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The Most Wonderful Time of The Year! - (8 Parts)


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OMG! LaLa worte a story?

Yeah! My first sneeze fic ever!!! please tell me what you think of it so far!

Here's my characters:

Hope- 19, a sophomore in college (Brian’s girlfriend)

She is studious and works hard to make good grades. She is shy, but cares about her friends and her boyfriend. Other than scholastics, she is a good cook and singer. She is very creative.

She is 5' 3" and curvy but skinny (it looks natural). She has wavy auburn hair that goes a little past her shoulders and olive green eyes. She has a small, round nose.

Brian- 20, a junior in college (Hope's boyfriend)

He is a track-star who struggles academically (Hope tutors him, which is how they met). He is outgoing, funny, and the kind of person that makes you feel comfortable to be around. He is a good listener and also a tad clumsy. He likes to joke around and tease but cares a lot about Hope.

He is 5' 10" and average body type, but muscular. He has tanned skin. He has short choppy coal-black hair and brown eyes. He has a medium triangle-shaped? nose. (yeah, I'm not good at describing noses)

Here's part I, <hope> you enjoy it (lol that was not intended when I typed it at first)!

There's not any sneezing in this part, but there will be soon, I promise!

Part I

Hope breathed a sigh of relief as she turned in her last exam for the semester. All the hard work she had put into studying had paid off and now she could enjoy winter break. She walked back to her desk and took a sip from her almost empty bottle of water. “That’s weird,” she thought, “I drank a whole bottle of water and my throat’s still sore.” She panicked as realization hit her, “I hope I’m not getting sick!” She quickly dismissed the idea and pulled her purple jacket over her head. As quietly as she possibly could, she crept out of the room and headed down the hallway to meet her boyfriend, Brian. She sat in a chair outside Brian’s classroom and waited for him to finish his exams- he was a much slower test-taker than Hope, so she expected to wait a while.

Hope awoke to Brian’s deep, melodic voice. She loved the way he said her name, “Hope?” A little embarrassed that she had fallen asleep, she sat up and giggled nervously while Brian just smiled. After taking a few minutes to compose herself, she stood up and gave her boyfriend a bear hug. “You look tired,” Brian noted, “I’m kinda tired, too.” He rubbed his eyes, “Man I’m glad those stupid tests are over, now I can enjoy my life!” They broke the hug and began walking to Brian’s car. “How do you think you did?” Hope asked. Brian made a face, “I’m pretty sure I failed the last one, but I should pass all the others,” he added optimistically. They stopped at his car and he opened the door for her. “I don’t even have to ask how you did, I bet you got all perfect grades,” he added, rolling his eyes. Hope giggled, “I don’t think that’s even possible!” She sniffled as Brian ducked his way into his tiny sports car. After starting the car, Brian glanced over at Hope and noticed she was shivering. “Are you cold?” he asked. Hope, who had not realized she was shivering, answered shyly, “A little.” Brian turned on the heat and put the car in drive.


Yeah, it's short BUT I'll post more if people like it!

PLEASE tell me what you think/feedback!

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Thanks dms, I think I will continue ^^

ok here's a really short part that I forgot to post with the section above (oops): I'll just call it part 2!

Part II

At a traffic light, Brian glanced at his rearview mirror. "Perfect timing!" he thought as the girl in the car behind him sneezed what looked like a loud, messy sneeze into her hands. "I bet she has a cold," he mused. He glanced over at his girlfriend who was quietly sniffling, "It would be amazing if Hope got a cold, as long as she didn't feel too sick," he thought. Then he turned his head to the front in time to see the light change green. "Better not think about that while I'm driving," he reprimanded himself.

Brian dropped Hope off at her apartment, reminding her that he would be back tomorrow at noon to take her to his parent's house, where they would be spending their second Christmas together. Hope let herself in and ventured to the kitchen to make some tea for her increasingly scratchy throat. She sipped the hot beverage on the couch and flipped on the television. Before she even had a chance to see what was on, she drifted off into sleep again.

hope you guys like it!

feedback is definitely appreciated!

:bleh: LaLa~

I'm almost done with part III, I'll have it up tomorrow :)

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This looks like it's shaping up into a nice, cute fic! I can't wait to see more of it!

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Thanks for all the sweet comments, you have no idea how happy they make me!

I present to you...PART 3 :santasmiley: enjoy!

