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I have a lot of stuff I meant to have finished by now, but I've had a really bad writer's block. Still wanted to post something for Halloween, and I wrote this for a friend a while back, so I added some things and decided to post it. Yes I know Halloween isn't until Tuesday. I'm posting today anyway because I wanna. :shifty:  

This is a flu-fic rather than a cold-fic, with implied contagion, so if that's not your thing, give it a miss. 

Happy Halloween! :pumpkin:



I can’t get sick now, Savannah thought as she kept trying to swallow past the twinge in her throat.  

“You alright, Dr Thompson?” It was one of the ST doctors. “You look tired.” 

“I’m not surprised,” she replied, cleared her throat, and took a sip from the coffee. She winced from the pain in her throat before she could stop herself and hoped it passed for ‘burned by hot coffee’ to onlookers. In reality, the coffee was lukewarm at best. 

“Double shifts?” 

“Yes. Both Dr Jamison and Dr Reyes are home with the flu.” 

And I am at work with it, or so I suspect, she added inwardly.  

“Yeah, some nasty crap going around right now.” 

“True,” Savannah agreed and pinched her nose to hold back a tickly sneeze, doing everything she could to make it look like a casual rub. Thankfully the urge to sneeze waned and she even managed a smile. “Well, better get back to work; it’s been crazy all morning. Patients have been so agitated, and I’m behind with the paperwork as a result.” 

“Yeah, today is crazy. But it is full moon tomorrow, and Halloween tonight, so I guess the werewolves are out.” 

Savannah laughed, more out of politeness than because the joke was funny, barely managed to hold back a cough that made her throat and eyes burn with the effort and irritation, and walked off, dropping her paper cup in a trashcan without slowing down. 

She really couldn’t get sick now; she had promised Linda they would go out tonight and she had been working so much overtime lately that she couldn’t cancel. If she was going to get sick, it would have to wait until tomorrow. After the movie and dinner date. But not tonight. Absolutely not tonight.  

She stepped into her office, closed the door, and then doubled over with a throat-scraping, spraying sneeze that overpowered her so suddenly she didn’t even have time to cover.  


She snatched a couple of tissues from the box on her desk and blew her nose, wincing when she was at it because her sinuses felt so raw, she wanted to cry.  

She knew there was really nothing to do about the flu or a cold, other than drinking plenty of water and get a lot of rest and let the viral infection run its course, but getting through med school and residency you couldn’t rest unless you were literally dying, so she had a few old tricks. It was just that as with everything, the older you got, the harder it was to bounce back. Caffeine could keep you on your feet for a long time when you were exhausted, sugar could temporarily sharpen your senses as well, but it was still hard to focus when your throat felt like you had swallowed razorblades and there was a persistent prickle, like tiny needles, in your sinuses, and your head was pounding with a headache that was part congestion and part simply your body protesting.  

Every limb ached, a deep, groaning ache that felt like it was deep inside her very bones, and that was the real tell-tale sign. Sore throat and itchy nose, even a bad headache, that could be a cold. This full-body, deeply seated ache, that was the flu.  

But I can’t let Lin down again, she thought. There were medical drugs that could reduce both heavy fevers and coughs, and she did have access to them, but they would in turn make her very sleepy. And she already felt like she was sleepwalking. If she took those she was guaranteed to fall asleep over the dessert. 

She would have to make do with the lighter medications and remedies and simply suck it up. Mind-over-matter herself through the evening. She was not bailing on Linda again. Not tonight. Not a chance.  

The surgeon sat down by her desk, took a deep, shuddering breath and coughed it out in a series of hacking coughs, sneezed heavily into the used tissues, and then got started on the paperwork so she could get home and get ready for the date.   


A few hours later, Savannah was finally home, burning with a fever and wrestling with a raspy, painful cough that shook her whole body.  

She took a couple of Aspirins, sucked on a cough drop, and went to take a hot shower before Linda came home, thinking she might feel better afterwards, but the water felt like it was beating her tender skin, and even though she kept it as hot as she dared, she was still freezing.  

I’m not giving in. 

Her body begged her to.  

Her mind, while increasingly groggy, refused.  

Once finished in the shower, she sat down on the bed, coughing hard, head spinning, trying to get herself together so she could get dressed. 

I’m just gonna lie down for a few minutes.  

With that, she was out like a light, huddled up into a shivering ball wearing only her bathrobe, and that’s how Linda found her less than an hour later.  


Savannah woke up to a feverish haze, roused from the sleep by her wife pulling a thick fluffy blanket over her, then caressing her forehead.  

“Hi, baby,” Linda whispered.  

“Oh God,” Savannah croaked. “Sorry, I nodded off, I’ll just get dressed and we can head out…” her voice cracked halfway but she fought her way through the sentence with what little voice she had left.  

“Nope, you’re not going anywhere,” Linda replied in a firm but gentle tone. “You’re burning up, and frankly, I could hear your cough the moment I got inside.” She placed a soft kiss on Savannah’s forehead. “I know you’re the doctor, but I’m not stupid, and it does not sound good.” 

