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A night of tea [M]


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Hiii! 😄

I always end up coming back here. I never get tired of writing fanfics about Lamarck (I love this OC too much, I'm sorry), but this time it won't be with Lean (only mentioned). Miranda is another of the main characters in my story, and just to provide some context: she is known as the English Lady. She's a scammer and she's one of Lamarck's most important subordinates in the gang (along with Lean, Karus, Allen, and a few others). They've always had a tense relationship, a push and pull dynamic, and a slight flirtation, and they've even hooked up a few times but with zero commitment. They've known each other for many years, but it's only recently that they've truly built trust; it's always been a very boss-subordinate relationship.

I love fics where not much really happens, and it's just an everyday scene and pure fluff, hahaha.

Miranda: short hair, olive eyes, very beautiful.
Lamarck: black hair, very blue eyes. 

I hope you like it! 🥰 (As always, please forgive any potential grammar mistakes; I'm Spanish.)


"What's going on?" Miranda asks with a smile. Lamarck looks at her and then at his laptop. "Lamarck!"

Lamarck shakes his head with a smile.


"Yeah, right."

"Seriously, it's nothing," he says, laughing.

Miranda shakes her head and lets out a sigh. They're back in the Bronx, only in a luxurious apartment instead of the Rotten Apple, and about to make a move. They need to reclaim territory to avoid losing everything, and, most importantly, they need the money. Dismantling the Italian-American mafia may not be the best or most sensible plan, but it's Lamarck's gamble, and as always, Miranda, Lean, and all the others follow his lead.

They'll inform everyone tomorrow. The day after, they'll be robbing the Italians, who, as everyone knows, although Lamarck seems to have forgotten, are the most dangerous of all.

However, the apartment is filled with tranquility. Lamarck is reclined on the couch, one leg on the table, wearing loose sweatpants, a high-necked, badly coordinated blue sweater, and his laptop on his stomach. Miranda sits beside him, also in comfortable, loose-fitting clothing, and without makeup. She holds a cup of tea in her hand, glancing at the laptop screen.

"What are you looking at?" Lamarck shakes his head and brings a hand to his nose, covering it and squinting. "Really, what's so funny?" Miranda asks, amused.

"M-h-maps... Itschx!" Lamarck suddenly sneezes, his head trembling slightly from the effort of stifling. "Excuse me."

"Sure, maps. And what's with the banter with Karus afterward?"

Lamarck puts on an exaggerated look of bewilderment, shaking his head as he stretches his arm and rubs it, perhaps due to the cold.

"What banter?" he says. Miranda notices him slightly out of breath.

"None, Lamarck. Cut it out, both of you. We've got work to do tomorrow. Are you sure the contact will be at Tino's?"

Lamarck nods without saying a word, and Miranda witnesses his expression clouding for a few seconds before he buries his face in his elbow, moving away from Miranda a bit.

"Ag-Mtsx! MTsxh-u! Ahh-t  eight " he says as an exhale. "Sorry."

"Bless you. At eight."

Lamarck sniffs and resettles on the couch.

"I was laughing about the airplane scene; Lean told me earlier, and I remembered when I saw you."

"Ah... Forget it, please. I'm afraid of flying, okay?"

" It's funny that you're more afraid of flying on a plane than the mafias, but I'm okay with that."

"I trust you enough" Miranda jokes.

Lamarck smiles.

"Of course" he says, sniffling again.

There's a comfortable silence for a few moments. Miranda doesn't know what Lamarck is doing on the computer that has his full attention, and she'd rather not know. She gazes at the turned-off TV, lost in her thoughts, until she hears two uneven breaths from Lamarck, then a pause, and another sneeze.

"HH-h- Mm- Agh..." It's almost silent, but she sees his head trembling from the effort and a distant look in his eyes. He stifled it in his hand, which is filled with rings, and a groan and sniffle escape. "Fuck."

"Bless you!"

"Sorry..." he whispers.

"Should I turn up the heat?"

Lamarck bites his lower lip as he looks at the screen and shakes his head. Miranda watches him for a few seconds before getting distracted by her phone. She puts a leg on the table as well, next to Lamarck's. It's comfortable being in sweatpants instead of a dress.

"H-MNG-tt!" Lamarck sneezes again, this time with his thumb and index finger pressing his nose. It sounds more painful than the previous ones, harder to stifle, and the exhalation afterward indicates exhaustion. He sniffles again while furrowing his brow and wiping his nose with the back of his hand.

"Bless you, you good?"

"Yeah," he clears his throat. "Can you pass me..." He points to the stack of napkins in a napkin holder on the table.

