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A Spring morning

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Hi all, my first story, so please be gentle with me. Totally unplanned, I just started writing and this is what emerged! Don't try looking for a plot - for there is none - but there might be follow-ups as I have a few ideas!

It's been a while since I've written *anything* so I welcome any suggestions or criticism. 


A Spring morning

Martin rubbed his wife’s back as she sat on the edge of the bed, shoulders hunched and overwhelmed by another fit of sneezes.

Ash blonde hair had fallen over Kim’s face during the paroxysms of sneezes that wracked her, and her hands clutched futilely over her nose as she pitched forward five, six, seven times.


Sights like this were a common occurrence in the household; Kim was plagued with spectacular and numerous allergies that kept her sneezing all year-round.

And this morning, she was deep into a breathtaking performance, even by her own standards. The pollen count was evidently ridiculous and she had woken up with her nose burning, eyes streaming and with a terrible case of the sneezes.

She sat up, sighed, and flipped the hair from her face, revealing her petite nose which was coloured crimson from the terrible allergy attack that was assaulting her. Her breath hitched as she began building towards another series of unstoppable sneezes.

The tickle continued to grow in urgency, however it neither reached a climax nor fully abated. Kim was suspended agonisingly in a cycle, on the edge of completion, completely at the mercy of her nose. Still the urge grew.

“HA! HA! HAHH! EEEHHEEHHH…Huuuuhh” Three quick hitches followed by a sigh as the relentless tickle built then dissipated once more.

She squinted into the early morning sunlight, her eyes tearing and her mouth hanging open. Her breath laboured, The tickle was teasing her. Oh how she needed to sneeze!

Kim rubbed at her nose with the palm of her hand and sniffed thickly, then pressed a light blue cotton handkerchief to her nose and blew softly. It was already damp from the the sneezing fits she had suffered over the last half hour since waking.

The tickle continued to rise and fall within her sinuses, it teased her into a series of hitching false starts, it felt as though someone was slowly drawing a feather inside her nose. “HUUHH! HUUH! HAH! HAH! Huuuhhh…Uhhh this sucks. It’s there…I deed to sneeze, but it wod’t cobe. I hate this!”

“I know honey.” Martin sympathised, familiar with the fickle nature of his wife’s nose. His hand was on her upper back, stroking the back of her neck “Your poor nose is so itchy…”

Kim stared glassy-eyed straight ahead, an almost puzzled look on her face, waiting to find out what her nose was going to do next. She didn’t have long to wait, suddenly the itch returned with a vengeance, and she gasped desperately.

“HAHHH! Hehhh-I-I’m godda…gotta…HAH! HAH! HEEHHHHHH!” Her head fell back and she clasped the bedsheets, she reared back in anticipation of the fast oncoming sneezes.

“HEH! HEH! HEH! HEEEEHHHHH!” She was again suspended torturously on the precipice, hanging by a thread. Finally, mercifully, her body gave over the the sneezes, which wracked her body again and again.


The sneezes barrelled out of her with a shriek of relief. She remained bent over, panting, head on her knees while she recovered. Oh, how she hated these performances.

Throughout her life Kim’s sneezes were as legendary as they were debilitating. And she wasn’t merely allergic to pollen, her nose was sensitive to all manner of stimuli, from pet hair, dust, perfume, mould. Any strong detergent or chemical was sufficient to trigger a volley of itchy explosions. She was truly an allergy sufferer and she suffered frequently and consistently all year round.

Most of Kim’s friends, family and colleagues were used to her condition and treated the performances with reactions that ranged between good humoured exasperation to barely disguised impatience, rolling their eyes when she started one of her torturous build-ups.

As a child Kim never questioned why things were the way they were, or tried to hide her allergies, she was just sneezy and that’s the way it was. However as she entered her teenage years, she became more self-conscious. She hated her nose and its volatility. She hated how it made her a public spectacle as she hitched and gasped her way to yet another prolonged sneezing fit.

Her mother could sympathise to an extent, having allergies of her own, but they were nothing when compared with the sensitivity that caused the prolonged and drawn-out episodes that Kim suffered. Her mother did what she could to comfort the poor girl, rubbing her back, handing her tissues and even holding her hair as she succumbed to fit after endless fit, but there was not much more she could do to sooth and quell that troublesome nose.

Now, sitting by Martin’s side in her bedroom, Kim sat dishevelled, her hair tousled into a blonde halo and her eyes weeping profusely. She was truly a picture of allergic suffering and she gasped once more in frustration as the tickle returned. Couldn’t she be done already? How many more times? Her breathing fell into a pattern of shuddery gasps


She still had on her ivory camisole nightie. The light satin had ridden up to mid-thigh during the preceding attack and now it hugged her curves as she trembled under her allergy. Soft blond hairs were visible on her tanned thighs, and goosepimples were rising on her skin.