“It’s probably the flu,” Savannah admitted. Well, wheezed was more like it, because her voice was a wavering whisper, and she was on the verge of another coughing fit. “Only thing that can knock you on your arse this fast.” 

“Yeah, they said it was bad this year, got some people at work who are out with it too,” Linda said. “Well, I’ve cancelled our table at the restaurant, and I’m pretty sure the movies can wait. I’m not that into zombie movies either way.” 

“Yes you are,” Savannah whispered, and Linda chuckled and gently stroked her hair.  

“Yes, okay, I am, but it can still wait. Besides, you look positively zombie-like yourself, so…”  

Savannah coughed out a weak laugh.  

“I’m sorry. I really tried.” 

“Tried not to be sick? Yeah, I thought a doctor would know that you can’t really help it. You can’t just decide not to be sick.” 

“But I promised you that we’d go out today and I’ve been working so much lately…” 

“Oh Annie, oh honey…” Linda gently caressed her arm. “You don’t get it, do you? It’s not going out that’s so important. It’s being with you. I don’t want you to be miserable and sick, of course, but I don’t care if we go out or if we stay in. I just want to be with you, silly. Do you understand that?” 

Savannah nodded, giving in completely to Linda’s decisive tenderness.  

“Good. Now, you just stay there and I’ll fix some things. You’re not getting out of bed, okay? If you want to put on your PJs, they’re right here.” She patted the mattress next to Savannah. “But don’t get the idea that you need to help me prepare anything, because I won’t allow you to. Stay.” 

“Did you just order me to stay put, like I’m a dog?” Savannah asked. Linda grinned and pressed a kiss onto her lips.  

“Stay,” she repeated and left the room. Savannah shook her head, then put both hands over her mouth and surrendered to the persistent irritation in her throat, coughing until her eyes watered and her nose was running. When the coughing fit subsided, leaving only a worsened stinging sensation in her throat, she leaned back against the pillows and moaned.  

She felt lousy. But at least she was home, and Linda was there.  


She had dozed off again when Linda came back, first setting up the TV on the dresser.  

“What are you doing?” Savannah croaked.  

“Setting up movie night,” Linda replied. “If Annie can’t go to the movies, the movies have to come to Annie.” 

“You’re going to sprain something.” 

“Oh ye of little faith,” Linda said absently as she connected some cables. “Why do you think I work out?” 

“Not so you can carry the TV to the bedroom, anyway,” Savannah said.  

“Correct, but it’s a neat side effect,” Linda replied. “Also, I think you should stop trying to talk, because every word sounds painful.” 

“Every word is painful,” Savannah confirmed. Linda looked at her with raised eyebrows for several seconds, and then threw her arms out in a gesture that said ‘I can’t believe this!’.  

“Then don’t talk!”  

She laughed and shook her head.   

“I’ll be right back. I’m just gonna make sure no one decides to TP our house just because I won’t answer the door for any trick-or-treaters. See if you find something good we can watch,” Linda said, tossing the remote control in Savannah’s general direction. Savannah took it and listlessly began flipping through the channels, while coughing into her free hand as she did.  

Linda shook her head.  

Did you really think you’d be able to go out tonight? she thought, her heart aching for her strong, defiant, but currently very miserable wife. I’m not sure if I admire your resolve, or am mad at you for being so careless with yourself. Probably a bit of both. 

She went to heat up some soup for Savannah, and while she was waiting for it to come to a boil, she turned off the lights in the entire house, making sure it looked like no one was home, deterring any trick-or-treaters. Both their cars were in the garage – the car had actually been the first clue that something was up with Savannah, because she had left it unlocked. Linda had noticed when she walked past it. And Savannah never left her precious BMW unlocked. Not in the garage, not outside.  

Well, at least the cars were tucked away hidden from view, and with all the lights out, kids would probably give their house a miss.  

More candy for me, Linda thought with a grin as she went back to the kitchen to grab the soup, a bunch of candy, and some drinks. And of course some meds and tissues for Savannah. 

Heading back upstairs, she did a quick round and turned off lights there as well, then pulled the curtains closed in their bedroom, and climbed into bed, balancing all her supplies.  

Savannah was sleeping with open eyes, staring blankly at the TV screen where a news broadcast was on.  

“Really?” Linda said, laughing softly as Savannah violently startled awake and then tried to pretend she was just stretching. “You couldn’t find anything more entertaining than the evening news?” 


“Oh baby, you’re really out of it, aren’t you?” Linda murmured. “Have you taken anything?” 

“Aspirin, as soon as I got home from work.” 

“Well they’ve stopped working, I can tell you that much.” She tenderly ran a thumb across Savannah’s flushed cheek. “Take another Aspirin. I don’t like how hot you are, your brain must be boiling.” 

“I thought you liked me being hot.” 