Miranda nods and reaches for several. She hands them to Lamarck, who takes them somewhat urgently, places one to his nose, and leaves the rest on the laptop keyboard. He blows his nose lightly, barely making a sound.

"At-t-Tschi!" It's short and soft, muffled by the napkin. "Gha..." He wipes his nose again with the napkin and tucks it into his pocket. He twitches his nose afterward, which has turned redder. "I’m sorry."

Miranda rubs his arm.

"No need to apologize." Lamarck sniffles. "Do you think you sneeze more because you stifled them?" she asks absentmindedly.

"Maybe," Lamarck says congested, rubbing his knuckles under his nose.

"Why do you stifled them in?"

 Lamarck slightly shrugs and shakes his head.

"I don't know. I've been doing it since I was little."

Miranda smiles.

"Were you bullied as a kid?" She teases.

Lamarck contains a laugh.


"Me too" Miranda laughs. "Come on, go to sleep, you're falling asleep."

"And you, you will do this?" Lamarck nods toward the computer with his chin.

"Well, no. You do it, but tomorrow."

Lamarck shakes his head and sniffles again. After a few seconds, Miranda says.

"You're shyer than you seem." She looks at him closely with her olive eyes.

Lamarck don’t turning his gaze away from the screen.

"Have you had a revelation?"

"No, really. You act all confident, like a messiah of life, giving lessons, but you're actually quite shy. That's what I think."

"I'm not shy," he sniffles and stares at her. "People are just shameless, which is different." He smiles.

Miranda lets out a chuckle and nudges him gently.

"Did they really bully you as a kid?"

Lamarck leans back a bit on the couch.

"Why this sudden interest in me, Miranda?"

"I notice you're talkative. Just in case we die tomorrow and all" she jokes.

Lamarck licks his lips and runs a finger over his nose.

"Yeah... I was a really weird kid" he chuckles. Miranda does too.

"And here I thought you'd be the handsome one with your blue eyes."

 Lamarck lets out a laugh.

"And you, English La-h-dy?" Lamarck turns back to the computer and sniffles. His expression starts to crumple.

Miranda raises her eyebrows thoughtfully.

"I wore baggy clothes and had three piercings in my ear when they weren't in fashion." Lamarck doesn't hear half of her sentence as he turns his face to the other side and covers it slightly with his open hand.

"Hh-mxx-ah..." It's a small, forced sneeze that seems to leave him completely breathless.

"Don't do that, you'll hurt yourself."

But Lamarck doesn't hear her, as he inhales again halfway through her sentence and stifles another equally forced sneeze.

"H-Mmk! –ghaa " The exhalation is loud and seems more like a complaint. Lamarck furrows his brow and then shakes his head gently. "So sorry" he whispers. "I'm fine," he adds, gesturing for her to continue. He looks pained. He leaves his hand lightly over his nose.

"I don't know what I was saying."

"Piercings," Lamarck reminds her.

"I was the girl who hung out with the boys."

Lamarck sniffles.

"With Lean and Allen's brother?"

"Yes, but not with Lean, though. He's a year older and was in a different class. He didn't start hanging out with us until we were teenagers. Lean was a punk..." Miranda smiled at the memory, shaking his head.

"Pf... Listening Nirvana."

"All day! He couldn't get enough of them. He was the one who snuck us into clubs when we were fourteen. Did you go to clubs often?"

"No" Lamarck sniffles, congested. "I used to go to the square to drink. But not too often." He sniffs again and turns back to the computer, seemingly trying to end the conversation.

"You were a good kid." Miranda knows he's holding back another sneeze, so she doesn't push further.

Lamarck glances at her with a smile. Miranda prefers the more reserved Lamarck and the subtle flirting between them. They won't be anything more, and neither of them wants it to be, but they are mutually attracted and have never hidden it, at least in that toxic superficiality they've always had. Now, in this momentary everyday interaction, Miranda feels like she knows him a bit better.

She doesn't have to wait long before Lamarck, who has been pressing a knuckle under his nose for a while, takes a desperate breath and buries his face in his elbow.

"Hh-HTtShuu!" It's still very soft, but it sounds desperate and wet. Miranda shivers. It's the first unstifled sneeze she's heard from him.

"Bless you. Finally, a somewhat satisfying sneeze."

"Shut up" he says, breathless, giving her a gentle nudge. She laughs. Lamarck uses the napkin he had kept in his pocket to wipe his nose.

"Are you okay, Lamarck?" She places a hand on his shoulder.

"I might have caught a cold on the plane, I don't know."

"Why don’t you go to sleep."

"Maybe I do.”

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Omg I love this!! I'm interested to see more of Lamarck and Miranda's relationship and their interactions, this was a fun read!

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