The feathery feeling her nose was still there and it tickled dreadfully, it waxed and wained, lulling her into thinking it had left her, before flaring back up with a vengeance. She wanted to scream in frustration, but all she could do was continue to gasp, hitch and moan towards some kind of completion.

Her eyes were red, swollen and tears trickled down both her cheeks. A red flush ran from the neckline of her cami top, over her neck and into her cheeks. Loose strands of blonde hair stuck to her forehead by a mix of sweat and allergic tears.

Her head slowly tipped back and her eyes squinted. Her chest heaved and her breath caught in her throat. Subconsciously her hands, still clutching the messily balled handkerchief, moved to her face. Her eyes slowly closed. She waited, in agony.

Her inhalations grew in volume and frequency as the dreadful itch tortured her nose, she was now caught entirely in its thrall.

Ha…Ha..HA! HA! “Ohhh God! I-I think I’m gonna…gonna…”HA!

Martin lowered his hand to the small of he back, as her pants become increasingly vocal. Her chest strained against the sheer top, as she gasped for release.Her head was thrown back, nose pointing directly upwards towards the ceiling, mouth open, eyes screwed tightly shut. Her hands hovered in front of her face in anticipation.

“HHHEEEHHHH…HHEEEHHHH…HHHEEEHHHHH…Cuuuhhhuuummmm ooohhhhh…Guh! Huh! HAH!

She didn’t hear Martin soothing her “Poor baby…it’s coming…just relax.”  She didn’t feel his hand stroking her lower back. She couldn’t notice anything but the fierce and all-consuming itch wreaking havoc on her raw and hyper-sensitive nose.

Somehow, more by muscle memory and force of habit, she unballed the handkerchief and it lay in ready and waiting in her upturned palms

“I- guuhh…huuuhh…HAAAAHH huh…huh…cuuuh…huuuhhhh…I…HAH! Huuueeehh.

Finally, with a shrieked and desperate scream, the sneeze was upon her and she pitched forward., Her nose met the handkerchief, her hair flew over her face, her eyes remained tightly closed.


Three more smaller rapid-fire sneezes followed the initial explosion, the final one rose in tone was to a high-pitched ending.

Her head pitched back again and she began a series of quick, violent sneezes that pitched her body forwards as she sat on the bed; they bent her at the waist until her torso was parallel to her legs. The camisole pulled tight around her body as she shook with the explosions.


She remained still, bent at the waist, handkerchief clamped over her nose, eyes screwed tight shut.

“Jesus, honey.” Martin began, his mouth was open, his voice was shaky, his lips were dry. “Are-are you…ok?” From her hunched position she raised a finger.  Even now she wasn’t done.

“I haa-hah-haven’t hah HAH!” she attempted to speak, and though her voice halted, her meaning was obvious.

She straightened, her blue eyes watery and her mouth hanging open, full lips trembling as a smear of wetness was beneath her red and swollen nostrils.

“Need to…Huuuuhhhhh”

She glanced at Martin quickly, her face a mask of sneezy anticipation, before her eyes squeezed closed once again. She focussed on the feeling in her nose, willing it forward. Her mouth hung slackly open. A drop of moisture trickled from one nostril onto her top lip. She didn’t notice, she couldn’t, so focussed was she on the sneeze which hovered on the edge of completion.

It danced agonisingly out of her grasp, flitting in and out of frame, moving like a butterfly, always out of reach.

Martin looked on, powerless and transfixed by the performance. Kim reared back panting almost obscenely, her full breasts straining at the light top while her chest heaved.

“Gotta…gotta…HAH! HAH! HEEEEEH!”

She paused at crest of her own personal wave a picture of sneezy need - a crystalline moment of silent stillness, a portrait of urgency and longing - a single second that felt to both Kim and Martin like an eternity.

And then, finally, the dam broke and with a shriek, she again was thrown forward into a volley of harsh, wet, full, glorious sneezes.


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Dude this story is great! I hope to read more stories like this one from you in the future! Will there be a part 2, possibly?

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Tbh I love stories like this, where it’s just like, sneezy person is sneezy. That’s all you need… well, all  need. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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5 hours ago, bben9-kun said:

Dude this story is great! I hope to read more stories like this one from you in the future! Will there be a part 2, possibly?

Thanks very much! Yes, I think there will be a part two.

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I love it!  I'm a very big fan of long drawn out buildups and describing the incredible desire to sneeze before it is finally released.  Thank you.

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Hey, thanks all for comments, and here is part 2 as promised! Gonna be honest, I'm struggling a bit with this for not having thought out an actual plot, so right now it's more just scenarios built around sneezing! I'm not  entirely sure where this is heading next but I might keep adding to it until I'm out of ideas or it reaches a natural dead-end. Feel free to throw in ideas on how to keep it going!



PART 2 - 

A holiday was just what they needed, it would give both Martin and his wife Kim an opportunity to relax, unwind and enjoy some quality time with each other.

