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Hi everyone.

I have been lurking and reading for a while and thought I would have a try at writing something myself. This chapter sets the story up. There will be more sneezing in the next installments.

Liam 25 6 ft - Vet, blonde hair, blue eyes, large flaring nostrils, allergic to dust, gets ill often. He hates sneezing and the thought of getting others ill.

Drew 27 6 ft 3, muscular – Coffee shop owner, brown hair, green/hazel eyes, large round nostrils, no allergies, rarely gets ill, has a secret sneezing fetish.


Ever since meeting Liam at my coffee shop three weeks ago, I can’t get him out of my mind. His kindness, his chiseled jaw, his bright blue sparkling eyes and best of all, his large flared nostrils. 

Imagining them all irritated, desperate and quivering does things to me. I just want to see him sneeze. Of course he has no idea about my fetish or how much the thought of him sneezing turns me on.

Tonight is the night though. It is our third date and the first time Liam is staying over. I will subtly be testing a variety allergens. If anything makes him sneeze, I will find it.


Starting a new job in a new area was scary. Meeting Drew on my first day was a welcome relief. His friendliness, the kindness in his eyes, the way they change colour from Hazel to green. Not to mention he has a body to die 'HAH HAH' for. That was weird. It felt like I was about to 'HAH HAH HAH' sneeze 'AAH APTCHOO' . Man it must be dusty in here.

Time to get ready for my date with Drew.

4 hours later


My plan is nearly put in place. Tonight I will start off by having a bunch of roses in the kitchen. If that doesn’t work, there is lavender in the bedroom. If all else fails I will tickle him with a feather when he is asleep. Either way I will hear him sneeze tonight.

My phone starts ringing and I can see that it’s Liam.

Me: “Hey Liam”

Liam: “Hey”

Is it my imagination or does he sound congested?

Me: “Hows everything going? I’m looking forward to seeing you tonight”

Liam: “That’s the reasomb why I'mb calling, I ‘HE HE'  I'mb going to have to take a rainbcheck ‘HAH HAH HAH' ‘SNEUFF'. I woke up sndeezy andb it has got worse as the day has gonde on ‘SNEUFF SNEUFF’ “

I am so turned on I cant even think.

Me: “Poor baby, why don’t you still come over and I will look after you and your sneezy nose”

Why did I say that? I cant believe I just outed myself.

Liam:  "I amb miserable, sndeezy and most likely highly condtagious, I would onbly get you sick ‘SNIFF SNIFF HAH HAH HAH' andb it's gonde againb. It’s teasing mbe”

Me: “I don’t care, I never get sick. Let me look after you. I will even make you my special soup”

Liam: “Are you sure you dknow what you are lettingb yourself ind for? I have never sndeezed as much ind my life”

Me: “More than sure. Wrap up warm and I’ll see you soon”.

It feels like all my birthdays have come at once and I haven't even heard him sneeze yet.



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Oh my gosh, this introduction has me hooked!!! I am so intrigued and already wish there was me to devour. Liam is going to be in heaven I'm sure, especially if Drew is as sneezy as he claims. So excited for more!

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On 11/19/2023 at 6:33 PM, Not Telling said:

Oh my gosh, this introduction has me hooked!!! I am so intrigued and already wish there was me to devour. Liam is going to be in heaven I'm sure, especially if Drew is as sneezy as he claims. So excited for more!

Thank you so much! 

It means a lot as this is the first time I have written anything.

Liam is the one with the cold. It was only after posting that I realised how confusing the formatting looked🤦🏼‍♀️. I shouldn't have bolded the names when Drew was on the phone to Liam.

On 11/19/2023 at 6:33 PM, Not Telling said:

Liam is going to be in heaven I'm sure, especially if Drew is as sneezy as he claims.

Let's find out 😜....




Well, it's official... I am totally screwed... in every way... apart from the one that I would like to be. Yep, you guessed it, the physical one. I think I would rather enjoy that one. 

