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Serendipitous Thunder: A Love Story Born from Sneezes


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I'm having way too much fun trying to get around Chat GPT's prudish nature (it refuses to write on "romantic or personal relationship topics"), so please enjoy this office romance that the AI and I produced together. I finally learned what prompts will get a response!

Title: "Serendipitous Thunder: A Love Story Born from Sneezes" (thanks to Chat GPT)

Author: Mrs. Primrose and Chat GPT

Fandom/Original: Original


In a bustling city, nestled within the corporate world, worked a woman named Emily. Her days were spent amidst the hum of office life, where she managed data and paperwork with precision and dedication. An unexpected connection ignited within her daily routine through the distinctive sound of her coworker's thunderous sneezes.

Her coworker, David, was someone she hadn't met in person but had heard often from the adjacent cubicle. His sneezes were distinctive, echoing through the office corridors like distant thunder, drawing Emily's attention and sparking a curiosity she couldn't explain.

For weeks, Emily became attuned to the familiar thunderous sneezes, almost like a signature tune amid the office chatter. As days turned into weeks, David's sneezes became a comforting presence in the otherwise monotonous office environment.

One ordinary afternoon, Emily found herself in the lobby of a local hospital, awaiting a routine check-up. As she sat, perusing a magazine, she heard a familiar sound that she instantly recognized — a distinct, resounding sneeze that could only belong to David. Her heart skipped a beat.

She turned and saw a man a few seats away, clutching a tissue, his face hidden behind a magazine, sneezing thunderously. Without a doubt, it was David.

"David?" she called out tentatively, her voice carrying a mix of surprise and excitement.

He looked up, startled. "Emily?"

Their eyes met for the first time, and in that moment, they realized the unique connection they had fostered without even meeting face-to-face. Emily felt a rush of emotions as she saw the man behind the thunderous sneezes, his eyes kind and his smile warm.

The encounter at the hospital lobby became the turning point in their relationship. They laughed about the unusual circumstances that led to their meeting. David's thunderous sneezes, the very sound that had drawn Emily's attention in the office, had unknowingly connected them in a peculiar but endearing way.

As they chatted, their connection deepened. David's personality shone through his expressive stories and his laughter, and Emily found herself admiring his warmth and kindness. They decided to grab a coffee together after their respective appointments, breaking the ice further and forging a deeper connection that transcended the quirky introduction.

Their unique story began as an accidental connection based on distinctive sneezes, leading to a charming romance rooted in an unexpected yet delightful twist of fate. From that moment on, the thunderous sneezes that once resonated through the office became the charming heralds of an unexpected love story between Emily and David.

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