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Cold? Flu? I don't know but I'm ill. Long


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Day 1: I was half way through work when I started noticing my nose was a little extra tingly and I was sniffling more than usual. I was rather busy at work and didn't pay too much attention. At one point I guess I sniffled just right to initiate a fit. "*Sniffff* Heh.. heshoo! Hehnxxch!. *Sniffle* hehnxxch! Exshhh!" To which a coworker blessed me and I thanked them.  I sneezed a couple more singles at home and noticed that one side of my nose was always stuffy as I went to sleep.

Day 2: I went to work again because I didn't feel bad and didn't really know if I was sick or dealing with something else. But about an hour in I started sneezing, stifling into my jacket because I don't truly like attention. ""Heh nxxT! Heh heh.. nxxt! *Sniiiiifff* nxxtch!" Following my small fit was several sniffles and a few trips to the bathroom to blow my nose. My husband took me out to dinner and this is when I started feeling drained. Nothing on the menu sounded good but I got a chicken salad. I tried to keep up with our conversation but the room sounded muffled I suppose. I stifled a couple times into my jacket during dinner and my husband blessed me. I think he knew I wasn't well because he took us home instead of getting dessert. That night after a few more triples and doubles, I started noticing my throat was getting raw.

Day 3. I start my day with a very messy wake up sneeze "heh shhch!" Which cause me to have to wash and replace my pillow case. I called in sick from work and my boss remarked that she hoped I felt better than I sounded. I didnt. My nose was raw from constant blowing, my throat raw from drainage and coughing. At least I had a good caretaker. I think I may have had a triple every hour that I was awake. I tried to sleep as much as I could.

Day 4: Today, I woke up feeling slightly better, or at least not worse. Upon waking I caught a double "haaishh! Heh, haISHHHoo" into a tissue. Husband was already up and brought me a hot (warm, because I'm always afraid I will burn my tongue) chocolate and first round of medicine. Then kissed the top of my head. Typing this up, I've sneezed another double "hehiiksh..sniff..hehishh" I am starting to wonder if this will end soon.

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So for the most part today I felt more human. As long as the medicine was in my system I felt fine. I even did some minor yard work. I did have a couple sneezing fits, a lot of nose blows and coughing fits. But just a little bit ago I started feeling feverish again and I guess that made me a little queasy. Took some Tylenol and water. Now to wait for it to kick in and maybe I will go to bed if my nose will let me rest. I did get a nap in today as well.

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Yesterday was weird. I had relief of congestion. That led to more sneezing. I must have been sneezing every thirty minutes. I was so much more tired today than usual, but overall I felt better. One mentionable obs: My husband came home from his work to find me napping on the couch. I guess he must have went to kiss my cheek but his mustache hairs tickled my nose. "Hehh... Huh-ishh! IIISHH! haISSHHuh" "Well good afternoon. Bless you." But I still had that tickle and must have been showing it because he handed me the tissue box. "Tha-heh you-ISHHHH!"

Then another time I was cooking us dinner and was shaking out the pepper. "Heh- shii- HAISHH! HAISSH! HAH- HAISSHOO!" I exit the kitchen still in pre sneeze face."Bles-" "HAISHHOO! HAISHH! HAISHHuh"

"you. Maybe I should take over dinner."

"hehnxxt. Ugh. Yeah."

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