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Cold for Christmas-Interactive! (M)


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I want to try something, however I don’t know how well it will work. Well it’s worth a try…

Let’s do an interactive story:

I will try to look at this feed everyday and continue the story based on how many and what answers are responded with.

First let’s choose a character and back story and then choose a caretaker.

Character/Back Story:

Benji- pale ivory skin/golden brown boyish cut/new at family-owned resort

Devin- medium beige skin/hazel eyes/grayish-blue eyes/childhood friend

Morgan- rose beige skin/chestnut curls/green eyes/constantly bump into at coffee shop

Ross- pale ivory skin/shaggy blonde hair/ocean blue eyes/the boss

Sage- reddish tan skin/hazel eyes/tight dark brown curls/long existing crush


Love Interest/Name TBD


Friend Group (the boys)

Friend Group (mix of gender)

Bonus: Contagion or Random bug

For this round if I don’t have a clear answer, I will use a random generator, enjoy!

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It looks like we’ll start with Benji the new hire who his best friends take care of after catching something that’s been going around…

A fresh set of snow had just fallen at The Ivory, or The Crown Ivory Resort. Summer had packed up its bags what felt like ages ago, trading in their bikinis and flip flops for jeans and jackets. Of course with the seasons changing so dramatically these past few years it didn't feel like much time since The Beach Boys were playing throughout the Grand Ivory Hotel and the Jade Falls waterfall was cascading into the main pool. Less talk of margaritas by the quintuplet Rejuvenating Ruby spas or tubes floating down the lazy river at the indoor water park.

Instead it was hot cocoa enjoyed in the café off to the right of the Grand Ivory and snow gear in the lobbies. Electric fireplaces glowing and boots to keep the cold from nipping at toes. Mount Emerald hosted its first skis of the season and there was a lot of rustle and bustle in the lobbies of each of the hotels. Red, green, silver, and gold decorations were displayed everywhere they could be along the resort which made even Jade's ice cold heart warm.

"Vanilla chai," Ambrose, the café manager said as he handed Jade the drink, sitting himself down beside her.

"Thank you," Jade told him as she took the drink. She immersed herself back in the daily agenda that her parents, the owners of the resort, gave her and her four siblings.

"So what's on the agenda today?" He sipped on a drink of his own as he waited for the answer.

"I'm training some new hires, a group of boys that seem to know each other and applied together for the first ad they saw on indeed. They're not going to last long."

"You always say the sweetest things," Ambrose said sarcastically.

"What? They just sound like they're here to waste time. I don't have the time to waste with them." Ambrose gave another look of dismay. "What? If I could've passed this onto Ruby, I would. She's too busy leading the Christmas Caroling at 1, 3, 5, and 9 and I'm not switching."

"Bah humbug."

This got a small laugh from Jade. "Like you are any better."

"Of course I am better, hearing "Deck the Halls" for the third time so far this morning just feels me with so much cheer." The sound of something shattering had Ambrose almost giving himself whiplash as he turned to investigate.

"I'm sorry I dropped a cup," one of the new hires at the café said, a frown across her lips.

"Those cost $25 each, it's coming out of your paycheck." He sighed and turned back to Jade. "I'll catch up with you later, I have to go play manager."

"Enjoy," Jade offered. "I can always have my dad put you on concierge duty."

"What? I can't hear you?"

She smiled to herself and finished her drink before leaving to find her mother because she might as well get on with it. She stood in the lobby of the Grand Ivory looking past dozens of guests for her mom who was sure to be dressed in-mhm just as she thought: a Mrs. Claus outfit.

"Mom," Jade rolled her eyes.

"Jade the children are around, I'm Mrs. Claus." She beamed with all the holiday joy of like six people just wound up in her 5ft 5inch body. "Oh and this is Luke, Lorenzo, Blair, Benji, and Foster. Boys this is my daughter Jade. She'll be training you boys for the next two weeks."


So are the boys getting trained to be lifeguards at the indoor water park or helping at the Ski Lodge?

And is Jade going to be soon needing another dose of medication? Or is one of the boys about to sneeze?

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ohhh this is fun. in the name of christmas, i think the boys working at the ski lodge would be festive. i also think jade being sick would be interesting and the boys taking care of her. super good story so far!

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Three weeks ago Blair had walked in Benji's apartment proclaiming, "I found a job where all five of us can work together." This finally put an end to the panic of the five best friends because they were coming short on rent and no longer able to extend their deadlines.

