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In the Steinhauer University student library, a hubbub of rustling pages and muffled conversations hummed through the air. Sarah, a studious bookworm, stood in line at the library checkout counter, juggling a precariously high stack of dusty books. Neglected for who-knows-how-long, these volumes exuded the musty scent of ages past.


As she waited, Sarah shifted from foot to foot, trying to balance the weight of the heavy books. The dust made her nose itch, but she dared not release her hold on the stack to alleviate the tickle. With her hands occupied, she couldn't swat at the dust or scratch the persistent itch that was building in her nostrils.


She held the precarious stack from just above her waist line. They were all older hardcover research journals that she would soon need to thoroughly read in preparation for final projects of the semester. The top book in her stack, sitting as high as Sarah’s chin, was thick and laden with dust. It seemed to demand the attention of her allergies, every step or fidget sending tiny specks of dust flying off the leather cover. She couldn't shake the nagging itch that was creeping up her nose from the tickly irritants.


Just as her patience was waning, her heart sank as she noticed her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend, Laura, entering the library. The two of them had never seen eye to eye, and a sense of unease washed over Sarah as she realized Laura was heading in her direction. Their eyes locked in a hostile stare suggesting an argument was about to break out.


“Oh look who it is, Ms. Steal-my-boyfriend” she accused, publicly antagonizing Sarah.


Sarah, wishing to not draw any more attention, responded in a hushed tone, “I didn’t steal him, you cheated on him and he came to me for emotional support. It’s not my fault you blew it with James.” Her grip on her stack of books tightened in response to the tension in the air.


“Whatever! You know while you’re occupied with those books he’s going to find another pet to keep him entertained, don’t you?!” Laura was purposely trying to make a scene.


“Uhhh… Actually some of these are for him too. We’re studying together tonight.” Laura defended herself then gave a quick sniffle, her nose still irritated from the dust of the books.


“Ohh sure…studying…” Laura mocked, suggestively. 


Sarah’s sniffling caused her to notice something. Every few moments Sarah's nose was twitching as if to fight off an outgoing tickle. Laura grinned slyly, suddenly thinking of a devilish plan. She leaned in closer to Sarah.


“Hmmm…that really is a lot of books there... They look really dusty too…” 


Her lips parted to reveal her devious intentions. In one swift motion, she blew forcefully at the top book of Sarah's stack. *pewfff!* The accumulated dust billowed into the air, forming a small cloud that drifted around Sarah's nose.


“Huh…hehhh….h’iehhhh....” Sarah's nostrils, which were already irritated by the dusty library air, flared uncontrollably as the dust cloud enveloped her. The itch in her nose intensified, becoming an unbearable tickle that she couldn't ignore.


Desperate to stave off the impending sneeze, Sarah clenched her teeth and wriggled her nose, attempting to halt the inevitable. She cast a pleading glance at the librarian behind the counter, who was observing the unfolding scene with a mixture of concern and annoyance.


“Later, boyfriend stealer, and gesundheit!” Her antagonizer said as if to dismiss her. 


Laura, satisfied with her petty victory, turned and walked away, leaving Sarah teetering on the precipice of a monumental sneeze. She knew that if she succumbed to the powerful urge building within her, her stack of books would come crashing to the ground, and she'd become the center of attention in the otherwise quiet library.


As the person ahead of her in the checkout line completed their transaction, Sarah's anxiety mounted. She was next in line, but the tickle in her nose had become an insurmountable force. Her wide-set nostrils flared uncontrollably, and her chest heaved with the effort to suppress the colossal sneeze that was rapidly approaching.




She bit her lip, her eyes streaming with tears as the tickle intensified further. She desperately tried to turn her head to plant her nose into her shoulder in a desperate attempt to at least cover the sneeze, but it was no use. Her jaw went slack and her eyes forced shut as the muscles in her face involuntarily contorted. She had lost all control. Just as the librarian signaled for her to approach the counter, Sarah's willpower finally crumbled.




