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Callie's Not-So-Fantastic Voyage: The Story


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Hey everyone! Time for another strange little project from the mind of Blah-San.

But wait! It's not just me... This is a joint effort, between me and Kiwifruit. She and I have been coming up with this little plot for the past few days, and while I've been writing out what you'll see in this thread, she's been drawing a whole comic adaptation to go along with it. For anyone who enjoys reading this, checking that comic out is essential, and even if you don't enjoy this I urge you to take a look anyway. Her awesome comic adaptation can be found here:


Now, this is just part 1, and it's mostly setup. As a warning, there is no sneezing yet. There will be in part 2, which is well under way and will hopefully be posted soon.

Without further ado...

Callie leaned against the side of her habitat, sitting on top of a twig. Not many people were capable of sitting on something so small, but Callie wasn't like most people. As part of a top-secret experiment, she had been genetically engineered and grown, although the word "grown" had to be taken with a grain of salt. Callie only stood a few millimeters tall. That was exactly the purpose of the experiment: to create miniaturized humans to suit various purposes. Callie's specific purpose hadn't been decided yet, but she was incredibly nimble, so she had a feeling she would be trained for covert missions or something similar. All of it sounded like something out of a silly spy movie, even to Callie.

Directly on the other side of the habitat was Doctor Rebecca Knight. She was still fairly young to be in a position such as hers, so Callie could only assume that she was a child prodigy or something of the sort. Of all the scientists working on the project, Rebecca was the only one who was even remotely kind to the specimens. She was the only one that treated Callie like another person, at least some of the time. Rebecca still called her by her specimen number, N-035. In fact, Callie was the only person who knew that her name was Callie at all. She never had a real name, so one day she chose one for herself. She didn't often get to talk to the scientists directly, and even if she could, she might not even bother telling them.

Rebecca smiled at Callie, leaning down so that her face was directly in front of the miniature human. Callie looked back, but she didn't return the smile. It made Rebecca sad that her specimen was usually in a bad mood, but she wasn't quite sure what she could do about it. Suddenly, Callie started to move. Rebecca watched intently, as Callie usually made it a point not to do much of anything when she was being watched directly. The young scientist wondered what her specimen was up to, but if she had been paying more attention to her surroundings she would have realized immediately.

Callie's habitat was essentially a fancy fish tank. It was a plexiglas cube, part of which was a small living area and the rest a simulated outdoor environment. However, on this particular day, the top of the habitat had not been properly sealed after one of the other scientists dropped off some food for Callie. There was a small gap between the top and the side, just large enough for Callie to squeeze through. Rebecca continued to watch as the miniature human scaled the wall of the habitat, using her heightened strength and agility to speed herself along. Callie stopped just below the gap. If Rebecca saw her leaving the habitat, there would be trouble for sure. Callie would simply have to wait until the scientist was distracted.

Luckily, Callie didn't have to wait for very long. Less than a minute later, one of the other scientists opened the door to the small observation room. Rebecca looked up over the habitat at the door, her eyes leaving Callie for a few crucial seconds. The miniature human scrambled to the top of the habitat as Rebecca and the other scientist conversed for a moment. This distraction only lasted for a few seconds, but it was all that Callie needed. When Rebecca looked back at the habitat, Callie was nowhere to be seen. Rebecca leaned in close, assuming that she had simply lost track of her specimen. Callie smirked and took a leap of faith.

Proportionally, Callie was much stronger than a normal human. Due to her small size she couldn't move as fast or jump as high as a normal person could, but relative to her size, she was vastly superior to regular-sized people. When Rebecca leaned in close, Callie took a tremendous leap from the top of the habitat. Callie flew through the air, flying for what felt like an eternity as she crossed the gap between the edge of the habitat and Rebecca's face. After only a second, the miniature human landed on top of the young scientist's nose.

Starting to slide down Rebecca's nose, Callie dug her hands and feet in, catching herself. She stayed in place, but Rebecca noticed her grip. Luckily, the scientist assumed it was nothing more than an itch. She never would have guessed that her specimen was literally right before her eyes. Callie held on tight, but Rebecca reached her index finger up to her nose and started to rub. Her nose was bent back and forth repeatedly, pushed around by her outstretched finger. Callie managed to hold on for a few seconds, but Rebecca simply continued to rub.

"Ugh, itchy nose," Rebecca complained to herself, still rubbing her nose. "Maybe I should do some dusting in here." Less than a second after Rebecca uttered her last word, Callie's grip finally gave out. She slid down the top of the scientist's nose, but she managed to catch the index finger sliding back and forth underneath it. Rebecca's finger was moving too much for her to hold onto for long, so Callie let go voluntarily before falling. Just as she had planned, she grabbed onto Rebecca's upper lip before falling too far. Once she had a firm grip, Callie looked up and rolled her eyes in annoyance when she saw that Rebecca was still rubbing her nose.

Eventually, the young scientist did stop rubbing her nose, to Callie's relief. As soon as she did, the miniature human did her best to scale Rebecca's face. There weren't many hand holds, but Callie was strong and she didn't have very far to go. Once she was directly beneath Rebecca's nose, Callie smiled to herself. She glanced up into the nostrils above her, taking a deep breath as she prepared to finish her climb up Rebecca's face. After taking a moment of rest, Callie made one final push and crawled into Rebecca's right nostril.