"What?" Benji wondered if he had heard him correctly.

"It's called the Crown Ivory and we'd have to move, but Luke and I were already coming up on the end of our lease anyway. Oh and the best part about it is living is included."

"It's on indeed?"

"Yea come on let's do this application right now."

Four days later, all five boys received invites to interview for the job over the phone and two weeks later all five boys had been hired and were getting ready to fly out. They were told to show up for orientation and the first day would be their trial period. If everything went well, they'd be officially apart of the crew.

They'd all shown up on time and reported to Delores, co-owner of the resort where she'd gave them the resort uniform. "My daughter should be here any minute. Please enjoy some hot chocolate while you wait." One of the crew members for the café had hand delivered five cups of hot chocolate, nodding to the boys before heading back to get her next delivery order.

"Mom," another girl, dressed in a blue bubble coat said as she approached them.

"Jade the children are around, I'm Mrs. Claus. Oh and this is Luke, Lorenzo, Blair, Benji, and Foster. Boys this is my daughter Jade. She'll be training you boys for the next two weeks."

"Alright let's get going, follow me." Jade started walking off, checking to make sure the boys actually had enough common sense to follow her. She led them out to a truck, "Climb in." Once the engine was started and they were on their way she added, "Lodge trucks leave at 8:45 so be there on time. Three t-tardies in a row results in termination and I am not afraid to terminate you. Utchiew!"

"Bless you," all five of the boys said in unison.

"Thank you." Must be time for more medication, she thought as she drove, she thought she was over her cold by now.

"Hih'kish'yu! Kish'yu! Kish'yu! Kish! Kish! Stupid tree." Foster groaned.

"Bless you," the other four chorused. Blair added, "I can't believe you're allergic to Christmas trees."

"I can't believe you found us a job working even remotely near Christmas trees."

"I could've had us apply for the tree farm position."

"Hih'kish'yu! Hih'kish! Hih'kish! Hih'kish! Hih...Hih'kish'yu!"

Luke laughed. "Imagine getting killed by a tree."

Foster rolled his eyes. Jade pulled up to the Snow Lodge and parked.

"Ok let's get to work. Today I'mb going to traind you on working the sndow gear stationd. Umb go inside and see Mbarcus who is working ind there, I'll be right behind you."

Jade watched them go in and then took a nasal decongestant and some DayQuil before heading inside. She found the boys behind the counter, staring at Marcus as he tapped the POS.

"Ok watch me and listen and do what I say." She looked to the customer behind the one in front of Marcus's POS. "Sir I can help you. What can I get for you today?"

"Oh we would like to do the two hour ski." The customer walked up to her POS, holding the hand of what looked to be his girlfriend.

"Ok so you hit the hour ski twice," Jade told the boys. "Do you have your own skis or do you plan to rent?"

"I'm renting.”

“Ok so then you tap ski rental. Alright your total is $67.63 and will this be cash or card?”


“So you hit card. Please swipe when you’re ready.”

The customer swiped his card and took the ski rentals.

“Alright who wants to go for it?”

“I’ll take it for a spin,” Luke offered.

He was doing good ringing up customers, getting the hang of it pretty easy.

“Good morning, how may I help you?”

“I’ll do the tubing.”

“How-hh long would you..you want to-N’tsh! N’shh! N’tsh! N’tshoo! NT’shoo! Excuse me. How long would you like to too-tube? N’tsh! N’tsh! N’tshoo! N’tschoo! N’tschh! Oh god do you have a dog?” He brought his shirt up over his nose.

“Oh yes I have a Callie, her name is Asha.”

Foster laughed, “Imagine getting killed by a dog.”

“That’s very possible. N’tshoo! N’tshoo! N’tshoo! N’tshoo! Excuse me. Hey Jade where the bathroom?”

“To the left of the Peppermint Bar.”

“Thank you. N’tshoo! N’tshoo! N’tshoo! N’tshoo! N’tsh! N’shh!”

They finished up the rest of their shift and then Jade led them back to the truck and then drove to the living quarters.

“Is this where we stay,” Lorenzo asked.

“Yes,” Jade answered.

“So we’re officially hired,” Luke asked.

“Yes you’re first day went well so.” After a couple seconds pause she continued, “Follow me. Ok so the resort is open until 10 daily which gives you time to experience the resort at a discounted rate. This means you can enjoy the indoor water park, the snow lodge, our amusement park, the Christmas lights and whatever else your heart desires. Food and beverage is also available at a discounted rate and you get one free meal per day. With the discounted rates the rest is as close to free as you can get.”