Part III

Green eyes opened to a dark room illuminated only by the news broadcast. Hope sat up drowsily and yawned, realizing for the first time how stuffy her nose had gotten. She tried to breathe through it, but was unsuccessful. Instead, she felt a small tickle in the back of her nose. She wiggled her nose like a rabbit to try and diminish the tickle, but it only got stronger. Her eyes closed to slits and she began to breathe in, “heeehhh heeeeehhhh.” Her eyes shut and her face froze in the perfect pre-sneeze tableau. Her breath began to hitch, “heh ehhehhh hah huh huuuhhh heeehhhhh huh hah.” Hope’s small frame bent in half with a loud, powerful sneeze, “Het-CHEW!” followed by a softer, “it-chihu!” Hope bobbed back upright and sniffled thickly, “Gross...I deed a dissue.” She flinched inwardly at the sound of her usually beautiful voice. She trudged over to the tissue box on the counter, sniffling in an attempt to control her now runny nose.

She blew her nose until she had cleared most of the congestion. “I wonder how long I slept?” Hope wondered, and she glanced over at the clock, which read 12:00. She thought, “If it’s midnight now, Brian’s gonna be here in 12 hours, but I can’t go to his parent’s house like this! What should I do?” Her train of thought was interrupted by a knock at the door. “Who’s knocking on my door in the middle of the night?” Hope wondered as she cautiously tiptoed to the door.

She stood on her toes to peer through the viewing hole to see Brian smiling back on the other side. Her heart stopped when she realized her mistake: it was not midnight, or even night at all! It was actually noon and Brian was here to pick her up! She panicked, and not knowing what to do opened the door for Brian.


Sorry this was so short (It seemed longer on my paper)

I am pretty busy for the next few days, but I am working on part 4.

Comments are loved and feedback is appreciated! :)

:laugh: LaLa~

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This is sweet, and I look forward to reading more about Hope and Brian.

You know what? I wrote a story about a year ago with the same title, and when I first saw yours, I thought someone had bumped mine. I'm so glad to see that it is something new!

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I'm really enjoying this and I just can't wait until she opens the door and brian sees what shape she's in! wonderful story.

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You guys are so wonderful!!!!!

Thanks so much for your comments!

@Sneezter: I soooo did not mean to steal your title! But I'm glad you liked it! I guess I should have made sure no one else had that title before I posted it. :lol:

sooo...The moment you've all been waiting for! Part 4!

Part IV

Brian’s beaming smile quickly flashed to a concerned frown, “Hope, are you ok?” Hope tried her best to smile sincerely and pretend nothing was wrong, but at first glance Brian could tell she was sick. Her face turned bright red in embarrassment and she averted her gaze to the floor and mumbled, “um, no, not really...I think I’m sick.” Brian tried to comfort her with a hug, but Hope backed away. “I don’t want to get you sick, too. Maybe I’d better stay home for the holidays, I don’t want to be a burden for your family and I certainly wouldn’t want to get them sick either,” Hope’s eyes filled with tears. She had been looking forward to spending winter break with her boyfriend and his family, but she knew it was best for her to stay home. Brian would have none of it. He insisted that she come and told her not to worry. Despite her protesting, he scooped her into his arms and melted a kiss onto her lips. Hope broke from the kiss suddenly to turn and sneeze into her shoulder, “eh-chuhh!” She glanced away from Brian and mumbled sheepily, “Sorry.” Another kiss told her it was okay.

In Brian’s car, Hope sat in the passenger’s seat coughing lightly into her mittened hand while Brian looked out the opposite window. “I’m the luckiest guy in the world,” Brian thought to himself. “ET-CHEW!” Hope sneezed suddenly and loudly and startled Brian, which caused her to blush furiously (and Brian, too). He listened to Hope cough and sneeze the entire drive to his parent’s house, enjoying every minute of it.

TBC :)

I know, It's kinda short, but I'm working on part 5! (all my parts are gonna be "kinda short" because I'm sure you'd rather have something to chew than to wait forever for a huge part, I know I would...)

As you may know...I am a "total comment whore" and I read one of Niceguy's posts and I couldn't have said it better myself,

AND JUST SO YOU KNOW: We writers LOVE getting comments! So please, and this goes for everyone's work, if you read something and liked it - leave a note. Even if just says "loved it" the writer will appreciate that! (Plus, commenting on a old story, like 'Sitter, bumps it back to the top of list, so someone else is more likely to find/see it and read it - possibly generating more comments. And again - writers love that stuff!) And it really serves as encoragement for us to write more!

