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Are weird sounded sneezes a thing


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I found out that I am very into sneezes that not sound vanilla. When the sneeze comes out during talking the sounds of the word kinda mixes up with the sneeze sound and the result is just incredible.  Sometimes it seems that the sneeze can be affected by the mood. And the sound sometimes seems soo weird and attractive at the same time. Do you like that stuff too or classic sneezing is better for you?

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of course, the weirder the bettter. anything that draws confused or perplexed looks is my favorite. going into a fit of weird sneezes is crazy; it almost redefines what they're doing altogether because it's so far off from what most people would consider a sneeze

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I obviously love classic sneezing, but I also really like when someone sneezes mid talk and they kind of mix weird vowels to it, ahaha i don't know why. 

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Yes, they are. I actually like that quite a bit, just as long as it's obvious that these are, in fact, sneezes. Cough-like sneezes and such are not my thing.

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