She led them to their floor and showed them to a corridor with five rooms.

“Here you guys are. Any…any questions? Utchiew!”

“Bless you,” the boys chorused.

“I got a question,” Lorenzo said, “Where is the princess suite?” He gave a sly smile, teasing.

Jade smirked, “You will never kndow. Utchiew!”


Ok guys are the boys:

1. Jet-lagged and tired from their first day?
 2. Are they ready to explore? Or….               3. Could Jade use a little bit of coddling from Benji?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Some caretaking or as much as Jade will allow:hypoc:


“Bless you again,” Benji said, eyeing her carefully.

“Here are your cards, keep them on you for clocking in, getting into your rooms, and employee benefits like meals and discounts.”

The other four boys grabbed their cards and headed into their rooms, missing yet another sneeze from Jade. “Utch’iew!

“You coming down with something?” He took the card from her hand.

“Actually I’mb getting over sombething.” She coughed into the crook of her arm.

“It doesn’t sound like that.”

“It’s always worse at ndight.”

“Mhm. Let me take you to your room and make sure you’re settled.”

“What? Ndo, that’s ndot ndecessary.”

“Come on your mom would never forgive me if I let her daughter choke up a lung on the way to her room.”

She opened her mouth to protest but more coughs came out instead. “See? Now come on, let’s get you into bed.” He started walking and looked back to see she hadn’t moved. “What?”

“It’s the other way.”

“See this is why you lead.”

So she led him to her room and stood outside the door. “Thank you for walking mbe to mby roomb, I’ll see you tomborrow mborning.”

“Can I make sure you make it into bed?”

“Ok what’s happening here?”

“You’re sick and I’m making sure that my boss makes it into bed and gets some rest so I don’t have to miss out on any training tomorrow.”

“You won’t mbiss out ond trainding either way.”

“Maybe I want to help out a friend.”

“We just mbet today, we are ndot friends. I amb also your mbandager so we won’t be friends.”


“I’ll see mbyself ih-in. Utchiew! I don’t ndeed your help.”

“Very well but you agreed to letting me make sure you were settled.”

“Did ndot.”

“I said I wanted to walk you to your room and make sure you were settled.”

“Finde. Utchiew!

She opened the door and let him come inside before closing it.

“Ok you get into bed.” He paused hearing her begin to cough. “Do you want tea for that cough?”

“I’mb finde.”

He strolled over to the counter, “Peppermint or chamomile?” He eyed the two boxes on the space in front of him.

“Are you deaf?”

“You’re stubborn.”


“Thank you. Now go get in the bed.” He turned to start making the tea.

“Don’t tell mbe what to do. That’s mby job. Utchiew!

“Oh see I was actually going to take you seriously until that sneeze. This cold you are getting over is definitely telling you what to do, it must be the boss. Tough luck.”

She rolled her eyes.

“Do I have to carry you into bed?”


“If this tea is done and you are still standing there, I’m taking you to bed myself.”

“I will have my mom fire you.”

“On what grounds?”

“Improper conduct. I don’t give you permission to touch me.”

“Oh I’m sorry Ms. Rosenberg I was just making sure your daughter got the proper rest she needed so her cold didn’t turn into something worse. Also she looked on the verge of passing out.”

The tea finished pouring itself into the mug that was set underneath.

“I am not on the verge of passing out.”

“Your pallor says otherwise. Time’s up and you’re still standing there.”

“What are you going to do about it?”

“So you want to taunt me?”

“You wouldn’t dare touch me.”

“You want me to carry you? You purposely stood there waiting for the tea to be done.”

“You w-would-”

She was cut off by him scooping her up. “Utchiew!” The sneeze was wet and cast openly, spraying him. “Oh my gosh I’m so sorry. Utchiew!” The second was released into his neck.

“Where’s your room?”

“To the left.”

He opened the door to the left without dropping her and then carried her over to and placed her on her bed.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get you.”

“It’s ok Jade. Let me get you your tea, I’ll be back.”

He brought the tea over and placed it on her nightstand.

“Ok I’m settled.”

“Wow you sneeze on me and then kick me out.”

“No I’m just going to change and I’ll probably fall out after drinking the tea.”

“Oh ok. Well then goodnight.”

“Goodnight Benji.”

