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catching a cold from being in the rain

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i know everyone is like it's unscientific and whatever BUT i do know someone, one of my oldest and dearest friends, who reliably catches a cold every single time he's caught out in the rain for more than half an hour if it's around 40 or 50 F out. extremely extremely reliably. his immune system also gets tripped up from the times of year when the temperature swings wildly from warm to cold every few days.

maybe these things wouldn't cause a cold in a vacuum but i think very often people don't live in a vacuum, and i think it is maybe not as unscientific as people think, considering. maybe it's not like this for every person,  bc bodies are different and stuff is rarely universal, but it's definitely definitely realistically possible, at least for some people 

so that's nice :3

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I get what you're saying.  The rain my not be the *cause* of the cold, but being cold and wet, running a marathon, being under a lot of stress, etc all lower the bodies ability to fight off stuff and therefore allow the cold to develop, I guess.

As an aside, as somewhat of a germaphobe, I would much rather think of someone sneezing from a cold the caught in the rain rather than catching it from someone else.  Guess it doesn't make much sense, but it's also somewhat indearing and could totally plays into the caretaking aspect too.

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I fully believe it can cause a cold to develop. Like, obviously there must be a cold virus in the person's body already, but if they hadn't gotten chilled and wet their immune system might have fought it off without them noticing. I've seen it happen - had it happen to myself once as well, many years ago - so yeah, I'm certain that it's possible. And some individuals will definitely be more susceptible to it, as well. 


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Getting rained or getting physically cold can make it a bit harder for the immune system to fight off a cold, but it will not cause a cold on its own.

Also, the incubation period for most cold viruses is 24-48 hours. So that means the virus invaded the body 1-2 days before any symptoms started to show, which is not necessarily the same time as getting rained on.

A person with a cold (or other viruses) can still be shedding/exhaling viral particles in the period before any symptoms show, (the sub-clinical stage) which is why we can’t always pinpoint who we caught a cold from.

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Changes in body temperature, especially when they are fast changes can really mess with someone's immunes symptom. If you go in the shower and change it quickly from hot to cold you will feel really weird. Sometimes people go from a hot tub to an ice pool and back and say its healthy though. Idk the difference,  maybe it is the amount of time spent at each temp,  or something else, or it's just bs. 

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