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Right, You're Completely Fine, Doctor (M/M) [Rewrite]


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Hello everyone! A while ago I was on this forum under the name @Diamond_Promise, I believe. Due to personal reasons, I deleted my account and stopped participating as much in the community. However, I recently binged @Lily's works, which inspired me to get back into the community. (I highly recommend their works as Lily is an amazing writer with lovely characters and stories!) 

For my return, I've decided to rewrite a story which I posted under my old account because I think I can do better. This first part is more of an exposition/prologue to introduce the characters and their dynamic as I doubt anyone actually even read the original. Plus, I'm too excited to wait any longer before posting this. (What can I say, I crave validation *shrug*)

So, without further ado, I present to you...

Right, You're Completely Fine, Doctor


It’s strange how much meeting one person had changed both Quinn and Darcy’s lives. For a lot of people, their first college roommate can be annoying and take some getting used to while others become good friends but go their separate ways after schooling, but these descriptions couldn’t be applied to their story.

Both boys- young adults, technically- didn’t have any friends or family members in the area, much less who were attending the university. Neither boy was familiar with the area and it was really each of their first forays into self-reliance. 

Quinn had arrived first and was already struggling with his bedding when Darcy had arrived, loaded down with his own luggage. Darcy chuckled a bit as he watched his new roommate attempt to wrestle a fitted sheet into submission. 

“If you can help me set these on my bed, I’d be happy to help you out over there,” Darcy offered as Quinn turned to him after hearing his laughter. Quinn’s face relaxed into obvious relief and the two spent the night helping each other unpack. While they got settled in, they talked easily and were relieved to find that there was someone else who also had no idea what they were doing. From then on they worked together to get through the confusing and messy trials of college life.

Eight years later, the two continued to help each other through day-to-day life. After many sleepless nights, the two had since completed their education. Darcy had a diploma certifying that he had majored in European History and minored in Creative Writing while Quinn had finally finished his Doctorate of Medicine. 

They still lived together, now in a modest apartment which was a short drive from the General Hospital at which Quinn was employed and an even shorter walk from the library where Darcy worked. 

Whenever a newer friend inquired about their living arrangements, an older college friend would joke that the two were secretly lovers. To which one or the other of the pair would always interject with a clarification. The interjection was almost always met with teasing about each of their lack of romantic partners and the claim that it just made more sense that the two were together, after all, they were practically life partners.

Quinn’s response was to remind their friends that he had been too busy with med school and now that he was a doctor, he really didn’t have the kind of time to devote to finding a romantic partner. Darcy was always quick to joke that since he and Quinn were a packaged deal, most eyes were drawn to the ‘hot doctor’ half of the duo and not the ‘sexy librarian.’

Speaking of his job as a librarian, Darcy has been trying for some time now to find himself a better-paying job. Realistically, he knows that Quinn has them both covered with his hospital salary but, he can’t help but feel like a burden for having a job that pays less than his roommate’s. They both contribute to the rent and daily expenses but being a librarian was never Darcy’s end goal anyways– he’s always wanted to be a published author and maybe even write his own television series, but for now, the closest he can get is chipping away at his manuscript whenever inspiration strikes.

As he fixes breakfast for the both of them, he mulls over how to introduce one of the major plot points in the next chapter. Should he have a messenger inform his characters or perhaps go with the ‘show, don’t tell’ approach?

When Quinn slumps into the kitchen, Darcy pushes that thought to the side in favour of greeting the other. 

“‘Mornin,’ Quinn.” The doctor grunts in greeting, which is the most talkative he is before breakfast. Slowly, the sandy-brown-haired man warms into his usual disposition throughout their shared meal, even if he remains a bit groggy.

“When will you be home?” Darcy asks, sipping his tea as he begins planning out his day.

“‘Round 8:30 pm,” Quinn croaks before bringing his to-go mug up to his lips as he walks past Darcy towards the entryway. Darcy frowns, realizing that his friend’s voice sounds a bit off but completely forgets about that as he notices Quinn’s keys resting on the breakfast table.

“Quinn, aren’t you forgetting something?” The doctor looks up at Darcy who has the loop of the keyring around his forefinger. He smiles tiredly and takes the keys.

“Thanks, Darce.” Quinn pecks Darcy on the cheek and then walks out the door as though this were any other day of the week.

Even after Quinn has left, Darcy remains stock-still in the entryway, hand still raised as though he is holding up Quinn’s keys. His other hand is gingerly touching the cheek which Quinn had kissed. As a flutter of warmth wells in his chest, Darcy does his best to rationalize what just happened. Clearly, his roommate was far more tired this morning than he had realized. Quinn definitely hadn’t meant to do that, least of all to Darcy of all people.

As he made his way to his car, a flush crept up Quinn’s cheeks as the reality of what had just happened finally sunk in. After he placed his mug and bag down, the doctor flopped into the driver’s seat and buried his face in his hands. What. the. heck. had. he. done?

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this is so amazing I know this is from a long time ago but I hope you continue it!

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