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A Love Once Bloomed (1/)?

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There is no sneezing in this first part. It's merely introductory.


Amanda Jones (Black Haired Woman)

29 years old

. Travelled a lot but stopped due to a serious spinal injury. Has to be in a wheelchair most of the time.

. Almost legally blind without her glasses 

. Sensitive nose


Kersey Willows (Blonde Woman)

31 years old

. Painter, photographer and traveller 

. Has a small farm that was left to her in a family member's will

. Allergic to dust and most animals 


Info & Premise:

Amanda's back condition is gradually paralysing her from the waist downward. Frequent physiotherapy sessions and exercises help ease the pain and can strengthen the muscles. 

The condition is completely fictional; not based on anything specific.

Kersey and Amanda's relationship is on a downhill slide due to many reasons. The once sweet couple they once were seem to lie all in the past.

With the passing of her father, Kersey has been left the family farm in their will. 


. Frequent swearing


Chapter 1

Driving on a dirt road, close to their destination, Kersey looked over at Amanda as she caught her in the act of giving her the side-eye. Kersey inhaled and exhaled deeply, already irritated. 


Break My Body by Pixies played from the car stereo, Kersey having connected her phone and playlists to it. 


"Why are we going this route"? Amanda asked, her voice dry, looking away out of the passenger side window. 

"Because it's quicker". 

"Well if you had gone the way I suggested..."

"For God's sake; I've taken this route hundreds of times with no problems. Just because you think you're so smart, doesn't mean you're always right".

"Look, I'm just saying that..." 

"Well don't. You can play it off but I know that you're dying to tell me how much time we could've saved if we'd went with your directions, even though you don't know the area nearly as well as I. I grew up here, for fucks sake".


At this point, Get Born Again by Alice in Chains began playing from the stereo.


"Just be glad I even came along" Amanda murmured, lifting her glasses up onto her forehead, rubbing her eyes gently. 


"You didn't even have to. I'd be up here for a few days max. I'm sure you can survive without me for that long, at least".


"I came with you to help out". 


"I already told you earlier; I have it all covered".


"What about all the paperwork"? 


"Brother's sorting it out". 


"Well let me be there for emotional support. I know losing a parent..."




Kersey licked her lips, one hand on the wheel, the other reaching into the glove compartment to grab a pack of Marlboro cigarettes. Her eyes became more and more glossy, lips quivering, as she tried her damndest to keep her mind distracted by focusing on the road. 


"Here. Stay still..." 

Amanda used her lighter to ignite Kersey's cigarette; now in her mouth. Taking an extremely deep drag, Kersey gradually exhaled after moving the cigarette away. 


"Thanks" she rasped, Amanda lightning her own up after getting her own pack out. 


Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve sounded from the stereo. Kersey hummed the intro melody with the violins, taking a few more drags from her half-done cigarette. 


Both women smoked in peace, setting their sights away from each other.




After another hour, or so, the farm gradually came into view. Kersey exhaled briefly, seeming to thoroughly examine the land over as she headed up to the farmhouse.


"It's a lovely place. Isn't it"? Kersey spoke in a low tone, Jesus Of Suburbia blasting out from the speakers. 


"And it's all yours". 



Pulling up beside a red Alfa Romeo, Kersey cut the music, grabbing her phone and instructing Amanda to stay put whilst she retrieves her wheelchair from the trunk.


"I'm not decrepit, y' know" Amanda snapped, opening her side door, flicking her cigarette onto the ground.


"Just trying to do you a fucking favour". 


"Again; the more I try to walk, the better it'll do my muscles". 


"Operative word being 'try'. Last time you tried, you fell..." 


"You fucking..." Amanda started, visibly irate. 


"Didn't mean it like that. I'm saying it from a place of concern. Please just wait there".


Biting her lips, Amanda tensed up as she began the process of lifting herself up and rotating her body, so her legs dangled out of the car. She barely managed to complete the ordeal, grunting with the effort. She was about to try and test the waters with her legs, Kersey verbally stopping her immediately as she brought the wheelchair around. 

"You never listen, do you"? Kersey said, scooping Amanda up and into the wheelchair. 

"Hm"? Amanda looked up at her, receiving a few profanities from Kersey in response. 

"Say something that's actually worth listening to. Then, perhaps, I'll consider it". 

With that, Kersey headed inside, wheeling Amanda with her, going past her brother's car and taking note of him obviously ignoring her warnings against him coming here.


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Awww, this one's kinda sad:sadsmiley02:

I hope they a chance to fix their relationship (maybe with a few sneezes).

