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Found the spot! (induced, self-ob)


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I've lurked on here for quite a while, and finally got up the nerve to post.  I've induced with chinkni in the past (with fairly good results) and also have tried to clothing tags with minimal sneezes (I'm not a very sneezy person usually, although the past few years I have noticed being slightly sneezier in spring/fall.  :) )

I was in the mood to induce today and unfortunately, my chinkni is older and my husband is home in his office so didn't want to risk getting caught.  I tried a rolled up tissue, without luck.  Then I found a clothing tag and decided to try. Usually I can get one sneeze out every few minutes.

It took a few mintues of tickling different spots, but wow....   I found "the spot" and sneeze 8 times in a row!!!!  It was the perfect balance of a tickly desperate sneeze without being too harsh.  Very enjoyable.   I pulled the tag away to catch a breath, and now I can't find the spot again.  :(  But, now that I know that it's possible...I'll certainly be giving it another shot in the future!

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