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Tickly nose, loud sneezes


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I've had a stuffy, tickly nose for a few days now. It could be a cold, but if it is my body is doing well at fighting it off. I'm feeling quite tired and run down, but not really properly sick.

Luckily I haven't had much on, so I've been able to relax around the house and look after myself. Lots of good food and tea.

I keep feeling a tickle creep into my left nostril, making me wrinkle my nose under my glasses. It will come and go, teasing me for hours. I don't sneeze very often, and despite some hopeful buildups it just keeps getting away. When it does tip my nose over the edge, they have been raw, powerful sneezes I couldn't even begin to hold back:


I really need to sneeze typing this out because I've been so focused on the tickle, I might have to find something to induce with.

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