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HELLO - I'm Here To Read, And I'm Here To Write. That's perty much it.


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Hello Everyone!


I've been a lurker on this forum for over 10 years and even though I've never joined in the community discussion or made a profile this forum was always special to me as a reminder that there are other people that feel the same ways I do towards sneezing.  I found this community as a sexually confused high schooler and some have navigated successfully into my adult life in which this fetish plays a major role in the relationship between my partner and I. Reading through different discussions and fictional works from members of this community really helped me get through all that and made me realize that there is nothing to be ashamed about.

That being said, I regret never making contributions to this forum as I was maturing, but it's never late than never right? In the last few months I've been getting into creative writing again for my personal enjoyment and sneezing is of course a topic in many of my works. I love to entertain people and can't wait to share my stories with all of you and get feedback from other writers.

Also some of my other interests include music (composition, production, and performance), anime/film, strength training, reptile and exotic pet care, and knowing a weird amount of amusement park/roller coaster facts and statistics. Would love to talk about any and all of these topics.

My only request is that no one attempts to personally contact or private message me regarding fetish or fetish-related topics. You will be ignored. Thanks!!


Can't wait to meet all of you!!

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Hello! And welcome to this space, I'm glad it has helped you coming to terms with your feelings towards the fetish. I feel very much the same way about other sneeze related spaces (I found this forum very recently unfortunately) and it is very nice to have somewhere to connect in regards to this. Looking forward to read your stories if you ever decide to post them!! 😊

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