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Thank you all for your lovely comments. I have part two here for you. I should mention that I used chat gpt from this point onwards and I'm really happy with the way it turned out. I have dozens of chapters worth of content and lots of character progression on the way. Without further ado: 

Chapter 2

Amanda Jones sat in her wheelchair, her glasses perched on her nose. She was in the living room of their cozy, old farmhouse, where she could admire the paintings and photographs that adorned the walls, all of which were Kersey's creations. Her spine injury had confined her to the chair, and she occasionally winced from the pain. Amanda knew that her physical limitations were putting a strain on their relationship.


Kersey Willows, the talented artist, walked into the room. She had a worried expression on her face, and she carefully avoided the dust and any animals that might trigger her allergies. "Amanda, we need to talk," she said, her voice tinged with concern.


Amanda looked up, her almost legally blind eyes meeting Kersey's. "I know, Kersey," she replied softly. "I've been feeling it too. Our relationship is slipping away, and it's not just because of my condition. We need to find a way to reconnect."


Kersey sighed, her artistic fingers nervously brushing a strand of hair from her face. "I agree, Amanda, but it's not just that. My family left me this farm, and it's been consuming all my time and energy. I'm afraid it's driving us apart."


The tension in the room was palpable, but it was clear that Amanda and Kersey needed to confront these challenges and rediscover the love that had once been the foundation of their relationship.


It's clear that Amanda and Kersey are dealing with a complex web of challenges in their relationship. These issues are putting a significant strain on their love and connection.


As they sat in the dimly lit living room of their farmhouse, the weight of their problems hung heavily in the air. Amanda's condition continued to deteriorate, and she couldn't help but feel like a burden to Kersey. She knew that Kersey had dreams and ambitions, but she also needed care and support. Kersey, on the other hand, was dealing with the burden of her family's expectations. Her struggle to be true to herself while maintaining her family's facade was taking a toll on her. The added stress of her brother's situation and the loss of her father only exacerbated her emotional turmoil.

Meanwhile, Amanda had her own issues to grapple with, including a recurring problem with substance use. She knew it was a way to cope with her pain and the difficulties in their relationship, but it only seemed to drive them further apart.

The room was filled with silence, a reflection of the unspoken tensions and the weight of their individual battles. Amanda and Kersey had a long and difficult road ahead of them if they were to salvage their relationship and find a way to heal together.

Kersey got out a cigarette, unable to find her lighter.

"Here. Stay still..." 

Amanda used her lighter to ignite Kersey's cigarette; now in her mouth. Taking an extremely deep drag, Kersey gradually exhaled after moving the cigarette away. 

"Thanks" she rasped, Amanda lightning her own up after getting her own pack out. 

Amanda's hands, slightly shaky due to her condition, lit her own cigarette, and the room was filled with the faint scent of tobacco. She took a deep drag and let the smoke out slowly, the brief moment of shared nicotine bringing a sense of connection between them.


Kersey watched Amanda with a mixture of concern and love in her eyes. "Amanda, we can't keep avoiding these issues," she said, her voice softened by the lingering smoke. "We need to face our problems head-on if we're going to make this work. I can't just focus on my career and ignore you."

Amanda nodded, her gaze fixed on the flickering flame of the lighter. "I know, Kersey. I don't want to be a burden, but I also don't want to lose you. We need to find a balance."

Their cigarettes burned down as they contemplated the difficult road ahead, the flickering embers mirroring the uncertain future of their relationship.

As the smoke hung in the air, the tension between Amanda and Kersey grew palpable. Their love had been strained and tested, and it left a bitter taste in their mouths. Amanda's gaze shifted to the window, her thoughts a whirlwind of self-doubt and resentment, while Kersey felt the weight of her own frustration and limitations. Kersey took another drag, the ember glowing brightly before she exhaled slowly. "We also need to address the fact that I can't be myself around my family," she said, her voice tinged with bitterness. "I can't stand pretending anymore, but I can't lose them either." Amanda's expression darkened. "And I can't keep watching you destroy yourself over this," she muttered, bitterness and resentment creeping into her words. "We're both stuck in this miserable situation, and it's tearing us apart".

Their cigarettes continued to burn, mirroring the smoldering resentment and inner conflict that had seeped into their relationship. The mixed tension and self-contempt made it clear that their journey to reconciliation would be far from easy.


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Part 3

Kersey stared outside at her old 1987 Pontiac 6000, her eyes glossy behind her glasses. She took another long, deep drag of her Marlboro cigarette, her blonde hair obscuring part of her face.

Kersey's gaze fixated on her vintage car, a symbol of her desire for freedom and escape from the complexities of her life. The glossy look in her eyes hinted at a longing for something more, something that seemed elusive in their current situation. She inhaled deeply from her cigarette, the smoky exhale a silent plea for a moment of clarity.

Amanda, who had been watching Kersey, felt a surge of envy and insecurity. The old car and the fleeting glances of longing in Kersey's eyes made her question her place in Kersey's heart. She couldn't help but wonder if she had become nothing more than a burden to the woman she loved.