He made his way back to his room and grabbed the key card, unlocking his door and making his way inside. It was still early so he watched his TV until he drifted off to sleep. His alarm clock screamed at him what felt like not even two hours later. He opened his eyes and turned off his alarm, sitting up in the bed. He sat for a few minutes and then got up to get dressed. As he became more awake, he realized his throat felt a little scratchy.



What’s going on with Benji this morning?

1. I cannot be getting sick (denial) 2. I’m not getting sick (stubborn) 3. I hope I’m not getting sick (wishful thinking)

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Sorry I had a tiny bit of writer’s block

He cleared his throat, hoping he wasn't getting sick. It must be dry in the room of something. Plus he had a kick ass immune system. Oh and he didn't have any other symptoms, he could deal with a little bit of a scratchy throat. He got dressed and headed to the café, texting the boys to meet up before work.

Benji had just gotten his tea when Luke and Foster came in the door. "Morning," Benji said.

"Morning," they both responded, making their way to the line. Minutes later they sat down and started eating while they waited for Blair and Lorenzo.

"Of course Blair and Lorenzo are late," Foster said.

"I hope they get here in the next 20 minutes, we only have about 45 minutes before work," Luke added.

"Well Lorenzo always has problems waking up," Benji pointed out.

Blair had made it with 22 minutes to spare while Lorenzo still hadn't joined the group by the time they got to the Christmas tree. It was 8:35 and there was a group of the resort employees, all wearing the uniform, waiting to leave for the Ski Lodge.

"Hih'kish'yu! Kish'yu! Kish'yu! Kish'yu! Hih'kish! Hih'kish'yu!"

"Bless you," the boys chorused.

"Do we have to meet by this tree," Foster asked.

"Yea this is where Mrs. Rosenberg told us to meet," Blair answered.

"Ok but I'd rather not start my day off all itchy."

"It's not their fault you decided to be allergic to Christmas," Luke said.

"I'm not allergic to Christmas, just th-the tree. Hih'kish! Hih'kish! Hih'kish! Hh-hih'kish'yu!"

"Bless you," there was an added female voice to the chorus. The boys looked to find Jade had joined the group.

"Morning Jade."

"Morning. It's 8:38, where is Lorenzo?"

"He's still got 7 minutes," Luke said.

"Sure," Jade smirked, "Would hate for him to get his first tardy. I'll be back."

She walked off, the boys watching as she went to go talk to Mrs. Claus. Lorenzo suddenly popped up, just as Jade was making her way back to the boys.

"8:40, you are so close to being late princess," Jade said to Lorenzo.

This only made him smile, "Just like you I need my beauty sleep."

"Must not have gotten enough then." The boys all had to choke back laughs. "Alright let's go."

The other employees headed to the lodge started to file into the trucks. Jade and the boys followed, climbing into one. Benji sat down beside Jade, leaning in to whisper, "Feeling better?"

"I'm DayQuil free."

"First day sober, must feel nice."

She shook her head and fought a chuckle. The trucks pulled up to the lodge and everybody poured out.

"We'll be training in the Peppermint Café today," Jade said as they walked into the lodge. "We'll be making orders for customers. Let's first take a look at our recipe cards."

She pulled out the cards and placed them before the boys. "I'll be helping out if we get too busy so don't panic."

The first customer came and ordered a peppermint mocha. Jade coached Blair through making the drink, the other four boys paying attention to the crash course. The drink was made with ease as was the many other drinks that they made throughout their shift.

“Ok Benji, your turn,” Jade said, “Let’s see a gingerbread latte.” She looked at him to see a weird look on his face. He never would admit it, but he’d been fighting a sneeze for about an hour and was fighting it when the attention turned to him. He took a hitching breath and went to bring his arm up to catch the impending sneeze, but it went away again.

With the peek-a-boo sneeze hiding yet again, he got busy making the drink. He made it successfully and almost as quick as the quota for making drinks.

“Good job Benji,” Jade said as she handed the drink over to their coworker who was handing out the drinks to customers.

“Thank you,” he said, his voice a little deeper and raspier than normal. I really hope I’m not getting sick, he thought to himself.

When his throat started hurting a bit and he felt like he was swallowing thicker than normal, he hoped even more that he was not getting sick. He could not be getting sick. He could’ve sworn he was feeling a little more tired but when the evening crew walked in, it made sense.

Jade greeted the evening staff and the morning staff exchanged small talk. “Alright boys, getting a ride back to the rooms,” Jade asked.


