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Any experience with your partner developing a fetish?


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Before telling my bf about my fetish, I’d read online that some people can develop new fetishes if they engage in them with a partner. Sure enough after about a year of indulging me by inducing, my bf gets turned on by his own sneezes and by my sneezes. It doesn’t really extend to other people and isn’t nearly as central to his sexuality as it is to mine, but I think it’s so sweet and also just very interesting. I guess it’s like a Pavlovian response. Does anyone else have experience with this?

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I've always wondered the same thing. Ive been too scared to admit it to her though. Although anytime i think she's has a fetish for something I try to go along with it but idk

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Yes, my ex boyfriend told me that once he started trying chhinkni he had slowly begun to see his own sneezes as a sexual thing and it felt good to him. But I think he has forgotten that feeling by now (or at least I hope so)

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Also yes, my boyfriend has even experienced things like mental block. It can be hard to deal with sometimes, knowing you’ve potentially switched someone’s way of thinking forever. However, it does make the entire thing easier to incorporate. It isn’t just something that helps me get off, it works both ways. It’s been so long since I’d revealed my fetish to him that it almost feels like we both have it at times. 

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