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The Power of Spice (Cherik M/M)


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Hey everyone, hope you enjoy this piece, I have a few more in the works! Please let me know of any suggestions or feedback you may have! - ❤️ Stargazer1122

After a long day of training young mutants in the manor, Erik was not pleased to come home and find Charles, who had been nursing a head cold for the past few days wandering around the kitchen, cookies in hand. “Charles, vas ist?” Knowing that if he turned around, he would surely find a displeased frown on the taller man’s face Charles responded sheepishly, “I got hudgry and *sngk* wanted thhh-to… ESHHHIIEEWW *ahem* egscuse be, eat sobethig.” The smaller man jerked away from the food and aimed the sneeze into his elbow. Recovering, he attempted to turn back to his snack only to feel a large hand grasp his shoulder. Erik gently reached under the smaller man’s chin and tilted his face upwards to gauge how he was feeling and Charles prepared himself for a lecture. Erik sighed as he took in the purple under eye bags and chapped lips of the telepath, ready to threaten to shackle him to the bed so he would finally rest. Under Erik’s hawk like gaze Charles’ reddened nostrils began to twitch, fluttery rims wriggling as the cold-induced tickle crept its way through his nasal passages. Erik’s flat expression suddenly animated as Charles raised a hand to rub at his prickling sinuses. The metal manipulator’s hand suddenly closed around the telepath’s smaller one, stopping it on its way to his face. The smaller man’s breath hitched, this time out of surprise. “No liebling, you didn’t listen to me when I told you to take care of your cold, so now you don’t get to rub that sensitive nose of yours,” Erik smirked as he whispered in the smaller man’s ear. Charles whimpered as the feeling of ants crawling in his nose intensified. “I think I’d like some spicy chili tonight liebling, with pepper… and chili flakes… and onions. Do you think you can make that liebling?” Erik grinned as he listed the ingredients. At the mention of pepper the smaller man’s breath hitched and the chili flakes had him bent at the waist to spray a wet triple at their bare feet. He snuffled thickly in the aftermath as the congestion flooded back into his sinuses causing the larger man to pull a tartan cloth out of his pocket. He gently folded it over and swiped at the moisture pooling beneath the shorter man’s nostrils. Charles flinched, jerking away as he felt the soft cloth brush beneath his nose, blushing furiously as he sputtered. The taller man smirked again, “I’m in control now schatz, now about that chili…” The telepath huffed grumpily and started to gather the ingredients. When it came time to gather the dreaded spices he walked to the pantry and flicked on the lights. “HAESHIEEWW! HAESHHH!!” His head bobbed forward with each harsh sneeze and he sneakily tried to get a quick nose rub in without Erik noticing. Erik tisked as he gently swatted the smaller man’s hands away ignoring his whine of protest. The telepath dutifully gathered the required spices and shut the door. As he was setting the pot on the stove a sudden tickle sparked in his sinuses and his breath hitched, “HYESHIIIESWW!” Charles held his breath as the sneezy feeling lingered, teasing him. Knowing that Erik would grab his hands, he settled for scrunching his nose and twitching it back and forth. Erik chuckled as he watched the smaller man’s predicament. “Ahhm I ehhhntertaihhhnihh- HIGSCHIEEWW!! HITSHIEEWW - shieww - sheww! *sngk* Ab I edtertaidig you Erik?” The telepath was not pleased with his partner’s not so subtle amusement and intended to let him know. There were no more issues until it came time to add the chili powder, Charles’ least favorite step. Just opening the bottle sparked a tickle in his sinuses and he caught Erik smirking as his breath hitched. Unfortunately an ill timed fit drowned out Erik’s comment, preventing the telepath from snipping back at him as he turned away. “Hhh-nyiehh-HYETSCHIIEEWW! HYIEH-SCHIIEEWW!! SCHIIEWWW!! SHIIEEWW!!” The combination of his cold and the spices made for a sneezy concoction in his sinuses. As he added the various spices his nose continued to tickle despite the recent sneezes and he knew an almighty fit was coming. So  he decided to just sneeze unrestrainedly in hopes of ridding himself of the unrelenting tickle. Erik watched in amazement as the telepath almost sprinted out of the kitchen and bent over with his hands on his knees to spray the floor with a seemingly never ending fit that lasted 10 minutes. “Bless be,” the telepath mumbled exhaustedly as the fit petered off. He snuffled tiredly and gave a few fierce honks into the hanky the larger man offered him, folding the cloth over and burying the cherry tip of his nose in it rubbing furiously back and forth. When he had rendered the hanky useless he pressed the heel of his palm flat against the nares and wicked them in vigorous circles before swiping upwards in an allergic salute. The larger man watched silently and the telepath could feel him stewing as the guilt intensified. When his nose no longer felt like ants and feathers were swirling around inside of it he went over and hugged the larger man who remained stiff as a board. “Chili’s dode” the smaller man smirked up at the larger man, who gave no response, seemingly trapped in his head. The telepath snuffled as his sinuses began to prickle again much to his annoyance. He gently grabbed the larger man’s hand and reached in his pocket for the now damp hanky he was carrying. He brought both to his face as his nose began to twitch. The larger man scoffed with a gentle smile as the shorter man’s breath began to hitch desperately inside the hanky. “HEH-ESHH! ESHH! ESHH! ESHIIEEWWW!! HAESHIIEEWW! HAH-Eshiieewwiiee!” The last sneeze had the metal manipulator snickering as the telepath’s cheeks burned. “Alright there liebling?” Erik grinned, the smaller man pointedly ignored him and buried his face in the hanky. The taller man refolded the hanky and placed it back into his pocket, looking down at the still-blushing telepath. He gently bent to give the smaller man a kiss on the cheek when the telepath suddenly turned his head. Erik frowned until he heard the wet sneeze sprayed past his ear. “Sorry,” Charles snuffled as he swiped at his runny nose with the back of his wrist. The taller man gave him and fond look and kissed his cheek. “Let’s have some chili” Erik grinned. The meal was delicious, peppered with spice-induced sneezes by Charles and kisses from Erik.

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