”Benji,” Jade questioned.


Where is Benji going?

1. Water park with the boys 

2. Candy cane lane with Jade

3. Hallmark movies with Jade and the boys

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Number 2 it is


“Benji,” Jade questioned.

“Oh yea I think I’m going to head back to my room, I’m a little tired.”

“Yea I was thinking about playing Call of Duty or something,” Foster said.

“Oh I’m down,” Luke said.

“I’ll play,” Blair added.

“Well you definitely need a fourth so I can help y’all win,” Lorenzo said.

“So to your rooms then,” Jade asked to clarify.

The boys all nodded. They all hopped in a truck and headed back to the living quarters, splitting up when they’d arrived. Once Benji had changed out of his uniform and into his night clothes, he climbed into bed and tried to take a quick nap. He had to sleep off this little bit of fatigue he had. 

The other four boys, once settled, all met up on the game. Jade got dressed up to meet up with her boyfriend Jason, one of the boys that worked as lifeguard at the water park. Once she had done her hair and some light makeup, she texted him that she was ready. He texted back five minutes later that Ebony, Jade’s older sister, wanted him to go to a bonfire with her and some of her friends.

She’d suspected he’d caught feelings for Ebony, but she didn’t want to accept it. This was just icing on the cake. For a moment she sat there, thoughts racing and then most of them stopped. Suddenly a thought went across her mind. What if Benji went with me? She pushed it out almost as fast as it came. Then she pondered about it. What if he did go? 

She got up and walked down to Benji’s room, the whole time fighting herself in her mind. She finally came upon his door and she gradually mustered the courage to knock on the door. He didn’t answer. That’s right he did say he was going to try to take a nap. She started facing the fact that she was going to have to be alone tonight and started thinking of what she was going to do with herself. Then the door opened. 

“Jade,” he rasped. 

“Hey Benji, I forgot you said you were going to nap and I can just go but I wanted to go to Candy Cane Lane and I was supposed to go with my boyfriend-”


“But he decided he would rather go out with my sister instead and I really don’t want to be alone and you’re the closest thing I’ve had to a friend my age who I don’t feel like became friends with me because my parents own this whole thing and I really don’t want to be alone-”

She was so nervous she was repeating herself.

“But I understand if you don’t want to go I don’t know I’ll just-”

“I’ll go,” it came out as a strained rasp and he cleared his throat before trying again, “I’ll go.”

“Ok,” a smile lit up across her lips. Then she realized that Jade Rosenberg does not smile, “I mean thanks.”

“Let me get dressed, I’ll meet you in the lobby in fifteen minutes.”

“Ok sure, I’ll see you down there.”

He gave a soft smile as he closed the door. While Jade headed to the lobby of the Grand Ivory Benji tried to get himself together. His throat was now burning with every swallow or word that came out of his mouth. He clung to the small amount of hope that he’d wake up completely fine in the morning, but that hope was wearing thin. I can’t be getting sick.

He dressed himself up in a long sleeve shirt, jeans, and a thick jacket. He brushed his teeth and threw on a beanie before looking himself over in the mirror. Seeing how nice she looked tonight, he had to at least look presentable and hopefully look nice as well. He grabbed his phone and wallet and he was out the door. He made his way to the lobby and found her by the Christmas tree talking to her mother.

“Hey,” Benji said as he approached the pair.

“Hey,” Jade said, “Ready?”


“Where are you two headed off to,” Mrs. Rosenberg asked.

“Candy Cane Lane,” Jade answered as she started to walk away.

“Well enjoy.”

“Thank you,” Benji said before going to join Jade.

Jade and Benji got in one of the trucks and headed towards Candy Cane Lane. She parked outside of the entrance. “What do you want to do first? Hot Cocoa Bar, Christmas lights, or tube down the hill? Or do you want to do improv or do you want to make s’mores and sit by the fire?”

“Oh um why not get some hot cocoa,” it would probably feel good on his throat.

“Ok.” They strolled over to the hot cocoa bar and up to the employee behind the counter. 

“Hey Jade,” the employee greeted, “What can I get for you?”

“Hey I’ll take a white hot chocolate with snickerdoodle marshmallows. And he’ll have…” She trailed off, looking at Benji.

“I’ll take a chocolate raspberry hot chocolate with regular marshmallows,” he said.

“5.76, with your employee discount” the employee said.

