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new hair salon employee


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I was at the salon having my hair done this morning, and there was a new woman there training.  She was quiet and awkward, clearly one of her first days.  My stylist was talking her through some suggestions about products and opened one.  I wasn't really paying attention, until I heard a quick 'hetchiew' behind me.  I glanced up in time to see that she caught it in her elbow.  It was just a single from her small, slightly upturned nose.  It wasn't too wet and was pretty quiet, but didn't sound stifled-just like a very delicate, feminine sneeze.  My stylist blessed her immediately, and then said that she should consider taking allergy meds before her shift.  Clearly, there had been previous sneezes or discussions about being sensitive to the product scents.  There was only one sneeze while I was there, but I'll be listening when I'm there for my next appt.

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I feel sorry for the woman. A lot of people don’t realise that most people’s reaction to fragrances or smells is a vasomotor reaction, not an allergic one. That makes it harder to treat and antihistamines won’t automatically help.

The only way allergy meds would actually help, is if she’s normally ok with fragrances, and only experiences increased sensitivity to strong smells as a result of a hay fever/allergic rhinitis episode occurring first.

Anyway, I’m glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for sharing!

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