The force of the sneeze reverberated through the library. Her body convulsed, expelling the dusty irritants, bending at the waist and unleashing a typhoon of spit and mucus spraying over the dusty book covers and library counter. The power of the sneeze caused the stack of books to slip from her grasp, crashing to the floor with a deafening thud, drawing the attention of every student and librarian in the vicinity. Sarah's colossal sneeze was undeniable, and she was left red-faced in the aftermath.


“Uhhmm…uhh…excuse me! *snfff* ” Sarah quietly and shyly announced to the library, trying to dismiss the attention.


The librarian at the counter, aghast and bemused, tried to maintain her composure as she assisted Sarah with her books, their silent library now punctuated by the dramatic sneeze that would undoubtedly be talked about on campus for weeks to come.

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A Nice start. I'm curious though as to what Sarah and Laura look like as you forgot to describe them. Their facial features and Hair Color would be all that you need to describe if you are stuck on it.

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This is really nice, I'm hooked. Love me some wide-set nostrils, and dusty library books are always great.

I'm definitely interested in learning more about these characters, here's hoping you'll decide to write some more. Thanks for sharing!

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44 minutes ago, SneezeloveronGirls said:

A Nice start. I'm curious though as to what Sarah and Laura look like as you forgot to describe them. Their facial features and Hair Color would be all that you need to describe if you are stuck on it.


Thanks, I'll consider your feedback for future entries of this story.


14 minutes ago, Blah!? said:

This is really nice, I'm hooked. Love me some wide-set nostrils, and dusty library books are always great.

I'm definitely interested in learning more about these characters, here's hoping you'll decide to write some more. Thanks for sharing!


Don't worry, there is more on the way. I have a few stories written that I'll be posting in quick succession likely, just doing some editing. Two of them are a continuation of this and another is an unrelated sneezing while hiding story.

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Wow, this is already a great story. I definitely look forward to seeing more from both you and this universe, especially if more dust or more sources of sneezing were involved🤧

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Wow !! Loved this story and I feel it can go to so many directions... like Sarah becoming a (completely justified) "sneezing legend" in campus, to her boyfriend reactions (maybe he is a fetishist xdd) to Laura jeopardizing her again in another contest leading to another sneeze scene from Sarah (imagine her having a fit with sneezes like that 😮 ). 


So yeah... please, continue :) !!

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Chapter 2: An Unexpected Ally


As Sarah stood amidst the gazes of the library, her cheeks still flushed with embarrassment, she had not realized that her predicament caught the attention of a fellow student. There had been a silent observer to the library’s dramatic events, watching sympathetically from a distant table. Her dark attire and enigmatic aura gave her an air of mystery and empathy that others often overlooked.


The girl suddenly approached Sarah with a sympathetic smile and a sense of understanding in her stormy gray eyes. "Hey there, that’s quite the sneeze you got there," she remarked, offering her a tissue. 


Sarah graciously accepted the tissue, giving a hearty blow into the kleenex. The attention and bewilderment of the library slowly dissolved as she was attended to by this new acquaintance. The girl in front of her had a distinctive appearance. 


Her hair was jet black and naturally straight, hanging just below her shoulders besides her straight bangs which sat neatly just above her dark eyebrows. Her face had other telltale signs of counter culture - two piercings, one ring on her septum and another around her right nostril, gauged ears with multiple other ear piercings. Her facial appearance was complete with dark heavy eye shadow and a matte dark purple lipstick. She was wearing a black choker as well. Her body was quite petite and shorter than Sarah. She was wearing an oversized black hoodie with presumably a band name on it (too hard to tell because the font was so jagged and warped), gray jeans, and some kind of skater shoe. Her appearance was not intimidating, but not Sarah’s usual crowd.


“Hey creepy, what are you staring at me for?” she accused, catching Sarah off guard.


“Oh! Sorry!” Sarah felt embarrassed again, her tan cheeks going a shade of pink. She then resumed picking up her books from the library floor and placing them on the checkout counter.


“Let me help you with those!” The mysterious girl offered, quickly picking books off the floor faster than Sarah could.