“Wrong kind of hot, Red,” Linda said. “Take something to get it down. For me, so I don’t have to worry?” 

“Fine,” Savannah sighed and coughed again, grimacing. “Ugh, my throat.” She rubbed her nose. “And m-my nose… oh… huhhhESSSSHHH! AhhhGTSSSHHEW! God, I’b sorry, I think I sprayed you...”

Linda wiped a few droplets off the side of her neck without as much as a grimace.

“Don’t apologise, you’re sick, and I don’t mind. I’m probably already infected anyway.”

“Yeah,” Savannah said and blew her nose, wincing in pain as the tissue paper scrubbed against her raw nostrils. “I wish I could say otherwise, but you probably are.”

“Here you go. Should make your throat feel better; I found some chicken soup in the freezer and heated it up for you.” 

“Chicken soup,” Savannah said, smiling. “Of course. Homemade American magic. Aren’t you going to eat?”  

“It’s Halloween, baby. I’m going to eat Reese’s Peanut Buttercups until I pass out from sugar high.” 

“Fair enough.” 

“Annie? Stop talking.” 

“This croaking hardly passes for human speech.” 

“Stop making words with your vocal cords,” Linda clarified, kissed her wife on the cheek, and took the remote control, switching channel. “Oh look, now we’re talking! Misery!” 

“Sounds like an accurate depiction of current events,” Savannah remarked, and Linda glared at her. “Okay, I’ll be quiet,” she mouthed and took a spoonful of soup instead.  

“I very much doubt that,” Linda chuckled and put a hand on Savannah’s thigh on top of the blanket. “Just relax now, okay. Rest. Poor baby, you’ve deserved it.” 

Savannah put the soup bowl on the bedside table and put her hand on top of Linda’s, just watching the movie in relative silence. That is, a silence only disturbed by Savannah’s frequent coughing and sniffling, and a stray sneeze here and there. Plus a few wheezed apologies. At first she turned away from Linda when she had to give in to her body’s miserable needs, but as she grew more and more exhausted, she no longer had the energy. Some sneezes also snuck up on her so suddenly that she didn’t even have time to cover; spraying virus-laden mist in front of her, all over herself, all over their shared blanket, into the air they also shared.

Linda didn’t flinch. She had fully accepted Savannah’s flu as her own. She really had no choice anyway, but she wasn’t fighting it. Wasn’t making a big deal out of it.

“I love you, Lin,” Savannah whispered all of a sudden.  

Linda glanced over at her. Savannah was asleep again. She had been talking in her sleep.  Fever flush bloomed abundantly on her cheeks, almost as red as the rims of her abused nostrils. A trail of mess was slowly trickling out of one nostril, and Linda took the used tissue that Savannah still clutched in one hand and wiped it off, very gently. The skin around her nostrils and her upper lip was a glaring, angry red that looked incredibly painful, but she didn’t wake up.

Poor thing must be absolutely wrecked, Linda thought, taking Savannah’s glasses off as well and put them away so she wouldn’t drop them. She didn’t think Savannah would wake up and actually watch the rest of the movie with her anyway.

“I love you too, baby. Happy Halloween.” 



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Flip me did I need some fluffy caretaking, im so burntout rn its not even funny, your timing could not of been better, i plan to hibernate in a sea of self pity, sick/fluff fics and maladaptive daydreaming to music and this so hit the spot. Loved the inner monologues too! 

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This was so great!! I love when the strong ones get taken down and try to fight it 😅 Would you consider continuing?

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On 10/31/2023 at 2:07 AM, ichixshiro14 said:

This was so great!! I love when the strong ones get taken down and try to fight it 😅 Would you consider continuing?

Thank you so much! Hehe, indeed, the strong ones are always the best ones to watch struggling with a sneezy ailment.. :twisted:  I won't rule it out, but I won't make any promises either. I can't really decide in advance what I should work on, I have to write whatever feels most interesting to me in that moment or I'll be completely blocked and hate every word. :lol:  But if I come up with a flashy idea to continue this, I will. :yay: 

On 10/31/2023 at 2:34 PM, noroomfordoubt said:

Wow, love these characters generally and this might be my favorite scenario I’ve seen them in!

Thank you so much! I wasn't sure if it would fly since it's less sneeze and more general misery, so I'm really glad to know some readers enjoyed it! ^_^ It's so funny to me because I don't really think of Savannah as someone who gets sick easily or often, yet I've written a ton of fics with her being sick and miserable by now! :lol:  


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On 11/4/2023 at 11:28 PM, hellopeople123 said:

this is a really great story. there should definitely be a part two where both of them are sick together

Thank you! ^_^  I don't disagree, we'll see if I feel motivated to continue some day when I've finally worked through my current list of things to write. :lol: 


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Commenting a couple of months late but... I can't believe I had missed this before. This is great! Great characters, great setting, great writing. All around a delight to read. Tough characters trying to out tough a fever that's high enough to just knock them out has got to be one of my favourite things.

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