To be continued...

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I...HELL TO THE YES. I LOVE any kind of story that involves going inside people (I used to call it "inherration" as a little kid, pff :blushing:), and this one looks like it's gonna be awesome!

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I'm very excited about where you two are going with this! *dances with anticipation*

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^ :wub: This pretty much sums it up. You guys came up with a great idea, I love when I can experience sneeze-related things both verbally and visually. I can't wait for the rest. ;)

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Awww, poor Callie... yay for itchy noses... I can't wait to see what happens next. Will she escape the facility? Awesomely written (as always). :(

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Need more! This is so well done! :)

The comic is awesome also. You guys are such a good team!

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Hey everyone! It's time for Part 2! Yes, there is finally some sneezing in this part. I hope you enjoy it!

After a long day at work, Rebecca finally arrived home. N-035 was her favorite specimen, but to her dismay she had to work with others after that morning and didn't get a chance to see her again. Either way, it was a good day, and Rebecca was satisfied with the work she had done. She was feeling awfully hungry, but dinner would have to wait for a minute. Rebecca always checked her email as soon as she arrived home, just to make sure she didn't miss anything from the end of the day.

Rebecca sat down at her computer and waited for it to boot up. It was a fairly quick computer, so she didn't have to wait for very long. As she opened her email client, the young scientist felt a slight prickle in her right nostril. Frowning, Rebecca reached her index finger up to her face. "Ugh! Itchy nose again! Must be my allergies," she moaned to herself, entering her various passwords. Due to the nature of her work, Rebecca's computer and emails were heavily encrypted, and each required a set of different passwords to access.

Rubbing her nose, Rebecca waited for her final password to be confirmed. Finally, her email inbox was ready for her perusal, but there was only one message. The title was a series of numbers and letters, unintelligible to anyone outside of the project, but Rebecca knew what it meant. She didn't like the sound of the title, and the actual message disturbed her even more. Specimen N-035 had gone missing. Rebecca felt choked up, especially since N-035 was her pride and joy. No other specimen had shown the same skill or motivation. During a break in Rebecca's nose rubbing, Callie leaned out of her nostril and read the email. It amused her, and she couldn't help but chuckle a little.

After properly closing and locking her email client, Rebecca stood up from her computer and wobbled over to her bed. Dinner would have to wait even longer. The young scientist felt little light-headed, and all she could think to do at this point was lie down and gather her thoughts. She fell onto her bed, catching herself with her elbows and holding her head over her pillows. Despite all the thoughts racing through her mind, Rebecca was once again distracted by an itch in her nose. As silly as it seemed, she couldn't help but utter "Darn itchy nose! Do I have to dust here too?"

Rebecca vigorously rubbed her index finger back and forth under her nostrils, desperately trying to relieve the itching. Her nose bent back and forth, pushed by her firm rubbing. Needless to say, Callie was tossed around quite a bit. She rolled her eyes in annoyance and tried to crawl farther back into Rebecca's nose. The miniature human hoped it that the ground beneath her would be more stable away from the rubbing finger. However, as Callie crawled deeper into the scientist's nose, it only itched more. Eventually, the itch gave way to a potent tickle, and Rebecca could tell she would have to sneeze. "Uh oh," she breathed, her eyes closing lazily.

Pressing her finger firmly up under her nose, Rebecca tried to hold her sneeze in. For a moment, she thought it would work, but the tickling only grew more powerful as she waited. Eventually, Rebecca simply gave up, allowing her finger to fall away from her nose. "Ah… Ahh… Ahhh!" Inside of the nose, Callie froze. She realized exactly what was about to happen, and all she could think was "uh oh…" The miniature human held on tight, but she knew it was a vain effort.

"Ha-SHOO!" Rebecca sneezed, her head bobbing forward. It was a feminine sneeze, but it was definitely still strong enough to send Callie flying. The miniature human was blasted out of the scientist's nostril and she flew for what felt like miles before colliding with a pillow. Luckily, Callie was unharmed. It was no surprise, considering where she landed and the fact that she was specifically designed to handle a lot of abuse. She took a deep breath and then opened her eyes, but what she saw was far from pleasing. Rebecca's nostrils were directly in front of her, and Callie just knew that she was going to sneeze again.

"Ah… Ahh… Ahhh!" Callie braced herself for another sneeze, although now that she was outside the nose it would be much easier to endure. Rebecca's head was tilted back slightly in preparation, but it quickly shot downward again with a feminine "Ha-SHOO!" Gale-force winds rushed over Callie, but again she was unharmed. She breathed a sigh of relief, opening her eyes again. Rebecca's nostrils were above her again, but they were much closer this time. Callie was sure that she could have reached out one of her tiny arms and touched the underside of the scientist's nose. However, just as Callie was about to test this theory, the nose sniffed, sucking her into its depths.

To be continued, again...


Oh! One more thing!