<3 you guys!

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As long as I have fans I will write on! I have for you another chapter (the longest yet!)

and a sketch of Hope that I drew on notebook paper and took a picture of because I have no scanner (I'm such a dork lol)


It's not the best picture in the world but it's okay...I figured I would just put it here and not in art because it's just a picture of a pencil sketch :D

:edit: I have no idea why it is sideways O.o

and now CHAPTER 5!!!

Part V

Brian knocked on the door to his parent's house while cuddling a shivering, sniffling bundle called Hope. His mom opened the door and greeted them with the usual cheesy enthusiasm of parents with children in college. "Brian~! How are you sweetie? Are you excited to be home for the holidays? Ooooh~ is this your girlfriend that you've been telling me about? I can't wait to tell you all kinds of things about Brian-" Brian interrupted her before she could say anything he would regret hearing, "yes mother. This is Hope." Mother offered her hand and a warm smile, "Nice to meet you! You can call me Charlotte." Hope hesitated, not wanting to contaminate Charlotte's hand. Hope spoke quietly "Um...nice to meet you Charlotte...I...um...have a cold so..." Charlotte didn't give her a chance to finish the sentence and interjected melodramatically, "Oh! That's too bad! I'm sorry you're sick sweetie! I know Brian will take good care of you though! Oh! Come inside it must be freezing out there! We don't want poor Hope to get worse now do we?" Brian groaned, "Mother..." and Hope sneezed suddenly and loudly, "it-CHEW!" into her hands. "Ah- bless you." Brian smiled. Charlotte panicked, "Oh you poor dear let's get you into bed!" She dragged the confused and scared Hope to a spare room and shoved her into the bed, "There! That should be warm and comfortable!" Satisfied with her work, she calmly walked out of the room as Brian was entering and winked to him, "Take good care of her~". Brian nodded and went in the room and sat on the bed next to Hope. "Sorry about my mom, she's a little...manic...at times," Brian apologized. "It's alright, I don't mind. I don't feel that bad actuall...act...u-al.....l-ly.." her breath hitched and her eyes slid shut. Hope fought the tickle as it burned in her sensitive nose, "huh..heh...ehhh..." The itching abated as a finger was slid under her nose. She opened her eyes to see Brian with his pointer finger under her nose, stopping the sneeze. He laughed playfully and Hope took the hint and laughed too. Then Brian brought her face close to his and whispered, "love you". Hope blushed and pulled away but Brian poked her nose, causing the tickle to return, "huh...hheeehh...hiii..." She started breathing erratically, "huuuh...huuuh...haaa...." and she sneezed several girly, "hat-CHEW!" 's. At the end of her fit, she blushed and hid her face, completely embarrassed to do something like that in front of her boyfriend. But Brian, of course did not think that and he pried her small, pale hands from her equally pale face. Much to Hope's surprise, he did not cringe, but instead kissed her nose and whispered a loving, "Bless you, hon." and gave her a warm embrace. "Brian..." Hope questioned. "hmm?" "Don't you think it's gross that I'm sick and ...sneezing all over the place?" Brain smiled an unusually wide smile, "Of course not. I think it's cute." "Huh? c-cute?" Brian's face burned red with embarrassment, he had not meant to say that out loud. Brian stumbled nervously over his next words "Uh..well you're cute so your sneezes are cute because they are from you and you're pretty cute, I mean you are my girlfriend so of course I think you're cute but-" Hope cut him off with a kiss that melted into his mouth and lasted a few minutes before it was abruptly aborted at the knock on the door, "Brian? Hope? dinner's ready! You can come to the table if you're feeling up to it~!" Charlotte called from the other side of the door. "Are you hungry?" Brian asked his girlfriend. Hope nodded and they got up and ventured to the dining room table.


yeah Charlotte is a bit...bipolar, lol, but then again that pretty much fits because it's the total opposite of the ever cool and composed Brian (haha)

Hope you enjoyed it! It was kinda wierd...I may continue to write if people want me to continue... >>


:twisted: LaLa

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Thank you to dms, silentdreamer789, elements, Blah Blah ILS, The Sneezster, jezebel215, Kunai, and Jules for leaving such nice comments! You have no idea how happy those make me!

Well I haven’t posted a new part in a while because of exams, but now those are over and I have ....PART 6!!! It’s extra long because I figure I've tourtured you all enough with the long wait :hypoc:;) Okay enough talking on with part 6!

