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a surprise visit and a birthday celebration - a Tommy and I Story


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As always I apologise for any grammatical and spelling mistakes. Hope you like this new story. 


Tommy is currently traveling for work and I plan to surprise him. He doesn't know that I'm waiting for him in his hotel room. It's his birthday, and he shouldn't have to celebrate it alone and away from home.

It's summer and quite warm. The flora is in beautiful splendor and Tommy's allergy is pretty bad at the moment. He was already sneezing all spring long and with summer in full bloom, there is not a day he's not sneezing due to his allergies. The allergies, I adore. His sneezing is perfect. 

Oh how I love his sneezes. So masculine and powerful. His red, itchy and tingly nose. The red, watery eyes. He is simply the perfect man.

I prepared everything. A colorful bouquet of wildflowers is ready, as well as my favorite perfume, which makes Tommy sneeze badly. Oh how I love playing with his nose. I'm so glad that Tommy accepts my fetish and usually even inspires it. This is not self-evident.


I wait anxiously in my new dress and think I can hear him sneezing from outside as he walks down the hallway. "HaH-HAH-HAAAAASCHOO! HAAAAASCHOO!" I smile and sit on the bed. Cross my legs and spray some perfume onto my cleavage and into the air. A pleasant, floral scent now surrounds me and I know for sure that it will tickle Tommy's allergic nose.

When he opens his hotel room door and sees me, he has to grin before his face turns into a wonderful pre-sneeze expression and he takes several shallow breaths before he has to sneeze violently into his hands again.


I smile and slowly approach him. "Oh Tommy. Happy birthday my love." He looks at me through teary eyes, puts his hand around my neck and kisses me passionately. I return the kiss and grin again as I hear his breathing quicken and his nose wrinkle from the perfume tickling his overly sensitive and allergic nose.

"I've prepared a surprise. I hope you weren't thinking about spending your birthday alone. That's strictly forbidden." I say, still grinning, and pull the now sneezing Tommy onto the bed. I can see the surprise on his face, but also something different considering the huge bouquet of wildflowers in full bloom right next to the bed.

He grabs a handkerchief from the bedside table and blows his nose, unaware that the bouquet of flowers has covered the handkerchiefs with pollen. Before Tommy realizes it, it's too late and he's sneezing and sneezing and sneezing, his entire upper body leaning forward with each sneeze. His face in my cleavage, where I applied the perfume earlier.




He can't stop sneezing. I groan softly with every new sneeze that hits my cleavage and passionately reach into Tommy's sides. Running my hands up and down his shaking, sneezing body. Gosh. He's so handsome. His sneezes are loud and raspy. Rapid and stifled. Some have huge build-ups where his nostrils are flaring and snot is dripping down his nose.


After what feels like 10 minutes, I hold Tommy's allergic, now chili-red nose between my fingers and hand him a clean, pollen-free tissue from my purse. I help him blow his nose and whisper loving words in his ear. I am aware that this massive sneezing explosion must have been exhausting, but I also know that Tommy has his EpiPen and medication with him at all times.

I just love him for willingly let me use his allergies for me. I kiss his nose, his cheek and his lips while he tries to breathe more calmly. "I hope I succeeded in the surprise," I breathe in his ear and can I catch a slight grin before he gets up and disappears into the bathroom. I know what he's doing.

I undress on the bed (the perfume is still on my skin), take a flower from the bouquet and follow him into the bathroom, grinning. While we hop shower together and I get to tickle his nose again while showering, we spend a lovely, passionate evening together.

I occasionally tickle his beautiful nose throughout the night with the flowers from the bouquet and enjoy his sneezes on my skin. They have the perfect balance between manly and strong, rapid and stifled, build-up and kittish.

When Tommy wakes up the next morning, again sneezing his adorable, typical 'morning sneezes' and looks into my eyes, he says quietly and in a somewhat nasal voice (no wonder given the sneezing attacks) "Thank you for the wonderful birthday. That was really a surprise. You really are a very extraordinary woman, Helena."

I smile lovingly and kiss the tip of his quivering nose. "Thank you for playing along with my little shenanigans. I love you."

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Awwwwwwwwwwww... 🔥 😍 Helena and Tommy are such a lovely couple! I can actually feel the excitement she gets from making him sneeze and then taking care of his poor nose... How sweet of him to indulge her that much! Great job as always, @AntheaHolmes .

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3 minutes ago, kiku said:

Awwwwwwwwwwww... 🔥 😍 Helena and Tommy are such a lovely couple! I can actually feel the excitement she gets from making him sneeze and then taking care of his poor nose... How sweet of him to indulge her that much! Great job as always, @AntheaHolmes .

Danke meine Liebe! Thanks so much. Your words mean a lot to me. I finally found the time to write something new. 🌻

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