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I still have a cold... 朮朮之之


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So, if you read my last obs you know that I fell ill last week and long story short...

I'm still sick!

Last Sunday I caught a nasty cold and it got full-blown on Tuesday...

It started getting better on Thursday but then yesterday it got a bit worse again!

I still have to blow my nose an awful lot and I've gone through sooo many tissues!

I still have a sinus headache and my nose hurts from all the wiping and the blowing

Tonight my nose has been driving me crazy because it can't decide whether it wants to be runny or stuffy, so I can't stop sniffling/blowing and it also gets itchy at times but then I never sneeze!

It's been a week now and I'm so tired of this cold, I don't feel too bad but I've been sick for long enough now

Wish me luck!

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My throat is sooo tickly almost all the time tonight and that's making me cough a lot...

It's a tickly, persistent dry cough and it's very annoying!

At the moment, my right nostril is completely blocked while the left one won't stop running, so I constantly need to sniffle/blow my nose and I'm coughing quite a bit...

My sinus headache got worse too so uuuugh, I'm not feeling all that well

Please send positive energy because I need some right now!

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Oh so sorry you are feeling so sick! I truly hope you recover soon and starts to feel better, being sick for over a week is no fun! Sending get well wishes your way!

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Thank you everyone for your well wishes!

I'm pretty sure they worked because I woke up feeling much better today!

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Bless you soo much. Hope you get over your cold soon. Mine lasted 3 weeks with the coughing aswell. I must've used 70 handkerchiefs in total and 2 boxes of kleenex tissues.

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This cold is a rollercoaster...

I thought I was getting better but then yesterday I woke up feeling a bit stuffy and then my nose started running like crazy so I had to sniffle an awful lot...

I did give up and blow my nose a few times because it was soooo runny!

All the sniffling I did gave me a scratchy, tickly throat and a dry cough

When I went to bed last night my nose got stuffy again and my cough got worse...

This morning I woke up with a bit of a blocked nose, a sinus headache and a scratchy throat

Uuuugh, will I ever get over this cold?

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Poor thing, and just when you were getting better

I hope you can sneeze out that tickly cold and feel better:sneeze:

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Im sorry youre still sick. This cold sounds awful and I hope you can get some relief soon.

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