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Double G

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Hi, I’m Double G! I’ve been here for a couple of weeks so I thought I should say hello! 
I love sneezing - which is just as well, because *everything* makes me sneeze, though I’m super self conscious about sneezing in public. 🤧🤧🤧 My sneezes (and a couple of other assets) are very big, and people tend to stare, so I try to stifle most of the time. It only partially works!!

I’m into women, and I love watching them sneeze, especially when it takes them by surprise. Or exactly the opposite - long buildups, with a strong, satisfying sneeze at the end. 

Now I need to sneeze…🤣🤧

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Hey Double G, great to see you here - I'm new too! Sad to see your old YT content gone 😭 you were so talented! Is there anywhere people can still access it? Thanks for all you've contributed! Wishing you nothing but love and good vibes! X

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