Jade reached for her wallet, but Benji pulled his out first. He paid and they moved aside to wait for their order. They stood in silence for the time being which is why when Benji’s breathing hitched, he cursed to himself as he waited for the inevitable. But it didn’t come. 

“White hot chocolate and chocolate raspberry hot chocolate.” 

Benji walked up to get the cups and handed Jade hers. 

“We can go look at the Christmas lights while we drink our hot chocolate,” Jade offered the idea.

“Ok that sounds good.”

They begun the walk down the path for the Christmas lights, Benji taking his first sip of the hot chocolate. It felt so good on his throat. 

“That’s so pretty,” Jade said. 

“Oh look over there,” she added a few moments later, pointing to the right of them. 

Benji smiled. Jade looked like a child in a candy store. 

“You really like the lights,” Benji said after the fifteenth time she’d fawned over a display.

“They’re my favorite part and they’re different every year. This is the one part my parents haven’t touched, this is all done by the employees. The creativity is inspiring.”

He tried to take in this other side of Jade, but his breathing started hitching again. He brought his arm up, on the verge of release. Once again he lost it. They finished the walk and Jade decided that she wanted to go tubing down the hill. “This is just a small hill. You know we can tube down the hill from the lodge? Yea it’s not just for skiing and snowboarding. This one is nice but that one is so much fun.”

They came upon the top of the hill and got in line. When it was their turn Benji climbed in and Jade got on top of him. The employee pushed them down the hill and Jade started giggling. Benji laughed with her and screamed to make the experience more enjoyable. When they got to the bottom, he regretted his decision. His throat protested every little strain whether it was swallowing or clearing his throat. 

“Wasn’t that fun?”

“Yea,” once again another protest from his throat.

“Let’s do the bonfire and s’mores.”

“Ok.” A shiver racked through his body and a burning itch spread through his nose. 

His breathing hitched once again. He didn’t do anything, not believing that his body would actually follow through. But as the hitching grew more productive, he had no choice but to duck into the crook of his arm. 

Uh oh, looks like his body is finally ready to give into a sneeze and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping. 

1. Huht’chuh!

2. Hih’kshoo!

3. Hg’tch!


1. Jade hears and ignores the sneeze

2. Jade hears and comments on the sneeze

3. Jade doesn’t hear quite yet

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For the sneeze sound…how about 1 or 2? And for Jade’s reaction, I would personally like 2, but 3 is also a good idea depending on whether you want to make Benji suffer more!

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"Huht'chuh! Huh'uht'chuh! Hk'chh!"

He lowered his arm and sniffled before coming back to reality and finding Jade immersed in a conversation with a couple of girls that looked to be around their age. He started to shiver as he listened to what was being said.

"Yea Jason decided to go with Ebony to a kickback," Jade said.

"Isn't he your boyfriend," one of the girls asked.

"I would've thought," Jade answered.

"Well who is this," the other girl asked.

"This is Benji, he's new and works at the Ski Lodge."

"He's cute." It was almost as if he wasn't standing right there.

"Sloan," Jade gasped.

"What? Isn't he cute Taj?"

"I mean he's definitely not bad looking. Does he have a friend is the question."

Was he supposed to answer? They stood there looking at him. "I have four friends."

"You would die over Lorenzo." Jade looked at Benji for approval. He didn't know either party of Jade's entourage but he nodded.

"You want to introduce us sometime?"


"Cool I work at the water park, I'll catch y'all around. Maybe come to the park sometime?"


With that the two girls walked away. "I know Taj can be a bit overbearing but from our interactions so far so can Lorenzo."

"Yea I guess you could say that." He shivered hard.

"And she's also serious about planning something and she'll probably want to do it really soon. She'll probably text me later tonight."

"I bet," he said, trying to ignore the itchiness that was making its way back into his nose.

"So the bonfire and s'mores then?"

"The fire sounds n-hh-nice it's kinda hh cold out here." He quickly ducked into his arm. "Huht'chuh! Hh..HUHT'chuh! Hh..HUH'UHT'chh! 'Scuse me."

"Bless you," she said and watched him shiver, "I don't know if the fire will be enough to warm you up. Maybe we should head back."

He sniffled and shrugged. "It shouldn't hurt to go for a few minutes."

"If you're sure."


"Ok," Jade beamed. She led the way to the bonfire and she grabbed a couple of roasting sticks and marshmallows before joining Benji where he'd sat. "Here you go."

