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What a sneeze!


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Today i want to talk about and ob I had few days ago of a girl at uni on wich I had a crush(after this episode i am into her even more).

I've met this girl, let's call her Liz, just a moth ago because we used to attend different classes and i had never seen her sneeze but I always liked her look, She Is a tallish girl with brown hair and eyes, a beautiful little upturned nose covered with frekles and an amazing provoking personality.

Four days ago I was talking to some friends of mine during a lesson's break when Liz joined the group and we started discussing about our favorite science YouTube channels.

We were talking in a circle but a certain point during the conversation i saw Liz turn away a bit and freeze for a period of time that lasted four to five seconds but felt likes an eternity.

Unfortunatly i was not looking directly at her during this because that would have made my interest look too obvious, but i am so Happy that i managed to turn towards her just before the moment.

Time seemed to have stopped.

Belive me if i now tell you that I have never seen a sneeze so powerful and wet come from a girl, or at least a sneeze that was not screamed or over-exaggerated but just naturally powerful.

Even my non fetishest friends looked kind of impressed.

At this point i blessed her but probably she didn't notice and we kept talking but I was mesmerized.


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That sounds amazing. Did you manage to see if she covered it or not? Or did she just simply turn to face away from everyone and let it out freely in that direction before turning back?

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A naturally loud sneeze, with no exaggeration, is always a wonder to behold. I treasure any moment I get to witness one :D Hope you managed to be able to focus once the lesson continued...

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