“Hey thanks a lot, that’s very sweet of you” Sarah thanked the helpful stranger. She then held out her hand. “I’m Sarah, by the way. Nice to meet you.”


The girl gleefully accepted the handshake and smiled wholesomely at Sarah. Her gray eyes seemed to light up. “Name’z Carol, nice to meet you miss.” Recognizing that Sarah's nose was still twitching and irritated, Carol said, "I've got a private study room reserved just down the hall. It's quiet and dust-free. Would you like to come with me and sort out your situation?" Carol then signaled to the dusty books on the counter “I can help ya carry those too!”


Sarah's relief was palpable as she nodded and followed Carol down the hall to the private study room. The room was indeed an oasis of serenity, far removed from the curious gazes and whispered chuckles of the library. The air was clean, and the absence of dust provided Sarah's nose with some much-needed relief.


Carol motioned for Sarah to take a seat directly across from her at the table with the pile of dusty books in between them. Her stormy gray eyes filled with empathy as she placed a full packet of tissues on the table. "Take the whole thing. I've got some more in my backpack if you need them," she offered.


Sarah gratefully accepted the tissues and began to delicately wipe away the lingering dust from her nose. As she did so, a subtle tickle began to suddenly resurface. Sarah's nostrils, large and inviting, began to twitch uncontrollably against the issue, and she knew another sneeze was imminent. She tried to suppress it by pushing the tissue against her nose, but the itch deepened, and the pressure built in her nose.




The sneeze erupted with a force that surprised both girls as the tissue violently fluttered and a powerful blast of air repelled downward against the table. As it did so, a wave of dust was cast off the books directly towards Carol, suddenly enveloping her.


“Bless y– ….. Yih….you….hih….”  Carol’s breath hitched as she tried to bless her new friend. A tickle had suddenly manifested in her own nose, taking control of her. “Heh….…” Her head tilted back, exposing the circular nostrils of her long, pierced nose to Sarah. She quickly held up her right index finger to her nose, pressing it forcefully against her nostrils trying to stave off the tickle. Sarah realized there was no stopping it when her dark lips parted softly and her dark eyes fluttered with desperation.




Carol sneezed a powerful three sneeze fit into the crook of her elbow, her body shaking and her hair launching forward with each expulsion. Not a single one of her sneezes was as powerful as Sarah’s, but they carried a distinct husky, somewhat masculine tone to them that sounded more satisfying than the usual high-pitched girly sneeze.


When her head resurfaced, Sarah looked at Carol with concern, noting her eyes which looked glassy and a little bit pink as if she had just been crying. The two made silent eye contact for a moment when suddenly Carol’s mouth formed a grin as she exhaled trying to cover her face as she held back a laugh. Sarah smiled back in response, the two of them getting lost in a fit of giggles.


The study session went on, but was more so Carol and Sarah introducing each other, talking about school gossip, and occasionally sneezing, their laughter mingling with each "achoo" as if in an attempt to clear the dust they introduced to the room. It was an unexpected bonding experience that brought a sense of camaraderie to their encounter.


Sarah, still giggling, wiped away a stray tear and looked at Carol with newfound appreciation. "Thanks for helping me out, Carol. I don't know what I would've done without you."


Carol's gray eyes sparkled with warmth as she responded, "No problem, Sarah. Sometimes a little empathy goes a long way. By the way, does Laura bother you a lot? I’ve been looking for an excuse to mess with that girl.”


“Yea, she’s pretty much the worst to me,” she answered, suddenly thinking about the drama in her relationships and feeling annoyed towards the situation.


Well…” A mischievous grimace took on Carol’s face. “...What do you say we team up and give her a taste of her own medicine?"


Sarah's eyes widened in surprise. She was not usually a vengeful person, but the chance to get back at Laura for a semester of tortuous teasing seemed all too alluring. She hesitated for a moment then looked Carol confidently in the eyes and stated "I'm in”.


With their alliance formed and a plan hatching, Sarah and Carol began to strategize how they could turn the tables on Laura, the architect of Sarah’s sneezing spectacle in the library. The library's quiet ambiance had witnessed the birth of a new, unconventional partnership, one that was sure to create ripples of intrigue throughout the school.