The room was filled with unspoken emotions and a sense of unease as the two women continued to grapple with their complex relationship and the growing contempt that seemed to fester between them."My mother will be here soon to help with the paperwork. You should make yourself scarce" Kersey spoke quietly, scrunching up her nose.
Amanda's heart sank as Kersey's words hit her. The request to "make herself scarce" stung, deepening the rift in their relationship. She couldn't hide the hurt in her eyes, but she nodded reluctantly, turning her wheelchair to head towards the bedroom.

The bitterness and tension in the room had reached a breaking point, and Amanda's departure seemed like the only option at the moment. As she rolled away, Amanda couldn't shake the feeling of being unwanted and unloved, while Kersey remained in her own world of conflict and longing.Kersey sniffled before covering her lower face with her hands, having a sneezing fit due to all of the dust and dander wafting in.Kersey's sneezing fit only added to the tension in the room, a stark reminder of her allergy struggles and the dust that had become an inescapable part of her life on the farm. She wiped her eyes and sniffled, trying to regain her composure.

Amanda, who had stopped in the doorway of the bedroom, turned back to look at Kersey. Despite the bitterness that had tainted their interactions, she couldn't help but feel a surge of concern for her partner. "Are you okay?" she asked softly, the contempt giving way to a flicker of genuine worry.

Kersey nodded, her voice hoarse as she replied, "I'll be fine, Amanda. It's just this darn farm." The mixed emotions between them were as turbulent as ever, but in that moment, there was a glimpse of the love that had drawn them together in the first place.If its any consolation, all the dust and stuff is getting to me too. Remember that I couldn't stop sneezing when we got here" Amanda said.

"Well I wouldn't recommend doing that when my mother gets here. She would not want to see you. You know why". Kersey set her finished cigarette in the ashtray on the table.Amanda's words served as a reminder that they were both dealing with challenges, and it briefly eased the tension between them. She nodded in understanding, recalling her own sneezing fit when they first arrived at the farm.

Kersey's reference to her mother's disapproval of Amanda being there made the bitter reality of their relationship resurface. Amanda sighed, her sense of rejection still stinging. "I get it, Kersey. I'll make myself scarce," she said, turning back toward the bedroom, the mixed emotions of love and resentment continuing to battle within her.

The room was filled with the heaviness of their unresolved issues as they prepared for the impending arrival of Kersey's mother, a symbol of the disapproval that loomed over their relationship.Amanda made her way to the bedroom nearby, cursing under her breath as the door frame caught her wheelchair as she entered, causing her to nearly fall out of the chair, her glasses falling off her face andThe incident with the door frame was a painful and frustrating reminder of Amanda's physical limitations. As her wheelchair caught on the frame, she gasped in pain, nearly losing her balance. Her glasses fell to the floor with a loud clatter, leaving her almost legally blind without them.

Back in the living room, Kersey heard the commotion and rushed to Amanda's aid. The mixed emotions she had been wrestling with moments ago were momentarily put on hold as she helped Amanda back into her chair and picked up her fallen glasses. "Amanda, are you okay?" she asked with genuine concern, the tension in the room momentarily forgotten.

"I'm fine. Dandy. Are my glasses the same"?

Kersey inspected Amanda's glasses, checking for any damage. "They seem fine, just a little smudged," she replied, her concern still evident in her voice.

As she carefully cleaned the lenses with her shirt, the mixed emotions that had been brewing earlier began to resurface. Amanda's close call with the door frame served as a stark reminder of her deteriorating condition, which only added to the complexities of their relationship.

"Are you going to return them? Or am I going to have to beg"?

Kersey paused for a moment, her inner conflict evident on her face. "I'll return them," she finally said with a sigh, handing Amanda her glasses. The request for them had a bitter undertone, a reflection of the strained dynamics between them.

Amanda accepted her glasses, her almost legally blind eyes focusing on Kersey. "Thank you," she said, the words laced with a mix of gratitude and resentment, a reflection of the complex emotions that had come to define their relationship.

Kersey knelt down in front of Amanda, her hand holding hers. "I... I love you. You love me too, right"?

Amanda looked into Kersey's eyes, her own filled with a mixture of emotions. "I do love you, Kersey," she admitted, the bitterness and resentment momentarily pushed aside by the raw honesty in her voice. "But it's just so hard with everything that's tearing us apart."

Kersey nodded, her grip on Amanda's hand tightening. "I know it's hard, but we have to find a way to make it work. I can't imagine my life without you," she said, her voice cracking with sincerity.

The tension and contempt that had clouded their interactions began to wane, replaced by the genuine love and longing that had once defined their relationship. Their journey to reconcile and heal was far from over, but this moment of vulnerability and connection was a step in the right direction.

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