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grateful for this site & community


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I’m high right now and very relaxed after coming out of the shower; I just wanted to say how grateful I am for this site, I’ve been with the community for about 8 years and this website has given me the ability to be myself and express things I couldn’t express to anyone in my real life. This is the place that gives me the ability to say ‘this is what intrigues me within the fetish’ and to have people who have left nice comments, it does boost my confidence in my writing skill as well as the confidence to physically write about things that make me happy.


Thanks if you’ve read anything I’ve posted here and/or interacted with me. Thanks for being the place I could express myself unafraid.

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Agreed :D I've been a member here for 13 years, a lurker for god knows how many years before that, and it would not surprise me if I found out that this was probably my most visited site on the internet :lol: Not generally as active as I used to be, but I still drop in daily, and have always appreciated having this one place where I have been able to express this part of me which I have never revealed to anyone outside of the forum.

5 hours ago, Spooklacticon said:

I’m high right now

^From which all the best posts are born :lol: 

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Awww, this is such a wholesome post. I’ve only been here for several months, but I definitely feel similarly. It’s amazing for us that this platform exists, and I’m very grateful for it. Cheers!

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This site and everyone I've interacted with here is nothing less than amazing. I've now been here for 21 years and a day, though I don't post too much, I'm always grateful that it's alive and well today!

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