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I don't have a mental block when it comes to sneezing around other people.  Today, I felt super stuffy and I knew that using a bit of chhinkni would help clear it up.  I've never considered recording my sneezes before, but thought it might be fun to try.  Just as I was sure I was going to sneeze, I hit record.  Wouldn't you know, I hitched and hitched, and then it was gone.  I stopped the recording and the feeling came back, so I turned the recording back on.  Again, gone.  This happened 6 times!!!!  I'd be sniffling and hitching, sure I was about to sneeze, but I just *couldn't* get it out when I was recording.  Finally, I decided I NEEDED to get the sneezes out and figured I'd give up on the idea of recording.  I looked out the window into the sun and sneezed 4 times, and managed to hit record to get 2 of them.  Even then, I had to really focus on the sneeze and try to block out the knowledge I was recording.  I had a few more sneezes after I stopped it again, more rapid and easy to get out than the others.

For any of you that record content, did you struggle with a mental block when you first started out?  Wondering if it will get easier.  (I did kinda enjoy listening to the short clip I did get.  Maybe someday I'll be brave enough to share it)

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I found that if I try to record a naturally building sneeze, a lot of the time it goes away if I try to focus on recording. My chhinkni sneezes are much stronger, and those I tend to manage to record. 


I find that even if I've an idea of something to say before I take the chhinkni, as soon as I press record, I've pretty much forgotten it, so do have that mental block. 


I do think that I've become more relaxed over the years of recording, and happy to delete anything that I'm not comfortable with posting. 

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i often find if i focus on the thing giving the tickle it drowns out other stuff and kind of overtakes you know. like a lot of mine are photic so ill just focus really hard on the light to drown out whatever else is going on and sometimes that works

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