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It was my day off the other day, and I don’t know what was in the air, but maybe the sudden change to a warmer day messed with my nose because it was super sensitive. 

I has two big sneezes not long after I woke up, which isn’t out of the ordinary, but after that, my nose started to bother me. It would start to tickle, and the tickle would build just enough to where I was sure it would result in a sneeze, and then would die off. The worst of it came when I was at the supermarket - the tickle came quick, sharp in my nose, and left just as quick. It was a nice day, and as I was driving to the next store I needed to go to, I felt the tickle return, and hoped maybe I could get it out with the sun. 

If anyone drove by me I probably looked so stupid trying to look around the sun visor to actually look at the sun, and it took a second, but resulted in 2 more big sneezes into my elbow - Ahtshiew! Ehtsheww! Luckily the tickle didn’t return the rest of the time I was out running errands. 

I was fine for most of the day afterwards until I was making my lunch for the next day. Usually my sneezes build up relatively slow, and I’ll have time to react, but the tickle that built up in my nose was quicker than normal, and I barely had time to put down what I had in my hands to cover the ensuing sneezes - Hahtshew! Atcheww! AtCHEWW!!

That was luckily it for me the rest of the day, but my boyfriend was pretty sneezy when he came over that night. We were outside in my backyard and he had two, small fits of I think 2-3 sneezes each, but I can’t spell them off the top of my head. 

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