"Thank you." He stuck his marshmallow on the roasting stick and began to roast the marshmallow, making sure not to stick it too close so it wouldn't-

No later had he begun to think to avoid burning it that a small child's marshmallow caught on fire. His mom pulled the stick towards her and blew it out, revealing a charred marshmallow.

"Woah," the child gasped in awe, his mouth turning up into a smile.

Jade chuckled and Benji smiled.

"Myron, do you want mommy's marshmallow," his mother offered.

"No I want the burnt one," he replied giddily.

Jade's marshmallow suddenly burst into a flame. At first she seemed upset but when the smile child repeated his excited gasp she started laughing.

"Is it really good like this," Jade asked the boy.

He nodded fast and hard. She giggled as she went to get the graham cracker and chocolate from the guy who worked at the little shack. As she sat back down, Benji turned back to his marshmallow and gauged how it looked. The outside was golden brown, perfect. He got up and went to go get his graham cracker and chocolate. He sat back down and began to eat the s'more.

"So where are you from," Jade asked.

"Kansas. You?"

"Pennsylvania of course. When I was growing up, my parents spent most of their time here but they spend what was necessary at this house we used to have about 20 minutes from here. I would catch the bus to school and they would pick me up. Sometimes I'd come straight here and do my homework in the lobby. I'm the youngest so when I graduated, they sold the house and took up permanent residency here."


"Yea. How'd you and your friends meet?"

"Same school and we were on the football team together."

"Football? That's nice."

"Mostly. But practice was tough. Hold on." His breathing hitched, beginning to take small involuntary gasps as he brought his arm up. He let it hover there. He took one more desperate gasp and snapped at his waist, "HUHT'chuh! HUHT'chuh! HUHT'chh'huh!"

"Bless you." He shivered hard and sniffled. "Come on let's head back. You should get warm."


They got up and started to head back. Benji felt bad, feeling as though he cut their night short. "I'm sorry,” he said after a few moments of silence.


"Cutting the night short."

"Oh no it's ok. I'd hate to keep you out in this freezing night."

"Did you have fun?"

"Of course."


"Thank you."

Now it was his turn, "For?"

"Not leaving me to be alone."


They got back to the living quarters. Jade was the first to speak, "Good night Benji." She looked a little upset, almost as though she kind of didn't want to be alone still.


1. Call it an early night?

2. Cheesy movies?

3. Game night with one of Jade’s sisters?

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1 or 2 is good in my opinion. And I like how you used both 2 and 3 when it came to Jade’s reaction in this part!

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@Katzoo12Thank you:flirt:, I enjoy coming back on here to see how you liked it and coming up with new parts for you…and speaking of:


“You ok?”

“Oh yea I’m good.”

“Did you want me to,” he paused for a second and then continued, “Stay with you?”

“Oh no it’s ok, you look pretty tired anyway. I’m just going to go see my sister.”


“No Emmy well Emerald but I call her Emmy.”

“Ok. Have fun then.”

“You too-well I mean get some sleep.”

“You can’t tell me what to do,” he mocked.

She rolled her eyes, “Night Benji.”


They went their separate ways, Jade going to her sister’s and Benji going to sleep. An alarm blaring woke Benji up with a start, feeling like he’d just fallen asleep. He woke up and got dressed, feeling a little fatigued but otherwise nothing out of sorts. He brushed his teeth and headed to the cafe to meet up with the boys. Foster, Blair, and Luke were already sitting at a table and once Benji had came into their sight they were saying their good mornings and starting to include him in some small talk.

“I heard we might be training outside today,” Blair beamed, he’d always loved the cold.

“Oh wow that sounds miserable,” Foster glowered.

“Calm down it’s not that bad,” Blair said.

“For Foster it definitely is,” Benji said, his voice raspy. He cleared his throat.

“Yikes man you gotta wake those vocal cords up,” Luke said, “Hurry up and get your coffee, we only have like 10 minutes.”

Was he really that late, he thought as he got in line to order. When it was his turn he told the barista, “I’d like a white mocha.” His voice was still raspy, “On second thought I’ll take a peppermint tea.”

He waited for his order and after he’d gotten it, he joined the boys again. They were still talking about being outside and what they think they’ll be training on today, but Benji zoned out.

“You going to drink your coffee,” Luke asked, bringing him back to reality. Benji looked at Luke who was eyeing him.

Benji started to sip on the tea, wincing when it burned his throat. He quickly swallowed again, trying to get some coolness back to his throat, but that burned as well.

