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Scared that wouldn't be able to satisfy partner's fetish


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Hello, everyone! My name is Erica, and I am new here :)

I joined this forum because my boyfriend has a sneezing fetish, and it also sounds very appealing to me. I would love to help my boyfriend satisfy his fetish by learning how to sneeze, but it seems like I just can't make myself do so. I try everything from sniffing pepper to poking with a cotton stick inside my nose, and nothing has worked so far. It's been approximately a week since he told me, and a few days since I started trying. I know this will take time, but I am scared that I am just making it worse. How? Well, now when I feel like I am about to sneeze from normal every-day reasons, I just can't either. I get the tingly feeling, I get all excited thinking about my boyfriend, but then it just stops. And I just can't seem to control it. I feel devasted... Can anyone please tell me their opinion? I really need a new perspective cause I am afraid to tell my boyfriend all that and I can't talk to my friends about it. 

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Hi, I think that it is better not to rush with that thing. It will gradually become less scary need to take your time and not to pressure  yourself. The best option would be to talk to your bf but if it is possible) or u can ask practically everything here. Together you will prob get a good solution but yeah you will need to learn some triggers for yourself.  Also i am proud of your bf to open up with that thing it takes a lot of trust. Was also curious how that thing seem to you when he told i.  

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Hey, I'm very much in your shoes, my partner also has a sneezing fetish and when he told me I was really excited to satisfy his fetish, especially because I normally have pretty bad allergies. Before I knew about his fetish, I was able to sneeze in front of him no problem, but after finding out about it, anytime I would feel a sneeze coming on I'd get excited and the adrenaline from it would kill the sneeze. I'd get the tingle and sometimes even the inhale leading up to it but then then actual sneeze would just die. We tried inducing with cotton swabs, paper towel, pepper and nothing really did anything. Eventually we tried experimenting inducing with chhinkni powder and that is the only way I can consistently sneeze, and they're way more intense than any of my normal sneezes. I usually sneeze in two's but with the powder I can have fits that hit upwards of 20 sneezes. I definitely recommend trying it to get you more comfortable sneezing in front of him and then hopefully, eventually that will lead to you being able to have natural sneezes around him as well. Good luck!

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I've had a partner struggle with getting sneeze-shy once they knew about my fetish. I think it's a pretty normal way to react, and it should get better over time.

It takes time and experimentation to work out how to sneeze. Most of us here have been practicing for a long time 😂 I find going through that exploration with a partner very exciting. Anything in the bedroom is always a journey, going on that journey with others should hopefully be part of the fun.

Even when someone has struggled to sneeze with me, even watching them try is exciting. Knowing that they might sneeze is exciting. Basically, you can sell the process of sneezing even if you don't sneeze. Communicating and understanding how you're partner's fetish works will help.

Be patient with yourself, and be kind to yourself. And communicate about how you are feeling, you shouldn't have to carry any of your worries alone.

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