It was not the dust. No, that would have been far too easy... It had to be the most snotty and sneezy cold in history!.. I couldn't even tell you how many times I have sneezed today, because once it hit 10... in the first hour, I stopped counting. 

The only thing going in my favour is that today and tomorrow are my days off work... Which means I have not had to worry about holding back, stifling or more importantly exposing anyone to my highly concentrated and contagious germs.

Until now...

As much as I have been looking forward to spending some quality time with Drew tonight, it wouldn't be fair for me to turn up at his house in the state that I am in. But when I called to rearrange, he told me he still wanted to see me, that he wanted to look after me.


I agreed. I mean, how could I possibly say no to that? For once it felt good to finally have someone who cared about me. I wanted to grab it with both hands... I wanted to feel how it felt to be wanted... 

But... I am worried...

Although we have spoken on the phone everyday, Drew and I have only known each other for a few short weeks. We have been taking our time in getting to know one another.

We haven't even shared our first kiss! Yet, somehow, I need to come to terms with the fact that it is very likely I will HAVE to sneeze in front of him. I am so thankful that it didn't happen while we were on the phone earlier. 

What if  I'm not so lucky this time? What if he hears my sneezes and he hates them as much as I do? The day nurse and antihistamines finally seem to be kicking in but who knows how long that will last for?

Which brings me to my biggest worry...

I know Drew says he never gets sick but he hasn't been around me when I have had a cold. Nor has he seen how many people I have infected in the past. Nobody is safe, no matter how careful I am.  I can practically feel the germs seeping out of my pores. It is as though I am a living, breathing vector of contagion, capable of infecting everyone around me without even needing to sneeze.

I have agreed now though and I can't, no, I won't let him down. My plan of action is a very simple yet very tricky one. DO NOT SNEEZE! If that fails then my back up plan is to stifle - SILENTLY.

Wish me luck! 


The air in my car is cold and it makes my nose tingle and run. A steady, constant itch slowly builds and spreads. I will not sneeze, I will not sneeze.

By the time I park, I know I can't hold back any longer, so I lean into it and let my cold take control. 'HAH, HEH, HEH, EH, HAPTCHOO, HATCHOO, APTCHOO, ATCHOO, YASHOO, EH,EH EPTCHOO, ATCHOOO!'. Taking the emerald handkerchief from my pocket, I blow my nose 'SNEUGH, SNEUGH'.

I wait to see whether there are anymore sneezes waiting to surprise me. There don't appear to be. I move to open the door when 'SNIFF, SNIFF, APTCHOO, HEPTCHOO!'. Not again.. I blow my nose for a second time. My sinuses feel a lot clearer now. I wait until it is clear there are no more sneezes waiting to catch me out and then I open the door.

It is time to see Drew. 


After speaking to Liam, I prepared the chicken and vegetables for the soup. I know how much it has helped me on the very rare occasions when I have been sick. I decided to go to the local supermarket while it was cooking. I needed to stock up on cold and flu meds, tissues and some extra handkerchiefs. I also got some fresh lemons and honey.

When I returned, I threw the flowers away in my outdoor bin. I may want to see Liam sneeze but I don't want to see him suffering with his cold any more than he has to.

I hear footsteps coming towards the door and then there is a knock. My heart stops. He is here. I open the door and the sight of his poor swollen eyes and his red and quivering nostrils makes me want to wrap my arms around him and never let him go. I want to care for him. My protective instincts roar to life and before I know it, my body is moving without my knowledge or consent.

It isn't until I hear "No, no, please don't come any closer" that I stop in my tracks. He sounds much better than he did earlier. I'm glad he found a way to ease his congestion. "I came tonight because I really wanted to see you and because I said I would" he said. "I never break my word, but I also can't knowingly have you so close to me when I know it will only get you sick". 