“You ok,” Foster asked.

“It’s still hot.”

“Dude your voice,” Luke winced empathetically.

“We should head over to the lobby,” Blair said. All the attention shifted from Benji as they begun to make their way over to the lobby.

“Ok so who is going to wake Lorenzo up,” Foster asked, “He’s going to end up losing his job.”

“Well I’m right beside him so I’ll do it,” Luke said.

“Hi boys,” Jade greeted, “Still no princess?” Luke, Blair, and Foster laughed, knowing exactly who she was talking about. “We leave in five minutes.” A minute later, “Four minutes.” Then, “Three minutes.” “Two minutes.”

Suddenly Lorenzo came walking up to the group.

“It’s 8:43,” Jade scolded.

“I still had two minutes princess.”

“Yea you and Taj would be perfect for each other,” she muttered almost under her breath.


“That reminds me. Are you single?”

“Really,” he asked, eyeing her suspiciously.

“Alright time to go,” one of the employees called out and all of the lodge employees started shuffling out towards the trucks.

“Ew not for me,” Jade picked back up on their conversation. “I was thinking about setting you up with my friend.”

“Does she look good?”

“Yes.” The five boys and Jade climbed into one of the trucks.

“Does she really look good?”

Kish’yu! Kish’yu! Ih’kish! Kish! Kish! Ugh.”

“Bless you man,” Lorenzo said to Foster and then turned back to Jade, waiting for her to answer his question.

Jade rolled her eyes, “Yes.”

“Ok. When and where?”

“She wanted you guys to come to the water park tomorrow.”

“All of us,” Foster asked.


“I can’t swim,” Foster said again.

“Dude stop being lame, I won’t let you drown,” Luke said.

“Fine,” Foster said.

“So is that a yes,” Jade asked.

“Yea sure,” Lorenzo said.

Jade smiled to herself. They arrived to the lodge and everybody started filing out.

“Ok so today we will be out on the slopes, watching to make sure our patrons are safe. You all get whistles-” she handed them out and then continued, “Whistle if there’s any danger to a person. We’ll all be in closer proximity today so I can make sure the right calls are made.”

“So this is lifeguarding but for the snow,” Luke asked.

“I guess,” Jade answered. “Follow me.” She led them out onto the mountain, “Spread out some.”

They all spread out so there was some good distance between them, about seven feet. There was two to a spot, one on each side of the course track, marked by red flags. Jade and Foster stood together, Luke and Benji, and then Blair and Lorenzo.

Benji shivered after only about five minutes of being outside. His nose started to burn not too long after and his breath started to hitch not long after that. He quickly brought up his arm. “HUHT’chuh! HUHT’chuh! HhHUH-UHT’Choo!”

“Bless you,” Luke said.

“Thank you,” Benji sniffled and wiped his nose with the top of his glove.

“What are we supposed to do out here,” Luke asked.

“I don’t know.”

“Hey princess,” Lorenzo shouted, “What’s the fun in this?”

“We are out here in case of danger, there is no fun! Here comes the first person, eyes peeled!”

They watched as the person passed by. Then they came about every minute and time started to fly by as they took to their job of making sure everybody was safe.

10 minutes later right as somebody was coming up on passing them, Benji’s breath started hitching again. “HUHT’chuh! HUHT’chuh! HDT’chuh! Hh..HDT’chh’hoo!”

He sniffled again.

“Bless you,” Luke said.

“Bless you man,” Lorenzo called.

Five more minutes went by. “Hey princess,” Lorenzo suddenly called. By the time everybody looked at him, a snowball was flying by and it landed right on Jade’s coat.

“Oh really,” Jade asked.

“Yea really,” Lorenzo said with a smile.

She scooped up some snow and threw it back, hitting Benji in the face. His breath hitched wildly, his body taking involuntary gasps as he ducked into his arm. “HUHT’chh! HUHT’chh! Damn ihh HUHT’uh! HUHT’CHH’OO!”

“I’m so sorry Benji,” she said.

He sniffles and bent down, scooping up some snow before throwing it at Jade.

She screamed and threw one back at him. Then Lorenzo threw one at Luke. Luke threw one at Blair. Then it was all six just throwing snowballs at one another.

1. Continue with shift-more snowball fight and making the shift “fun”

2. On to their lunch break

3. Skip to after their shift

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Hmmm…. I think continue the snowball fight. 
Great writing and story by the way! 

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