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Thanks for posting this story! It’s delightful and very well written. Looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve next.

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1 hour ago, Mr. Black Cherry Berry Tea said:

 Looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve next.

Me too. Laura's nose is going to get a real surprise 

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Very much enjoyed reading these two entries. Library sneezing is always an amazing fetish scenario, just the thought of all those dusty books and the expectation to remain quiet :D Thanks for posting! 

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My apologies for those who were excited for Laura, I'm afraid we're not quite there yet. Either way, enjoy chapter 3.


A month had passed since the library incident, and Sarah and Carol's friendship had continued to deepen. They were meeting everyday after classes for coffee, gossip, and sharing funny stories to each other. Despite how they met, Carol hadn’t seen Sarah sneeze again since that day in the library. The two had also not discussed any actual plans to get back at Laura for the events of that day.To celebrate one month of friendship, Sarah invited Carol out to a dinner at Charter House, a fancy seafood restaurant. Carol graciously accepted having never been to a fine dining establishment.


Sarah showed up to dinner wearing a sleeveless black tube dress which firmly hugged her figure highlighting the curves of her body. She was a taller girl, about 5’10 with a well filled out figure. She had straightened her just-below-shoulder length brunette hair and combed it to a sleek looking middle part. Her dark tresses complimenting her tan skin. Her wider eyes and face were emboldened by her facial and eye makeup that simultaneously seemed to make her face glow while also giving a smokey quality.


Carol showed up wearing a more unisex outfit, also opting for black. She wore a black button up tucked into some casual dress pants, black suspenders, and black chuck Taylor sneakers. She was also wearing stylish looking thick framed glasses which came as a surprise to Sarah who had never seen her wear glasses before.


The two were savoring their time together, when Sarah's sharp eyes caught a glimpse of a familiar face. Laura, the enactor of Sarah’s many tortures, was seated at a corner table, engrossed in conversation with none other than Owen Thompson, the captain of the Steinhauer University basketball team.


Sarah couldn't help but feel a pang of surprise and curiosity. She leaned closer to Carol, whispering, "Carol, do you see who's here? It's Laura, and she's with Owen Thompson!"


Carol's eyes sparkled with mischief as she examined the scene. She couldn't resist a sly grin. "Well, well, Sarah, it seems we've stumbled upon an opportunity," she mused, her mind already churning with thoughts of mischief.


As they returned to their conversation, Carol couldn't help but think aloud. "Laura and Owen, huh? That's interesting. They must have started dating recently."


Sarah nodded in agreement, "Yes, they did. Owen is also a close friend of her ex, aka my current boyfriend. It's all a bit... complicated."


Carol raised an eyebrow, her flirtatious demeanor momentarily suppressed by intrigue. "Complicated, you say? Now, that's fascinating."


Suddenly their conversation was put on hold when a waitress approached their table, trays in hand. She elegantly lowered Sarah and Carol’s meals to the table and placed in front of them at the best viewing angle of the dish, a rehearsed presentation. She then withdrew a pepper grinder from her waistband.


"Fresh ground pepper?" She first offered to Sarah who ordered some kind of vegetarian quinoa-based dish.


"Not for me, but thank you" She politely declined.


The waitress then turned to Sarah with a warm smile and inquired, "Any pepper, my dear?"


Sarah, noticing the pepper grinder, nodded politely. "Yes, please, just a bit."


The waitress began to grind the pepper with a demeanor of elegance. Sarah’s meal, a lemon-garlic shrimp angel hair pasta was already very well seasoned and carried a powerful aroma that ground pepper would make even more potent.


She signaled to the waitress to stop, and as the waitress left looked back into Carol’s eyes with a satisfied smile with anticipation of the meal.

Carol having now locked eyes with Sarah felt a moment of deep appreciate for her new friend as the two smiled at each other, but suddenly Sarah looked concerned…or dazed maybe. The grinding of the pepper had stirred something in her nose, a microscopic tickle like a feather tickling deep in her nasal passage. Her nose quickly wriggled in response. The tickle quickly traveled down her nose to the edge of her nostrils making them flare widely, nearly doubling in size.

