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Self-obs while recovering from surgery (M)


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A couple weeks ago, I had to go to the hospital to get my appendix removed, due to it showing up on a scan that it was enlarged.  Well, the surgery went great and I wasn't in the hospital for too long (only about half a day) to recover.  For anyone who has had their appendix removed, you know that your abdominal muscles are quite sore.  With that being said, you start to realize what you use your abdominal muscles for (i.e. sneezing and nose blowing, amongst other things).  After I woke up from surgery in the recovery unit, my nurse (let's call her S) came in and asked how I was feeling.  I told her that my stomach was sore and needed some water.  When she came back with the water, I let out a loud sneeze and sniffle.  This is how the rest of the conversation went:

Nurse S: Bless you, do you need a tissue?

Me: Thank you, yes please.  I must admit that I am afraid to blow my nose hard, because I don't want to hurt my stomach (side note: I had abdominal surgery about 10 years ago, so that's how I knew that it would hurt).

Nurse S: It's ok, I understand (as she was putting on purple gloves and grabbing three tissues from the box in my room).  Here, let me help you blow your nose while you hold a pillow to your stomach.  

Me: Are you sure?  Wouldn't that be weird, because that would be embarrasing for me?

Nurse S: Don't worry about it, I don't mind helping you blow your nose.  (she put the tissues up to my nose, plugged my right nostril).  Here you go, now blow.  

Me: (I blew out of the left nostril.  The blow started off soft and was a bit wet, then I let out a honk).

Nurse S: Don't blow so hard, try to blow softer.  Do you need more tissues to blow out of the other side?

Me: Yes, please.

Nurse S: (she grabbed three more tissues from the box and put them to my nose, plugged my left nostril).  Here you go, blow...

Me: (I blew out of my right nostril.  The blow was more gurgly this time with no honks).

Nurse S: That one was productive, do you feel better?  Oh, your snot was clear (she said this as I noticed that she quickly opened up the tissues).  Ok, I am going to go and get you some coffee and something for breakfast.  I can help you blow your nose again once I come back if you want.

Me: Ok, thank you. (after about 5 minutes or so, she came back with the food and coffee).

Nurse S: Here's your food and coffee.  Do you need me to help you blow your nose again, you still sound kinda congested?

Me: Yes please, if you wouldn't mind.  I am so sorry to ask you to do this.

Nurse S: Not a problem at all, just remember to push that pillow against your abdomen (she put on a pair of purple gloves, grabbed three tissues, put them to my nose, plugged my right nostril and looked into my eyes).  Ok, now blow.

Me: (the blow was soft and a little bit gurgly with no honks).

Nurse S:  Nice one, all clear snot (as she opened up the tissues to take a quick glance).  Now let's do the other side (she grabbed three more tissues, put them to my nose, plugged my left nostril).....blow gently.

Me: (I blew gently and it started off a little wet, then there was a super gurgly, congested sound and what sounded like a ton of snot coming out).

Nurse S:  Wow, that was a good one, do you feel better?  Your snot is all clear, but it sounds like you need to blow again.  (she grabbed three more tissues, plugged my left nostril again).  Blow a little harder this time.

Me: (I blew a little bit harder, but it was a little bit wet and I let out a quick honk).

Nurse S: Good job, all clear snot and you put a hole in the tissues.  Are you good or do you feel like you need to blow your nose again?

Me: Nope, I am good.  Thank you so much for helping me, I know that was quite embarrasing for me and weird for you.

Nurse S: Nope, not weird at all, I am happy to help.  If you need help blowing your nose again, just let me know.

Me: Ok, will do!  Thank you so much!


She didn't need to help me blow my nose again, but that was quite unexpected.  I have NEVER had that happen before, but I was torn because the relief (from the nose blowing) was great, it was a turn-on, but also embarrassing all at the same time. 


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@Yep :jawdrop: That's an amazing self-obs! Thanks for sharing! That was really nice and caring of the nurse to help you blow your nose. But... she checked your snot??... Hmmmm... I mean, given that you didn't have surgery on your nose or sinuses or something like that, I'm wondering... But maybe it's a normal thing to do for a nurse since you sneezed and had a productive blow, so she wanted to check if you had a cold??... Anyway, it seems she was a sweet, caring nurse, and that's great! 😊 Good to hear you recovered well from the surgery.

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Oh my goodness, I love your nurse. What a perfect story. 

The experience probably wasn’t weird or out of the ordinary at all for her. Nurses deal with other people’s bodily secretions all the time. When I was starting my PhD program and going through orientation, I ended up at a table with a bunch of new nursing PhD students. They all said they had decided to get a PhD because they were so tired of taking care of patients, because they felt like all they did was wipe butts all day. (I would not recommend their motivation for getting a PhD.)

Anyway, helping you blow your nose and checking what came out was probably 100% routine for the nurse. But lucky you!! 

P.S. I love the detail about the purple gloves. 

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Wow! That was very kind of the nurse to do that for you! I’m glad you found it pleasurable, but I can totally understand it being embarrassing at the same time.

I hope you’ve recovered all right by now?

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