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Is Chhinkni Fool-Proof?


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Does chhinkni work flawlessly on everyone? I’ve never seen someone take a sniff of the stuff and fail to sneeze at least once (in-fact, everyone I’ve seen who’s tried it sneezes multiple times after one sniff). Has it ever failed on someone you know or yourself? 

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It does seem to have a far greater effect on some, but at least a few sneezes does seem to be universal.

The key is knowing when to stop... otherwise you're in for a miserably sniffly few days afterwards.

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9 hours ago, webmeistro said:

The problem IMHO is finding the right amount. Too little does nothing, too much causes HORRIBLE HORRIBLE PAIN.

This.  If I don't get enough in there, then its tickly, but I end up not sneezing and just blowing my nose a ton.  Too much and it's uncomfortable and not enjoyable.  Also, if it's older, it isn't as potent.  So, in that case it might not work either.  But, as long as its fairly fresh, I can't imagine too many people that wouldn't a least sneeze a couple times.

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I do not have a sensitive nose at all, no allergies, manual inducing methods are hit and miss. Chhinkni has had mixed and inconsistent results both on me and partners who indulged me, who also were unfortunately not prone to sneezing. From my experience: 

1. The more frequently you use it as a method for generating sneezes the less effective it becomes. It's as if your nose becomes immune to the stimulant. For my last two partners if they attempted to use it multiple times in one day or even consecutive days in a row it wouldn't work in subsequent go arounds. So we had to spread out how often it was used as a method of inducing in order to get results.

2. I have also observed that it's efficacy wanes after the vial has been opened. Chhinkni seems to produce the best results when the vial is freshly opened. My Chhinkni is quite old and rarely results in anything beyond just the burning prickling sensation nowadays. The most I got recently was a triple, but that was the first time in probably the last 10 tries that it managed to yield anything. 

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I didn't think it would work very well on me, I'm not very sensitive and strong scents don't usually bother me either. It definitely worked on me, though I don't get a rapidfire fit. But I honestly don't think I'm built for it. :lol: Even the instances in the past when I've had a proper sneezing fit, usually from a cold, it's been a moment between each sneeze. Then again, the Chhinkni I used was a gift and I was too chicken to open it until it was past its expiration date (by a week or so, but still). After opened it's less efficient than it was the first try, but if I dig a bit deeper into the vial and don't use the surface stuff, it works better. I'd love to know how intense it would be with an unexpired, fresh vial, but I can't buy it myself for money and delivery reasons, so. Maybe in the future some time. 

It worked WAY better on me than I expected though, but I have my doubts about the fool-proof part. There will always be people who are less sensitive than others. 



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