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Cedar Fever, Klavier x Apollo (Ace Attorney)

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Apollo awoke that Saturday morning with a burning, sneezy feeling in his nose. Hoping to clear it without waking up fully, he scrunched and twitched it. Deep down he knew this wouldn't be enough; it was the beginning of cedar pollen season, which always meant allergic suffering for the lawyer in red. But hey, he could hope. He gave a wet snuffle and rubbed his face on his pillow without opening his eyes.


The next thing he knew, a single finger was pressing the tip of his nose and rubbing in gentle circles. Apollo's mouth eased open, his bottom lip quivering as he hitched.




Apollo's eyes fluttered open reluctantly, though they were too watery to actually make out much. He didn't need his eyes to tell him that his nose was running. He gave a wet sniffle and let out another irritated sneeze.




A shiver ran through him. That last one actually felt kinda good.


"Are you done?" A familiar voice asked from right beside him, heavy with sleep. "Gesundheit."


Apollo blinked unseeingly at his boyfriend beside him, his eyes still blurry with sneezy tears. It wasn't until Klavier brought a tissue to his nose for him and let him blow that he realized he'd just sprayed all over Klavier's bare chest.


Apollo blushed as he rubbed his nose. "S-sorry, didn't mean to sneeze on you."


Klavier leaned in and kissed Apollo's forehead, which was uncharacteristically covered by his unstyled bangs. "Don't worry about it, liebe. I helped those sneezes along for a reason."


With all his hay fever issues, Apollo was glad that he happened to find himself a boyfriend who got turned on by his sneezing, but he was still embarrassed by his loss of control.


"Is your cute little nose feeling a little allergic this morning?" Klavier asked with a sleepy smile.


"'M fine," Apollo lied, rubbing his nose on his wrist.


"Oh wirklich?" Klavier asked. His cheeks looked almost as flushed as Apollo's. "So you wouldn't mind if I just…"


He leaned in against and pressed a kiss to the bridge of Apollo's nose, then to the tip, and then another on the bridge. Apollo immediately gasped as the need to sneeze overcame him.




The sneezes were so powerful and sudden that Apollo was caught off guard and failed to cover his mouth again. Klavier's chest shined in the morning light peering through the curtain, wet with spray.


"Mmm, Gesundheit again, hasechen," Klavier purred. "Are you sure your allergies aren't bothering you?"


Apollo hid his scarlet face in his hands as he sniffled and snuffled. To be honest, he still needed to sneeze. To be even more honest, seeing his beloved Klavier sleep-mussed and happy at his side while covered in his spray was doing things to him that weren't altogether unpleasant. He scrunched up his nose and tried to pull himself together.


"Nnghh… huhhh… mmbb…"




Apollo screwed up his face as his nose ran down his lip and Klavier seized his wrists. The prosecutor showed surprising strength as he pried Apollo's hands away from his face so that he could watch the next sneezes develop.


"Klavvvv… dohhh…" Apollo whined, his face burning. Allergic tears began to roll down his cheeks, which Klavier kissed away tenderly.


Klavier's nose nuzzled against his, and the itchy buzz in his sinuses bloomed into something irresistible.




Klavier came mercifully to his rescue with a handful of tissues, which he scrubbed at Apollo's allergic, streaming face with. Apollo was all a-tingle after that last fit. Usually his allergies bothered him, but under some circumstances, as embarrassing as it was, he actually enjoyed them. Sometimes it felt good to sneeze that tickly burn out of his nose. 


"S-'scuse be… sorry, I… HATCHIEW!! Uuu… mm… gotta sdeeze--TSHOO!! TIZZISCHH!!"


"Bless you!" Klavier said emphatically between hot, open mouthed kisses on Apollo's neck. "Goodness, are you alright?"


"F-feels good…" Apollo admitted in a mumble.


Klavier treated him to another ticklish kiss on the throat and it sent a little shiver through him. The blond ground against his thigh as he did this, and Apollo realized he wasn't the only one feeling good.




He felt Klavier moving beside him, but couldn't react when the other man rolled him over on his back to straddle his hips; he was too busy hitching again.


"Let them out, schatz," Klavier murmured. "Right here, at me."


"Ndghh… goddah… goddahhh… s-sdeeh--sdeeze…!" Apollo whined, tears streaming down his blushing face.


Klavier gave his nose a little flick and that opened the floodgates.


"HATCHOO!! HUHATCHOO!! UTISHH!! TISH-ISH-ISHOO!! HUHISHOO!! Huhhh… huh-ihhh… huhhoo… uhhtchoo… Nghhh… HITCHISHH!! ITCHISHHHooo…!!"


A snot bubble formed at his nose and Klavier wiped it away with a tissue. Apollo blew his nose productively, panting. He wanted more. That fit had felt so good and tickly and he wanted to have another. Apparently that fit had excited Klavier as much as it had Apollo.


"Ohhhh Herr Forehead…" Klavier sighed, shuddering on top of him. "You're so good to me…"


Apollo peered up at him through teary, red-rimmed eyes. "I don't… I mean… I might not be finished."


Klavier's face lit up, and Apollo could see a flush creeping up the blond's neck. "You mean you want…?"


Apollo gulped and nodded shyly. Klavier leaned in and kissed him hungrily. "Then what are we waiting for?" he murmured against Apollo's lips.

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Ajajjakjsjsjskdkldk this is so amazing! The sneeze spellings are great and the little gasps in between are so hot and also more realistic. Great work :)

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Ace Attourneeyyyy!!! This is such an OTP of mine. I love these two so very much. 

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