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Sneeze “kink” or “fetish”?


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As I’ve heard it be defined, a kink is more something that someone likes to do or have present that causes sexual arousal, and is considered out of mainstream, while a fetish is something that must be present in order for a person to reach sexual arousal or enjoyment. The more I’ve explored it myself, I feel like it’s a spectrum for me, in that I can feel arousal from more than just sneezing, but I don’t think I can climax as easily, if at all without it incorporated in some way. It got me wondering, how many people on here fall into either category, whether you feel you have more a sneeze “kink” or a sneeze “fetish” (at least according to the distinction I made above)?

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Just a reminder to keep things not incredibly explicit outside the Adult Board.

Personally, I've... uh... gotten friendly with women without any sneezing involved, so according to the strict medical definition I don't have a fetish.

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Same here, with the finishing thing, but I can be turned on without it. It’s just much less intense. I dunno, unhelpfully somewhere in between?


Interesting topic though! I had no idea there was a distinction.

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By that definition, I'd say kink.  Although, I tend to hyper fixate on things sometimes, so there are periods of time where it's a must for me, and other times something else may be a must while this is just extra fun.  

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I’ve also heard the difference defined as kink being an interest in an unusual sexual practice like bondage while fetish is a sexual fixation on an object or body part that isn’t traditionally sexual like feet. Using that definition anyone into sneezing has a fetish. Using the one you presented I’m in the middle. I don’t need it to get turned on but I’m usually at least thinking about it if I want to finish. 

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