I watch Liam for a moment. His blue eyes glaze over, his nostrils tremble more urgently and he gets a confused look on his face. This is replaced with one of fierce determination. It disappears and then it happens again. It doesn't take long for me to work out that he is holding back. I know there must be a reason for him doing this and I don't want to make him feel uncomfortable- so I won't say anything - for now.

"Come on in then. My famous chicken soup is nearly ready. I also have lemon and honey. Would you like me to pour you a cup?" - I am answered with a great wall of silence. I am beginning to think I have said something seriously wrong.

"I can make you a coffee if you would prefer". The brightest smile lights up his beautiful face. "Thank you, it's just that nobody has ever done anything like this for me before" he says. 

Although hearing this saddens me, all I can think is -  I did that, I put that smile on his face. From this moment I know that I will do everything in my power to make sure that he smiles like that everyday. 

I am so deep in thought that I almost don't hear what Liam says next. "My throat is a little scratchy but its the sneezes that are bothering me the most". His breath violently hitches and I wonder whether he will be able to hold back this time. "A cup of lemon and honey would be wonderful, thank you", he says.


I follow Drew to the kitchen and watch him put the kettle on while I sit at the breakfast bar. He loads his coffee machine with premium coffee beans, adds water and turns it on. My nose begins to tickle again.

When I first got here, I could hold back the sneezes. But it is getting harder to do... and it's nowhere close to the time for my next dose of meds yet. What am I going to do? I may need to excuse myself to the bathroom soon if this continues. I will not sneeze, I must not sneeze. My head and sinuses begin to pound. 

Drew places a slice of lemon and some honey into my cup. He adds hot water once the kettle has boiled. Then he squeezes half a lemon inside and stirs it well. He puts a few lumps of sugar into a sugar bowl along with the tongs and then finishes making his coffee.

Once it's done, he looks at me 'aah aah haa'. I am not going sneeze, I will not sneeze. A shooting pain slices down the right side of my brain and my sinuses feel like they are going to explode.

I must have flinched because Drew says "I know you are holding back and it is causing you pain. You don't need to be afraid to sneeze around me". 

"I'm not, the me-medicine I took before I left is wo-working, I don't need to s-sn, I don't need to sne-eze". 

"If you don't need to sneeze, then why does your breath keep hitching?" he asks.


Now Liam is hurting himself by holding back his sneezes and I can't allow it to continue. The pressure he is putting his body under to contain them is huge... I know once the steam gets close enough, though, there will be no stopping them. I go to my bedroom and place my navy silk hanky with a silver initial D into my pocket. It will be nice and soft for his poor sore nose.

I return to the kitchen and place the hot and steamy cup in front of Liam. Immediately, I see the change in him. His breath begins to hitch again, his nostrils start to pulse and I can see clear fluid running down to his lips. He rubs at it with his handkerchief while sniffling but it doesn't help. "That's it, just lean back baby and let it all out" I tell him.


"I don't n-nee, I don't need to s-sn- sndeeze". When did the congestion come back? I hope Drew can't hear it.

"Yes you do", he says. "Your breath is constantly hitching and I can hear how bunged up your cute little nose is getting, even as it is dripping like a faulty tap. How much longer do you think you can keep this up for?"

Did I hear him right? Did he actually call my nose cute... and little? If I wasn't already sitting down, I would have fallen. How can anyone find this nose cute... or little?

The shock stops my need to sneeze for a while until a violent hitching takes my breath away. 'HAAH EEH, HEEEH' I do not need to sneeze, I will not sneeze. Drew steps closer and takes a deep breath. He blows into each nostril. It feels so good... until it doesn't.

"Ndo, ndo, ndo, don'tb, don'tb do that. My ndose, my ndose is s-semb, semb, semb-si-hitive. I will ndot 'AAH HAAH EEEH' sndeeze, I must ndot sn-snh. Oh ndo, oh ndo, ndo, ndo, ndo -I- I cand't hold it, I cand't hhold it bback amby lo-lombger I, I'mb g-goingb to, I'mb goingb to 'h'nnxgh, ih'tsh, tsh, ssh, ih'tsh, ssh, shh h'nnxgh, tsh, tsh, tsh, ih'tsh' sndeeze". I manage to cover with my handkerchief at the very last minute.


