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Pollen and Goblins (Stranger Things, Steve)


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Another old-ish one I had lying around unfinished. Hope you might like. 💛



The kitchen floor was cold against Steve’s feet. He wiped at his irritated eyes, sniffling sharply. He leaned both hands on the counter, trying to breathe normally - but it just itched so much. He’d been telling himself that this sneeze would be the last sneeze for about four sneezes-


“huht’gGTSCHhhiu!! *snrf! snrff!*”


Five sneezes.


God, just stop already… he thought, blinking dazedly as the sneeze sprung tears to his eyes. He shut his eyes and tilted his head back. 


The itch was just too stubborn. It wasn’t the frantic kind, the one that got out quite a few in desperate need. It was fluctuant, clawing and receding, teasing Steve’s sensitive, allergic nose.


It felt less itchy after a beat, and Steve sniffled experimentally, with caution.


No sneeze.


Finally, he thought, sniffling softly and pushing off from the counter. But then, as he turned, his nose gave a sudden twinge. Oh, another one?!


He froze in place, his eyelids fluttering.


For fuck’s sake, he thought, annoyed. His eyes fell shut and his head tilted back, facial features crumpling with the need to sneeze.


“hihh- HehhHh?? *snff* eh’hehh…” He snuffled softly, his nose running.


Steve squinted around the Munsons’ small kitchen. He knew that the next sneeze was going to be wet.




Quickly, he yanked the collar of his t-shirt over his nose and mouth.


“EEESSCHHhiuu!! *snrff!*” Oh, yikes.


Steve felt the spray mist onto his chest, dampening his shirt. He sniffled a few times heavily, and sighed, wiping his damp lips. He pulled another tissue from the box on the counter and blew his nose gently. Usually that helped, but his nose still felt itchy, tickly.


He rubbed at his irritated nose with the tissue, in hard, desperate circles. Exhausted, he leaned forward and rested his elbows on the counter. 


What to do…? He sniffed and glanced sideways, his gaze zoning out softly on the oven door. He’d taken allergy meds. But- “*snnrff!*” -that hadn’t done much. As he rubbed at his flushed, swollen nostrils with a curled knuckle, he decided that Eddie deserved his sleep, and shuffled over to the couch.


“*snrff!* -unhh….” he sighed as he sat down, still sniffling thickly. He buried his face in his hands and barely muffled a rather scream-ish sneeze- “HRRASSCHHh!!-ioo….” He lowered his hands, blinking dazedly.


Again, he tilted his head back, blinking, feeling the tenderness of his inflamed, irritated sinuses. Two more itchy, tickly sneezes burst from him, leaving him sniffling liquidly. “b’TSCHHieww!! ihH’CHIEWW!! *sdrff!* Ohh… *sddrff!*”


Steve got up again to grab some tissues from the box on the counter. As he reached the edge of the kitchen, he spotted a silhouette in the hallway, one with wild, shaggy hair. Eddie’s face came into view in the warm kitchen light, his face stretching into a yawn, his eyes puffy with sleep.


Steve felt a softness in his chest, as Eddie shuffled nearer. His rehearsed apologies for his empty side of the bed seemed to go to waste now, as Eddie just came over and sleepily wrapped his arms around Steve’s waist.


“Hey,” Steve breathed, still reaching for a tissue with one hand as the other rested on Eddie’s back. He brought up the tissue behind Eddie’s shoulders to fold it, and turned his head away to give his nose a gentle blow. When he was done, he wiped his nose and sniffed a couple of times. He held the folded tissue in one hand as he wrapped both arms around Eddie’s frame.


“You’re warm,” Eddie purred, against Steve’s shoulder.


“And you’re, kind of… vampire-ish,” Steve teased, gently rubbing Eddie’s back. 


“Ah, ah, ah,” a muffled impression of Sesame Street’s the Count.


Steve could feel the hard ridges of bone beneath his fingertips, applying pressure to create warmth, enveloping Eddie into his arms. He almost forgot that his nose was still itchy, and sniffled sharply, turning his head away again.


“Come,” Eddie murmured, gently beginning to drag Steve in the direction of the bedroom.


“Okay,” Steve chuckled. He turned his head away, and lifted an arm to block another itchy sneeze. “huHt’ESSCHH!! *snrff!* ‘Scuse mbe, *snrf!*”


Remembering that he still had the tissue in his hand, Steve raised it to wipe under his runny nose.


“Bless,” Eddie mumbled.


“Thank you, *snffh*”


A touch of humour made the fog in Steve’s head a little lighter; Eddie’s arms around his waist, like being kidnapped by a goblin. He followed slowly, one arm draped around Eddie’s shoulders.


“hieHt’TSCHHhh!! *snnrff! snrff!*” Steve sneezed freely, away from Eddie, and began sniffling again. “*snrf!* Sorry, just… cad’t stop, *ahemm*” Steve chuckled softly, as Eddie slowly detached his arms from his waist and sat on the bed.


Rubbing one eye, Eddie mumbled something, then abruptly stood up and walked back through the door. Steve sat on the edge of the bed, watching his half-asleep boyfriend shuffle out of the room.


“Ed?” he called gently.


After a few seconds, Eddie returned with the tissue box that was previously on the counter, and put it on the nightstand by the bed. He gave a soft hum and turned to his dresser, and opened the top drawer. He fished out a handful of cloth, which Steve had just processed were handkerchiefs, and proceeded to place those on the nightstand, too.


“Hm,” an affectionate smile fluttered on Steve’s face, as Eddie proceeded to fumble around his drawers in front of the mirror. He seemed to be unable to find it, stopping with a huff and scratching his head. Steve chuckled softly. “Light down, sweetheart.”


Eddie sighed softly and drifted back towards the bed. “Vaseline… can’t find it,” he mumbled.


“S’okay, just lie down.”


“Mmf,” Eddie hummed in acceptance. He laid down and pulled up the covers. As Steve joined him, Eddie pulled the blanket over him as well, and made himself comfortable cuddling Steve’s arm.


Steve let out a soft breath, feeling the warmth of Eddie clinging to his arm. He coughed gently and wrinkled his nose, feeling the itch linger and buzz. He held his breath, trying his hardest to fight against the tickling sensation. But it still wasn’t letting up. Steve reached over to the nightstand and grabbed one of the handkerchiefs, then quickly folded it with one hand.


“hh’RRUSSCHHhh!! *snrf!*” He tried to muffle it in the cloth, which was nice and soft against his face.


“Bless you,” Eddie murmured.


“*snff* Thagks,” Steve breathed, and cleared his throat softly. He sniffled and lowered the cloth.


The itch still lingered, but not as intensely. Steve stared across Eddie’s room in the dark, his stuff there in dim shapes that were familiar to him. He listened to the gentle breathing on his right. It was warm. It was safe. It was home.

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