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Introducing my BFF (M)

salty litchi

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There is a tall and handsome man in my life who smells of clean laundry and Mont Blanc cologne. Our relationship is complicated but that’s a story for another time. For now I’ll just say we’re very close and is name is A. We know each other almost inside out but he doesn’t know about my SF. A ignites my heart and soul like nobody else on this planet and when he sneezes I want to treasure the moment forever! I have so many memories of him sneezing, lovingly stored away in my mind and it’s about time I started sharing them with you. Here is an introduction and a little story to get us started!

A is tall, lean, very fit, has big, deep brown, expressive eyes, soft brown hair, and a very handsome beard covering his cute dimples. He is a bit of a germophobe and a very polite and conscientious sneezer which I find very cute except for when he’s too successful at stifling and then it’s a little disappointing. If you didn’t spot the extra strong blink you wouldn’t know he sneezed at all! Most of the time though there is an audible inhale and an adorably muffled aahcmpsch into an elbow or fist, usually followed by a minute or 2 of the cutest sniffling. I’m melting just thinking about it! 

One of my really guilty pleasures is that A developed an allergy to my cats so that whenever he comes over he is always getting sniffly and sneezy by the time he leaves again. He’s a real animal lover so he can’t resist stroking and playing with them even though they instantly make him itchy and seeing him so loving and caring towards my pets combined with the allergic reaction drives me crazy! Even when allergies hit A only sneezes in singles but on occasions at my place he has sneezed 4 or 5 times with around 20 seconds in between each one. Each sneeze gets more powerful and harder to stifle with more and more sniffling and ‘uugh’ and ‘arrgh’ immediately after the sneeze. Something that will stay with me forever was a night when I had a few friends over for dinner and was busy in the kitchen. Things were fairly noisy so I guess I missed the start of A’s allergy attack but through the music and chatter I heard a distant and muffled but unmistakable HAAAAESSH! followed by nose blowing which I’m certain was A sneezing out loud like I’d never heard before but having slipped into the next room to let it out. Lord Almighty I found it so exciting! To this day I feel like I’m in on some big secret and nobody knows that I know (even though they wouldn’t care or remember!)

I could write a whole book of these scenarios but I’ll wrap up this chapter here and continue another time. Hope some of you enjoy it :)



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Wow! The way you describe things is so poetic!  I enjoyed this immensely, and if you want to share more, I'll eagerly read then.

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1 hour ago, SpookingPhlox said:

Wow! The way you describe things is so poetic!  I enjoyed this immensely, and if you want to share more, I'll eagerly read then.

Thanks, glad you liked it! I haven’t expressed myself in writing like that for a looong time and it felt good! Will definitely try and find time to share more.

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Wow! This is an incredible observation. Thank you for the time you invested in writing this with such detail, in depth description and for spelling out his sneezes. I will also definitely be enthusiastic to read more about your guy if you were willing. 

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This next installment is something I've wanted to share with someone for a long time as it was such an unusual and quirky experience. 
A and I were having lunch together in a crowded cafe. We were sitting at the end of a long table at right angles to each other, poring over the menu with our heads quite close together. I was already feeling warm and fuzzy that it was just the 2 of us and we were forced to sit so close together. Out of nowhere A suddenly turned his head away from me and with the shortest, sweetest gasp, stifled a quick ahkmpxsh into a fist. As always, a gentle but delicious thrill of excitement zipped through my body. What followed though was even more unexpected than the sneeze itself. You know how there's often a little sigh to release the pressure after a stifle? Well he turned back towards me making that little aaahh sound. The 'bless you' was on the tip of my tongue but before I could say it, he'd already breathed out 'thank you!' It completely threw me but the 'bless you' was already in motion and came tumbling out of my mouth. A looked surprised for a second but immediately thanked me again after which I giggled a bit, he sniffed and rubbed at his nose a bit and we went back to the menu as if nothing had ever happened. 
A isn't easily embarrassed and I don't think he gave this disordered exchange much thought at all but I was inwardly smiling to myself throughout the whole lunch feeling strangely amused and delighted by it. The sneeze obviously took him by surprise and he was a bit flustered about sneezing in a crowded environment so not only did it make the sneeze seem extra vulnerable, I loved the fact that he must have fully expected me to bless him hence the thank you slipped out too soon. There's only very few people I'm comfortable with blessing and A is definitely top of the list and the only person I ALWAYS bless! So I'm just glad he noticed 🥰

Sorry this is a huuuge amount of detail for such a trivial moment that was over in seconds 🙃 I just enjoyed it so much that it lives on in this much detail in my head! 

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On 10/22/2023 at 9:26 AM, salty litchi said:

You know how there's often a little sigh to release the pressure after a stifle?

Yes I dooooo 😁

These are great! 🌷🌷🌷

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