Kiwifruit and I have decided that we're totally open to taking suggestions from our loyal fans. We have most of Part 3 worked out already, but if anyone has anything they'd like to see in the future of the story, let us know and we'll do our best to incorporate it into Part 4 or later.

Thanks a lot!

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I LOVE this story it is just way too adorable :D and promising!!!

But I was wondering is anyone posting on ur rp site cause I really wanna do one :/ but if no ones on its not fun :D

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Glad you like it!

And the roleplay site is a bit inactive as of late, but that's mostly my fault. I've been busy working on this. :D

Feel free to start something up if you want to though.

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I like your use of awesome concepts. ^^ Hmm... N-035 does seem to have a particular preference for the scientist's nose... :P *wonders how this of course completely coincidental thing came to be* :P Very curious to see what happens next. :P

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Oh, the possibilities... like if Callie were to make jewelry out of some pollen that Rebecca was highly allegic to...

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I have a weakness for going-inside-people stories (stems from Magic School Bus, maybe XD), so this is awesome! I can't wait to see what other trouble Callie can get herself into.

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Just like that shrinking choose-your-own-adventure story, this is a lot of fun you guys!

Hmm... so I wonder... is there a plan in the works here? Could N-035 be planning to exploit Rebecca oh-so-sneezy nose to escape the facility? (unless Rebecca's room is already outside the facility...)

Or perhaps one of the other tiny test subjects has a more dastardly plan. Spoiling the secrecy of Callie's escape, for instance...?

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Ooh, Blah! You've indulged one me my most favourite scenarios once again :D Not sure what it is about 'insider' stories, but I do know that I have a particular fondness for them and this one is no exception! :D

Very much looking forward to seeing what happens next, and also Kiwi's artwork that goes along with it :D *runs off to artwork forum as fast as his little legs will carry him*

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Ooh, Blah! You've indulged one me my most favourite scenarios once again :hug: Not sure what it is about 'insider' stories, but I do know that I have a particular fondness for them and this one is no exception! :)

Very much looking forward to seeing what happens next, and also Kiwi's artwork that goes along with it :hug: *runs off to artwork forum as fast as his little legs will carry him*

Ditto :laugh: :laugh:

"Insider stories" :D

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I've really liked this story so far. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.

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Sorry for the long delay, everyone! We are most definitely still going, and I'm going to post part 3 right here and right now.

Also, part 4 has already been written, and Kiwifruit is really awesome, so we're nowhere near done yet.

Anyway, here's part 3:


After a moment of wallowing, Rebecca stood up from her bed. She still felt very upset, but she had decided that laying around and moping weren't going to help the situation at all. In the long run, the young scientist had no idea what to do. Until she thought of something, she decided that it would be best to take her mind off of everything that had happened. Letting out a quiet sigh, Rebecca headed for her kitchen to start making dinner. Something simple like soup or stew would be nice.

Deep inside Rebecca's nose, Callie was stuck. She was still disoriented from being inhaled, but her thoughts were coherent enough for her to know that she couldn't move. Her upper body was okay, she could move her arms and her head, but her legs were unresponsive. Eventually, once her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she saw what had happened. The miniature human's legs were caught in a glob of snot, and no matter how hard she tried, she simply couldn't break free. The only thing she didn't try was digging herself out, since she didn't want to risk getting her hands stuck as well. However, after a moment of thinking, Callie had an idea.

Callie grabbed a lock of her long blond hair an reached it toward the side of Rebecca's nose. The tips of her hairs brushed against the nose, and Callie started to tickle as vigorously as she could. At first, nothing happened at all, but Callie kept on trying. As far as she could see, there wasn't anything else she could do. This was her best bet for escaping. As she continued tickling the inside of Rebecca's nose, the young scientist finally began to feel something. As she cooked herself some stew, Rebecca reached a hand up to her face and started to rub her nose. By this point, she was too down on herself to wonder why her nose was itching yet again, so she simply rubbed it and tried not to think about it.

When she felt movement, Callie smiled to herself. She could tell that the entire nose was moving around her, and that meant she was making progress. The miniature human continued tickling as furiously as she could, her hopes high. A moment later, the air rushing past her as Rebecca breathed grew frantic, and Callie's smile widened.

"Ahhh… Haahh…" Knowing that she was about to sneeze, Rebecca brought her hands up to her face. The last thing she wanted to do was sneeze into her stew. That would only make a bad day worse. Placing her hands over her nose and mouth, the young scientist prepared to sneeze, not thinking anything of it. Her breath hitched a bit more, and finally she sneezed into her hands. "HA-CHOO!"

Rebecca gasped when she felt something actually hit her hands as she sneezed. She blinked, wondering whether or not she had actually sneezed something out. Moving her hands away from her face, Rebecca glanced down into them to see if anything was really there. When she saw what was in her hands, she nearly had a heart attack. Her favorite specimen, the allegedly missing N-035, was right before her eyes.

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Also, part 4 has already been written, and part 5 is already partly planned out, so we're nowhere near done yet.

Oh geez, don't say this, too much pressureee xD And part five is not partially planned, we're still in dispute about that :blushing: Ignore this part guys <3 :hug:

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