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Thank you to the authors!


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Thank you to the authors and all of the contributors in our community!!  I am especially grateful this week to have updates to many of my favorite stories all at once like a Thanksgiving miracle!  If Lily makes an appearance and Treehouse were to reappear from MIA it would be perfection.  Seriously,  we have so many wonderful contributors, past and present and I am humbled and grateful.

 I wish all of your characters could get together for a big holiday Celebration…complete with colds and allergen producing decor of course…

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@Privatedancer As an author, I was very happy to see your posting, so I'd like to say a big thank you! ❤️ I don't know if you've read any of my stories, but it doesn't matter if you haven't, I'm always happy to see users appreciating storywriting anyway.

That's really a cool idea about all our characters getting together for a big holiday celebration... 😀

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@Privatedancer And thank you!! Writing is an especially fun and fulfilling process when we get to share it with other folks who also enjoy it! 

And - I REALLY enjoy the idea of all our characters getting together to celebrate the holidays. I can guarantee that Viola would be shy at first but then become chatty and effervescent as she started to relax and get to know people. Medan would be standoffish in a large group setting, unless he noticed someone who seemed to feel especially nervous or uncomfortable - then he might make an effort to chat one-on-one with them. 😊

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I love hearing the responses of how the characters might act and Kiku I checked out and love your goddess site.

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