Part VI

Dinner was fairly uneventful with the occasional sneeze from Hope and the numerous questions from Charlotte getting to know Hope and catching up with her son’s life. After dinner everyone migrated to the living room to watch cheesy holiday movies. Brian sat on the fluffy red couch with Hope cuddled next to him, Charlotte and her husband sat nearby in twin lazyboy chairs, and Cameron, Brian’s 5 year old little brother, sat on the floor in front of the couch with his eyes glued to the TV. Hope sniffled and shivered despite the warmth of Brian and the fleece blanket wrapped around her. Every time Hope sneezed (which was often) Brian would hold her closer, forcing her to sneeze on his chest. She was a bit confused at first but then she remembered that Brian didn’t mind and this made her feel less guilty about sneezing on him so much. Her sneezes got progressively messier as the movie played starting at a moderately loud “huh...heh...hechoo!” and by the time the movie was almost over they sounded more like a congested and snotty “ehh...huh...huuuhhh...HUT-CHEH!”. Hope’s poor nose could easily compete with Rudolph’s in terms of being bright red, something Cameron pointed out at the end of the movie. As the credits rolled Cameron declared “I like this movie!” Brian agreed, “Me too,” (for different reasons). Hope shot him a skeptical look that seemed to say ‘You weren’t really watching the movie, were you?’ Then Charlotte and her husband left the room to put Cameron to bed. Brian shouted a cheerful, “goodnight!” and Hope tried to do the same, however her breath hitched as she fought yet another tickle in the back of her sore, reddened nose. Brian’s attention was immediately shifted as he witnessed his girlfriend sitting on the couch with the cutest pre-sneeze face he had ever seen. “She looks so helpless and cute...” Brian thought to himself. “Heehhh...EK-CHEW!” Hope snapped forward with the force and sat back up slowly with her hands tented above her mouth and nose and covered in snot. “Gross, and I bet you thought that was cute.,” Hope sniffled thickly. “Bless you,” Brian whispered as he kissed her tented hands. He walked over to grab a box of tissues and Hope sneezed again, “huh...HAT-CHOO!”, doubling her over once again. Brian offered a tissue to the sniffling Hope, but when she moved her hands to reach for the tissue, Brian pressed it against her tiny nose and commanded, “Blow.” After some hesitation she obeyed and Brian praised her, “Good girl.” Hope giggled and was interrupted by a warm kiss planted on her lips.

The loud bang of the door hitting the wall signified Cameron entering the room. He charged up to the bed where Brian and Hope sat up slowly, blinking the sleep out of their eyes. The little boy hopped onto the foot of the bed shouting, “It’s Christmas! Santa was here! Get up! C’mon!” “I’m coming,” Brian mumbled sleepily. And with that the 5 year old raced off to the glowing tree in the game room. Brian and Hope stumbled half-asleep to the game room where Brian’s also half-asleep parents already sat. Cameron was already digging under the tree to find his biggest present to open first. “Merry Christmas!” Charlotte smiled sleeplily. Brian yawned, “you too.” Hope chimed in, “Merry Chriss...muh...huh..mmm...itcheiw!” she sneezed. “Merry Christmas indeed!” Brain thought to himself.

All the gifts were opened, including a few gag gifts for Hope such as cold medicine from Charlotte and a box of tissues from Brian. “At least I’ll use these,” Hope laughed.

Brian looked after Hope carefully all day making her soup, keeping her warm, and teasing her about her stuffed up voice and her red nose. “Brian you’re so sweet to do all this for me. I don’t deserve all this pampering! I’m not a princess!” Hope protested. “Nonsense!” Brian shot back, “Nobody should be sick on Christmas and you definitely deserve to be taken care of, my little princess.” Brian handed her a steaming mug of tea and Hope breathed in the steam to clear her nose. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” She asked. “Mayyyybe,” Brian lightly kissed the top of her head as he slid in the bed next to her. Hope sipped her tea as he carefully adjusted the covers to warm her up. Hope’s head jerked forward “It-chuh!” as she sneezed without warning into her mug of tea. Brian jumped, started by the sneeze. “sniff, sorry!” Hope apologized for her sudden outburst. Brian smiled smoothly, “No apology is necessary,” and gave his girlfriend a warm hug from behind.


Hope ya enjoyed it~! Tell me if you liked it!

<3 LaLa

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Oh, I liked it very much!!! I love that Brian is just so darn sweet to Hope. *sighs happily* And Cameron is really cute, too.

