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Just A Tickle? (M)


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Felt like writing a quick sneezefic that wasn’t with the character I usually write, just so I could get more in depth with the description of sensation (and I may have enjoyed doing so a little too much…) Here it is!

I made these characters up on the spot and don’t really have anything besides names— what exactly Sterling is (and maybe Nadia too) is up to your interpretation.



He had a tickle.

It was a teasy, fluttery thing— one that flitted around the edge of his nostrils, causing them to flare and his breath to waver, and he brought a hand up to scrub at his nose harshly, making an attempt to shove back the sensation.

It worked, but only to move the tickle from the edge of his nostrils further back into his sinuses, causing his eyes to squint as it toyed with him, deciding on whether to be relieved or not.

He grunted in discomfort. He needed to alleviate this damned itch before it reared its head into what it was trying to become.

So he sniffed— which served to do the opposite of what he needed it to. It made the tickle feel more like a wriggle, made it into an urge, one that sent his breath wildly uneven as he hitched once, twice, three times…

…And was left teetering on the edge of it, eyelids flickering, hand hovering in front of his face.

Then it backed down, fading into the annoying tickle once again.

“Need help?” Nadia asked, and Sterling let out a sharp and annoyed sigh, jamming a hand to the bottom of his nose.

“No.” He grunted. “I’m fine.”

Nadia quirked a brow as his nose gave a particularly violent twitch, causing his breath to catch just slightly again.

“…Right,” She said, a skeptical tone lacing her voice. “Fine.”

He managed to muster a glare at her as his breath fell uneven again, as his eyes threatened to flutter shut, as the slight snarl to his lips revealed teeth sharper than anyone would like to mess with.

And he hovered there for a moment, before…


“Fh—Fine.” He sniffed, defeated, if only because it was so teasing. “This tih— tiHh— tickle is toying with me.”

Nadia snorted. 

“That’s it?”

Sterling managed another watery glare at her, and she waved a hand, a smirk playing at the edge of her lips.

“Fine, fine. Do you need help?”

Sterling sighed, massaging the bridge of his nose— which did virtually nothing to help.

“Yh— Yes.” He grumbled.

Nadia didn’t hesitate, walking over to where he sat on the couch.

“Tilt your head back for me.”


“Just do it.”

Hesitantly, Sterling did what he was told.

Then he felt something very gently being dragged along the bottom edge of his nostril, and he swatted Nadia’s hand away, reaching up his own to scrub harshly at his nose, eyes fluttering again.

“Dh— Don’t do thhh— thhat. Makes it wh—wh— wwworse.”

“That’s the point, darling.”

Sterling fixed her with a flat stare, but hesitantly tilted his head back again.

Nadia took a moment to step back in, doing… whatever she was doing that was causing more fluttering, agonizing tickles to buzz through his nose. And each one of these made its way back to join the quickly brewing sneezy sensation in the back of his nostrils.

Only when his eyelids flickered, when his nostrils began to twitch again, when the bridge of his nose wrinkled and that snarl of teeth returned, did Nadia take a step back, dragging her fingernail up his septum as she did so.

This last action was what it needed to finally make the tickle flare, stoking it like a bellow to a fire. It scuttled along the inside of his nose, and this time, Sterling thought as his eyes rapidly fluttered shut, he wasn’t about to let it go.

Nadia took another step back, scrutinizing him curiously.

However much he wanted to snap out at her to stop looking at him like that, Sterling was caught in the throes of a ferocious buildup and could not do so. 

He allowed his body to take over, allowed his breathing to deepen, attempting to nurture the tickle, to make it stay at this level so it could finally lead toward relief.

It took a moment of uneven breathing and torturously twitchy nostrils before his breathing finally caught.


It was a good start. He couldn’t feel the tickle trying to back down yet, and he just needed to maintain it.


The snarl to his lips crumbled as his jaw simply went slack, putting those sharp, shiny teeth on full display, as well as the scarlet depths of flared nostrils as he tilted his head back, hand hovering at the ready. 

He stalled there for only a moment, tickle still flitting strong in his sinuses, strong enough to keep him in a sneezy stasis, but not strong enough to keep it building. Nadia took this chance to shove a wad of tissues into his hand.

“You’re going to need those,” She said, and then she dragged her fingernail down the length of his nose. Immediately, the tickle flared once again from a smolder to urgent.


A final, frantic, and ticklish inhale, and then:


A fittingly monstrous sneeze, one he put his whole body into as he snapped forward into the wad of tissues. 


And another, and finally, he was done, and the tickle was abated.

“Ghh…” He made a sound that sounded like a mix between a groan and a sigh, sniffling thickly and then blowing his nose into the wad of tissues to further prevent another sneeze from sneaking up on him.

“You’re so dramatic.” Nadia said.

“Shut up.” 

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Oh, verrrrrrrrrry nice. I am an absolute sucker both for teasing "c'mon, I need this-" buildups and for inducing scenarios where the one doing the inducing knows exactly what they're doing, so this was extremely satisfying to read.

I really enjoyed your descriptions of that steadily mounting itch- it can be so difficult to express that without constantly repeating yourself and this was great. Lovely little fic ❤️

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Oooh! Stunning! Gorgeously written, I'm always in awe of people that can just make characters and story plots up on the spot! I have to go on a whole backstory binge that goes back three generations 🤣 Descriptions were gorgeous, i do love a hitchy talk through 🫠 the spellings were beautiful too!

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