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Feel like I'm getting sick


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So... I woke up this morning with the weirdest feeling i my mouth. This has never happened before in my life and I can barely explain it. My tongue feels swollen and it sort of stings? And the skin inside my mouth hurts and feels a bit off. From a few hours back I have also started to feel my throat hurt a little bit, and it's starting to get a bit uncomfortable to swallow. The longer I go, the more I feel like that is what's about to happen. I have also sneezed two times today, the first time four times in a row (which NEVER happens) and the other was a forceful double. 

I suspect I caught the cold last Friday. We had a lecture and the two guys sitting right behind me was coughing in a way that made me think that they really should have just stayed home. One of them had this wet, phlegmy cough that just sounded SO awful and the other guy had that sort of cough that's just at the start of a bad cold and sounds like it hurts so bad, if you know what I mean?? Both of which felt SUPER CONTAGIOUS. So here I am. Feeling like i might have caught tonsillitis or something. I have exam next week and getting sick right now is just awful timing. Please pray for me that I get better quick and it won't become as bad as it feels like it might be. 😢

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Aww it seems like illnesses are going around. Bless you for those sneezes and I hope you feel better soon!

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