More, more, more, please. :drool:

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ahhhh! i LOVE this story!!! esp cause brian reminds me of how my bf takes care of me, and how his family is! I loved the gag gifts idea! haha...you are an awesome writer! thank you!

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OMG I actually continued it (even after I said I wouldn't) !!!! It's not dead yet!!! XD

This just came to me in a flash and I had to add it to the story!

This part contains Male and Female sneezing from colds!!! :P


Brian woke up in the middle of the night to find that Hope was not in the bed. He began to wonder where she was when a couple muffled sneezes came from behind the bathroom door. He got up to check on his girlfriend and opened the bathroom door slightly. Hope was at the sink blowing her abused red nose. She noticed the door and glanced over to Brian, who was peeking in the crack curiously. At her acknowledgement, he opened the door the rest of the way and walked in asking “How’re you feeling babe?” Hope sniffed thickly. “Uh, terrible. I can’t stob sneezing” she replied, her voice laced with congestion. Brian’s features melted with concern as he came over and hugged Hope and kissed her forehead. “You’ve got a fever.” He stated. Hope’s expression changed to one Brian was very familiar with. “Huh...Hitchew!” She sneezed wetly, trying her best to catch the spray in her hands, unfortunately (or fortunately) Brian was awfully close and some of the stray spray hit him. “You sneezed on me!” Brian laughed. Hope was horrified, “Oh no! I’m so sorry I- Heh...HET-CHUH!” She sneezed another wet sneeze into cupped hands. “Don’t worry about it” Brian kissed her forehead again. “You better get back to bed.” “Okay” Hope agreed, sniffing miserably. Brian tucked his shivering, sniffling girlfriend tightly into warm covers and then joined her once again in the warm bed.

When Brian woke the next morning Hope was fast asleep next to him. She looked so cute with her little pink nose and sweet sleeping face. It was a shame she didn’t enjoy her cold as much as he did. He was a little hungry so he left Hope to sleep and ventured to the kitchen for a bite to eat. He dug out the cereal box from the pantry and some milk from the fridge. Charlotte looked over at her son curiously as he munched his cereal. “Sweetie, are you alright? You look a bit pale...” Charlotte worried. “I’m fine mom.” Brian answered. He hadn’t noticed it before, but his nose was a little stuffy and his throat a tiny bit sore, but he had just contributed it to having just woken up. Charlotte’s frown deepened. “You sound sick. Are you sure you didn’t catch Hope’s cold? You two have spent an awful lot of time together in the past few days.” Brian replied. “Nah, I’m fine. I just woke up’s probably why.” “At least, that’s what I hope is why...” Brian thought to himself. At that, Charlotte seemed to accept the answer and left him to his cereal. After breakfast, Brian decided to check to see if Hope was awake yet. He peeked into the room and saw that she was exactly as he left her- fast asleep. Brian smiled, but that smile quickly changed when he felt a tickle in the back of his slightly stuffy nose. Before Brian could even think, he sneezed a loud “ATCHOO!”, misting the floor. “Bless you!” Charlotte called from somewhere in the house. Brian sniffled. “I hope I didn’t wake Hope” he thought. He continued his journey to the bed where he sat down on his side and grabbed a tissue to wipe his nose. He settled under the covers and tried to get warm. He had finally gotten comfortable, but his nose had other plans. He could feel the tickle, soft at first, but it was rapidly becoming stronger and causing his breath to hitch. He knew another sneeze was inevitable and in an effort to remain quiet and not wake his sleeping girlfriend, he stifled the powerful sneeze in his arm. He sniffled reflexively, but this only triggered another sneeze, which was a little harder to stifle this time. “Huh-NGXT!” He muffled into his elbow. “Uhhh” Brian moaned. His nose had become quite stuffy. “Good morning sneezy.” Hope murmured sleepily. “Sorry, did I wake you?” Brian asked, slightly embarrassed. “Nah, I was already awake. Looks like you finally got my cold, huh?” she sniffled. “Maybe...” Brian glanced away, his cheeks reddening. Hope giggled at his sudden shyness. “I knew you’d catch it sooner or later, Bri.” she teased. Brian gave up his facade and gave into his growing exhaustion. He sniffled into a completely clogged up nose “Hopey I don’t feel good...” He whined. “Aww poor Bri” She hugged him, sniffling softly herself.

AWW poor Brian~ He totally had it coming! :D

TBC? yes? no? buttered toast?


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