time, he’d sniffle. Poor thing was just trying to get the customer away, but they had question after question.

            “Yes we can do a large… sniff…mocha means chocolate…no, no you don’t understand….” 

            His eyes had a squint now. To anyone else he’d look annoyed (well, more annoyed than usual), but she knew, he wouldn’t last much longer. Those nostrils flared in warning momentarily, only for him to pinch them shut.

            Desperate fingers rubbed the underside of the nose as he directed the customer’s attention to a poster on the back wall.

            “See ma’am, we…hih?…we have a wonderful drink that I th-hink…heh! you’d just love.”

            As soon as the patron turned their head, the poor, sensitive barista buried his nose in the crook of his arm and stifled two itchy sneezes.


            HIh?! HUMPTSH-hoo! HAMPH-ISH!!!”

            The relief wasn’t enough. Even as the customer turned back, that poor nose was scrunching again. It wriggled and twitched to the left in desperate need, but all that could be done was a hasty hand under the nose.

            “Will that…sniff.. will that be all?”

            Eyes squinting. Wont be long now…

            “Yes, you have a great day as well…hih… HAH??!”

            With swift movement his hands were over his nose, practically running behind a shelf. Conveniently, Bella knew just where to stand by to see him raise a fist to his twitching nose. It tinged pink, scrunching left then right as he hitched and hitched and hitched.

            “oh…oh-hah?!…HAH! HUHT-SHEW!! Hehhhh-HIGHTSHEWWW!! HAGHT-CHU!!”

            Again and again he sneezed, letting out all the torturous perfume he’d inhaled from the old bat. Bella could only stare, frozen in awe, letting the warmth pool in her stomach and on her cheeks. The blush on her face was bright red still when his eyes came up and met hers. His hand still pressed under the red appendage, seemingly satisfied but sufficiently worn. They remained looking at one another even as Bella made to back away, muttering something about needing more filters. He looked her over one more time, and stalked away.

            As if her crush on him wasn’t big enough already

            As if she wasn’t embarrassingly obvious about her feelings.

            Oh well, school starts tomorrow, and she probably wont see him much there…right? 




This is a small start to what I hope can be a larger story like Partnership. Enjoy this little bit while i workshop!

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