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Spring Pictures - Original Fiction. (Female)


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Hey guys! 

This is my first fic in the forum! 

Constructive criticism is appreciated. 

I am still working on writing my sneezes.

Anyways, on to the story!



Jamie sat up from bed and yawned. 

   She had spring pictures today, and she wanted to look her best. Jamie changed into her nicest clothing, and went into the bathroom to put on makeup. 

   Jamie was relatively pretty, with shoulder length brown hair and blond highlights, blue eyes, and clear skin, the perfect base for makeup. 

   Jamie finished getting ready, ate breakfast, and headed outside.

   “Hello!” Said a voice as she stepped out onto her porch.

   Jamie looked around to find her neighbor Cleo, who she secretly had a crush on. Cleo had short sandy blond hair with bangs that constantly fell in her face, lots of freckles, and chocolatey brown eyes. She blushed. “Hi Cleo.”

   “How…heh… h-have you been?” Cleo asked, with an odd expression on her face. She rubbed her nose vigorously. 

   “Good! I’m getting spring pictures taken today. You?” Jamie asked.

   “Fine. I… hih… Ugh. I have…heh..heh… bad… HAHAhih’chxoo!” Cleo sneezed, her bangs falling into her eyes. “Ugh. Allergies.” She pushed her bangs out of the way.

   Jamie nodded sympathetically. “Do you have allergy meds?”

   “Out. Sniff.” Cleo explained. Her eyes went glassy, and her eyelids started fluttering. Her lips parted slightly, short little gasps coming out. “Heh… hih hih… HEH… Hext’chtoo!” Cleo groaned, sniffling. She pulled a tissue out of her pocket and blew her nose as quietly as she could. 

   “Do you want me to pick some up for you?” Jamie asked.

   “No…heh… I-I’m gon… hih… gonna pick… some up l-later…HEHHAHAihnxt’CHIEW, Heixt’CHOO!” Cleo vigorously rubbed her nose, the itch not satisfied yet. Once again, her head tipped back, her lips parting slightly, and her nose twitched. Her eyelids closed. “Ncx’ch-iew! Nch’ew!” She stifled these into her tissue, her eyes watering. “Well, see you later. I’m going to go inside and clean up.” Cleo blushed, embarrassed.

   Jamie waved Cleo goodbye, her cheeks red. She unlocked her car and sat down, starting the car.



(Sorry about the font and things, I'm having a bit of trouble).

That’s it for now! Don’t worry, there’s more to come soon! 











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