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Adam Scott (pretend?) poppy allergy

Lady Blessington

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I feel it is my duty to transcribe part of the Adam Scott Aukerman podcast here 🤓 


EP 87: Born in the U.S.A.

SCOTT AUKERMAN: …It would be, uh, ninety thousand dollars, I think?

ADAM SCOTT: Mm-hmm.  Okay.  That’s right. 

SA: Yep.  You’re right. 

AS: Good job.

SA: Which is nothing to sneeze at.

AS: I would not— it might actually make me sneeze.

SA: I think I’m allergic to money, specific—

AS: Say that— say that total again?

SA: Ninety thousand dollars.


SA: Why did you just karate chop me in the stomach? (lol)

AS: Sorry.

SA: Do you think— do you think sneez—

AS: It doesn’t make me sneeze, it makes me karate chop.

SA: You think sneezing is karate chops?

AS: Well, that’s what you do when you’re allergic to something, you karate chop.

SA: (lol)

AS: Like if I walk out, on a spring day, into a field of poppies?  Watch out.

SA: (lol)


SA: Oh!  Black belt!

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