I can't believe after all that holding back he is stifling! This will not do. I head back to my bedroom and retrieve the feather I had originally bought for our evening together. I place it in the opposite pocket to my handkerchief.

If Liam insists on causing himself harm, then I will have to make him so desperate that he has no other option but to sneeze PROPERLY...And what is more effective than a dusty feather?

LET THE FUN AND GAMES BEGIN - The night is young and I have only just started.



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59 minutes ago, sneezey2023 said:

Liam is the one with the cold. It was only after posting that I realised how confusing the formatting looked🤦🏼‍♀️. I shouldn't have bolded the names when Drew was on the phone to Liam.

Okie dokie, well that was a doozy of a mistyped comment on my part. Haha It made perfect sense that was me just being dumb! 🤦‍♀️ So yeah, let's pretend I wrote my comment correctly haha. 

Ahem, now that I am all set on who's who 😅 this was such a great follow-up. The suspense is so well written. I feel like I could be in Drew's shoes and know exactly how he feels. I know Drew wants to see Liam sneeze unrestrained but for my part, I think Liam's stifles are adorable.  ❤️



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1 hour ago, dwaekki said:

Omg I'm excited now! I'd love to see more stifles too, those are my favourite hahahaha

Thank you! :)

Oh yes, there will definitely be more of them 😆

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1 hour ago, Not Telling said:

Okie dokie, well that was a doozy of a mistyped comment on my part. Haha It made perfect sense that was me just being dumb! 🤦‍♀️ So yeah, let's pretend I wrote my comment correctly haha. 

Ahem, now that I am all set on who's who 😅 this was such a great follow-up. The suspense is so well written. I feel like I could be in Drew's shoes and know exactly how he feels. I know Drew wants to see Liam sneeze unrestrained but for my part, I think Liam's stifles are adorable.  ❤️



I do the same all the time 😂

Thank you! 🙂

I haven't written the next part yet and after reading your and dwaekki's comments I have decided to change it a bit. Drew won't be using the feather and dust next time. He may use it later, or not at all, depending on any comments I get.

If you, dwaekki or anyone else has any requests for what you would like to see Drew use instead, please let me know.

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I return to the kitchen to find Liam deep in thought. He looks so sad... As if he carries the entire weight of the world on his shoulders. Now I know that being unwell is never much fun, but something is telling me that its more than just that... That something else is the main cause of his distress. He realises I am back and turns his head towards me. 

"I'mb sorry, I'mb sorry, I'mb so, so sorry".

Tears build in his eyes, awaiting the chance to break free. I am really worried now.

"Oh baby...what is there to apologise for?" I ask.

"I'mb disgustingb... all the sndeezing and the sndot. I don'tb kndow how you cand mbare to evend LOOK at mbe, mbuch less MBE around mbe."

His eyes now look as red as his nose, puffy and glazed. Lips dry and chapped. From where I'm standing, I can see the tips of his nostrils begin to vibrate. Clear liquid leaks from their caverns . Thicker than before and runs like a stream.

"heh, heH, hHeh, hHeEh, eH, ehHh"

He frantically reaches for another handkerchief from his pocket and makes sure that his nose and mouth are completely covered.

"hEeh hHeEEh, eHeEhHH, eEEhHHHh, 'h'nnxgh, h'nnxgh, h'nnxgh, nnxgh, nnxgh, h'nnxgh, eHeEhHhhHh, hHeEehHHh , ih'tsh, , ih'tsh ih'tsh', tsh, tsh, tsh, tsh, he HhE, hEheH ih'tsh, ih'tsh, shh, shh, tsh, tsh'eh - And I cand't stop s-snd... I cand't stop snd-sndeezing, hHe ih'tsh, ih'tsh, ih'tsh". He blows his nose in frustration.