Carol, sitting across from Sarah was absolutely mesmerized by the sequence of events taking place. The build up was just like the one in the library except now it was happening just a table width in front of her instead from across the room.


“Hehh..heh…” Sarah’s mouth went slightly agape as her eyelids went slack, fluttering as she fanned her face with one hand. Her chest heaved with air as her breath hitched and with her one free hand she was desperately trying to find her napkin, knowing about where it is, but unable to see it through her half-shut eyes.

Carol watched Sarah with wide glassy eyes and an almost dreamy expression, caught up in the sight and sounds of her friends impending sneeze. Truthfully she may have had a “thing” for sneezing and ever since seeing Sarah’s massive caused by Laura in the library, she knew she couldn’t pass up seeing it again. Her cheeks took on a pinkish shade. This was already everything she had hoped it would be.


Sarah finally managed to clench the napkin at her side and desperately pulled it to her face. She quickly turned to her right side ninety degrees as to not face directly at Carol.




The sneeze burst forth against the napkin, which hadn’t been quite close enough to her face for her to effectively cover. A powerful and wet expulsion of air, pepper, and mucous repelled in different directions as it collided with the thick white fabric. A cloud of wet mist lingered in the air around her for a mere moment as she blinked rapidly, trying to regain her composure.


"Oh, excuse me, *snnnnfff* she stammered taking a big, her voice slightly hoarse. "I always sneeze when pepper is involved."


Carol, sitting across from Sarah was in utter shock. Her cheeks were red like roses and her brain was devoid of any thought, a complete state of disbelief at what she had just witnessed. Trying to avoid immediate eye contact she looked down at the table, but the first thing she noticed was the glistening of tiny reflective droplets on the table’s surface near the edge closest to Sarah. She felt a sublime feeling take over her observing the aftermath of the colossal sneeze.


"Carol...?" Sarah asked from across the table, still slightly dazed from her sneeze.


“Ohh…umm..uhh..bless you!!” She spat out trying suddenly snapping out of her trance. She tried regain control of her expression hoping that Sarah hadn’t noticed. “Do you…uhh…need another napkin?” She asked holding out her own that hadn’t been used yet.


“Haha, no thanks, well as long as no one comes around with pepper again”


Carol's face lit up as she recognized the opportunity that had presented itself. Her gaze was mischievous yet decisive as she leaped into action. Ignoring Sarah's attempts to get her to sit back down, Carol hurried away from the table and disappeared into the depths of the restaurant.


Sarah sat at the table, fidgeting nervously as she watched her friend's unexpected departure. She wondered what Carol was up to but had no idea just how far her friend was willing to go to even the score with Laura.


Suddenly, Sarah's eyes widened in realization as she spotted Carol, now dressed in a waitress uniform, expertly balancing trays and taking orders. Carol was weaving her way through the restaurant, closer and closer to Laura's table, where an unsuspecting Laura continued her dinner with Owen by her side.

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Fantastic story! Sarah's sneezes are amazing. I love part 1 in particular, someone needing to sneeze but unable to rub their nose or cover or stifle due to their hands being full is an absolute favourite trope. In fact I've been chipping away at a story of my own with an almost identical scene involving a pile of books 😂

The continuations are great too, can't wait to see what Carol has in mind! Hope she can control her own nose while she's at it 😇 and that the uniform isn't a couple sizes too small or anything... 😂

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Ok. Sarah is my new favourite sneezer here. Quality over quantity (just one at ac time... But they completely rock the place 😁). Also Carol being a fetishist... Is really hot and would like that to progress in the future 😜.

She is taking revenge against Laura now... But i guess some "collateral damage" towards Sarah could be great as well 😉

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This has a great balance of story and sneezes! Has me excited for the ultimate revenge on Laura; there are many possibilities for it to go right and wrong😈

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This story is very interesting. I can’t wait to see what happens next.🥰😍😘

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