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Woman with a cold


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I was in a coffee shop yesterday and 2 tables over from me were a couple who seemed to be on a date. 

The woman, mid 20s, dark hair, thin and fairly tall, had a cold. The couple seemed a little awkward like they hadn't been dating long, so kudos to her for still going on a date with a cold. I heard them make a few references to it from time to time: "coming down with something", "sorry, I'm getting sick", etc. 

This lady had a neatly folded men's handkerchief in her hand pretty much the entire time, except occasionally she would put it down on the table. It was white, with a thin blue stripe border. She never blew her nose, nor did she ever unfold it. But she definitely looked like it came in handy. 

I was there for about 25 minutes, and in that time she sneezed 7 times. Always"HnngSHOO!!", sounding quite wet and uncontrollable, and she would cover her nose with the hanky which was folded into a large rectangle. She sniffled frequently and would use the hanky to dab/wipe her nose every couple minutes as well. 


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Thank you for sharing all this detail

Let's hope the woman's date appreciated the handkerchief action! I've previously shared on SFF a couple of observations involving wiping with similar-sounding handkerchiefs, but with those the initially clean handkerchief gradually tumbled open wipe-by-wipe in a disorganised way, rather than being kept neatly folded as this one was

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