"Bless you baby... You are not disgusting.. far from it. You have a cold. And I think your little sneezes are kinda cute". This time it wasn't a slip of the tongue. Liam may have been surprised when I called his nose small and cute earlier... But the look of wonder was written all over his face.. He liked it.. If hearing how I feel about his sneezes has the slightest chance of making him feel any better about himself, then I will take it... Only this time, I see pain. He stands up and starts pacing the room.

"Stop, stop, just stop!". He stops pacing, chest heaving and he trembles. "Stop mbeindg so ndice to mbe!!"

"Why? You deserve it and so much more", I reply calmly.

"Havend't you heard a word I have said?! I amb trying to keep you well!!! I hate everything about mby sndeezes! And you will too ind a few days!!" 

I ease forward, slowly, until we are so close, we are nearly touching. The tension between us reaches boiling point and I can't take it any longer. I pull him into my arms. His chest heaves harder and I feel my shirt getting wet. I don't say a word. Instead I hold him close to me, while running my other hand along his back. Finally, he calms down. His breathing deepens, while his heartbeat that had started to slow, quickens against my chest.

"This is what I mbean", he whispers. "It onbly mbakes mbe wandt to kiss you mbore".

I pull his face towards mine and lean forward.



Drew goes to the cupboard and takes out some flour. I think he is going to add it to the soup. Instead he walks back to me, until he is so close that we are face to face, toe to toe. He smirks at me with a mischievous look in his eyes ... and then he sprinkles it above my nose.

"HATCHOO! CHOO!, ch'Hoo-eH! Ept'cH'HoooH!, chhoo, chhoo, chhoo, chh, chh". They come too fast for me to cover. Infectious spray erupts from my nose and covers his. He rubs it in while breathing in deeply.

"I am going to make sure that I catch your sneezy cold. By the time I'm finished, you will know how much I love you... and your sneezes... all of them".

He loves me?? Did Drew really just say that he loves me??

"You mbust be crazy... Or I amb that ill that I amb hallucindatingb... Either way, it wond't take very long. I bet the virus is mbultiplyindg ind your ndose as we speak". Drew takes a navy handkerchief from his pocket, holds it to my nose and tells me to blow.

"Well I guess that means I can kiss you now then". He leans forward until his lips brush against mine. Sparks flood through my soul and I struggle to breath. My nose begins to run and I pull back. He smiles again, eyes all fired up, before leaning forward and rubbing his nose against mine.

"h'He'Eh ETCH'HU!, h'HetshooH! t'shoo, t'Shhoo'H".

"That's it baby... Let them all out.. Share those sexy sneezes with me". He holds his handkerchief back to my nose.


My teeth chatter and I begin to shiver.


Are you hungry? We can eat our soup in front of the fire. I would like to take your temperature first though".

"Nd-nd-ndo, I d-dont'b th-th-thindk I c-c-could eat a-a-anyth-th-ing r-right nd-nd-ndow. I c-cand take s-sombe mbore mb-mbeds ind a-and-andother hour. Mb-mb-mbabe I w-will be after th-th-thend."

I scan Liam's forehead with the thermometer.

"Baby, we can't let your temperature get any higher. It's 40c I know you're really cold but you need to take your sweater off. Your body also needs to rest. Would you prefer the sofa or the bed?"

"I d'dontd knd-knd-kndow, I c-c-cand't th-thindk st-st-straight r-right ndow".

"Okay, well the bed will be a lot more comfortable for you". I lead him to the bedroom and help him onto it. Then I return to the kitchen to turn off the soup and fill a bowl of cold water. On the way back to the bedroom, I stop at the bathroom to get some flannels.

I return to find Liam snoring, fast asleep. I go back to the kitchen to get two glasses of water, Liam's meds and the thermometer. I place them on the shelf, next to the bowl of water, on the side of the bed. Now that I have everything I need, I crawl into the bed beside him. Hopefully he will feel a little better when he wakes up.






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