The two had been married for just over two years, and they were still very much in the honeymoon phase of their relationship.

Until meeting Kim, Martin never used to believe in soulmates. But the two seemed to connect seamlessly on every level. They shared similar tastes and interests, and while it was their mutual attraction that brought them together it was their deep connection which made them stay.

It helped that on a physical their chemistry was effortless. Kim’s beauty made Martin weak at the knees, at just over 5 feet, slim but with generous curves, he considered her the full package. Her blonde hair fell to her mid-back, and she had a sprinkle of pale freckles under piercing blue eyes.

Kim however did have one fatal flaw, her nose. Anything and everything seemed to trigger her nose onto a sneezing fit, and she was helpless when her allergies struck. She sneezed passionately and regularly and her nose was infamous among family, friends and acquaintances who joked about often being able to hear Kim before seeing her, or similar words to that effect.

Try as she might, Kim could do nothing to bring her nose under control. she had tried every prevention, medication and remedy available and none seemed to make much of an impact on her allergies. Visits to the allergist only seemed to result in another ineffectual drug, the side effects of which invariably knocked her sideways for days, and ever lengthening list of her allergens.

As they entered their third Spring as a married couple, Martin was well used to his wife’s heightened nasal sensitivities and he was as dedicated in assisting her in managing her burden as he was in every other areas of their marriage. Although Kim was the one suffering, Martin was invariably by her side, holding her through fits, running to refresh her supplies of tissues and coaxing stubborn sneezes out of her rebellious nose.

So, on choosing a location to holiday, Kim’s allergies were, as always, top of the list of considerables. Together, the couple selected a beach holiday somewhere hot, in the expectation that a coastal location with a fresh breeze might be the best option to prevent against too many allergic mishaps.

“It’s so long since we’ve been away.” said Kim, phone in hand scrolling through photos of their hotel. “I’m going to have to go shopping for a new holiday wardrobe.”

Although Martin could not abide shopping, he was intrigued by the idea of dressing rooms, bikinis and short skirts.

“I could do with getting a few things myself,” he said, “perhaps we should go to he shops this weekend?”


On Saturday Kim and Martin left early to beat the crowds. It was a glorious early Summer morning, the sun was out, a light breeze ruffled the trees.

As usual, Kim had woken early, in the throes of a terrific allergic fit - the pollen count was apparently astronomical.

He watched his wife stumble to the en-suite, a large white handkerchief clamped over her reddened nose as she sneezed explosively into it. He listened to her in the shower as she continued to sneeze, the sound muffled by the water but echoing clearly off the tiled walls.

Martin imagined his beautiful wife in the throes of her terrible fit, head thrown back as water cascaded off her curves. He imagined her standing ready in anticipation, eyes closed, lips trembling, waiting on the next inevitable release. The, as the sneezes began her knees bent, and she raised one hand to braced herself against the wall, the other clutching her nose. Her wet hair whipped across her face as she shook and trembled by the violence of the release.


Martin waited, usually her fits ended with one explosive, body shaking climax, so there had to be one more. He imagined her naked and panting in the steamy bathroom, all semblance of control or grace gone as she edged excruciatingly towards her release.



There it was.

He was still in bed when she emerged, bleary-eyed, nose red, hair damp, and holding a towel around her.

She sniffed, she was still breathing hard. “Oh my god, my allergies…my nose…the shower…I couldn't stop!”

Martin, who had heard everything, glanced up and feigned indifference. “Sorry babe, are you feeling ok?”

“I don’t know. It’s stopped for now. But I need to get ready quickly before it starts again.”

“One of those days, babe?” asked Martin.

“Honestly, it’s ridiculous, I’m just so suuhh-sneezy. The tickle’s still there at the back of my nose, it feels like…heehhh” speaking about it became too much for her tortured nose and her eyes glazed over in that look that Martin recognised so well. Her gaze left his face and her eyes became unfocused, her nose wrinkled.

He watched her face as it slackened. She was lost in her build-up, focussed on her nose as she tried to finish her sentence. The towel clung bravely to her chest, but it looked precarious.

“Ah-hhheeehhh…g-g-gonna..gotta…Hah! HAH! HARESSSHHOOO!”

She pitched forwards violently, in doing so the towel surrendered its grip and fell limply around her feet. Kim was still helpless at the mercy of her sneezing fit.


She stamped a foot on the final sneeze, punctuating the end of the tremendous fit. Only then did the realisation of her nakedness dawn on her and she clutched her chest, bending down to retrieve the forsaken towel.

“Oh wow!” She glanced down. “Oh god, excuse me! This is insane, i can’t stop sneezing for one minute!”

Martin, sitting up in the bed, shifted the covers up to better cover himself. “Wow babe, that was some fit, are you ok?”

Kim was rifling through her underwear drawer, sniffing harshly. “Sniff-I think I’m done for now, I just need to get dressed before they start up again. Martin smiled to himself, it was going to be an interesting day.

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