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Unbroken Glass


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So, I've spent the last month or so being ripped to shreds on a writing critique site, so I'm still licking my wounds...I hope you guys will be nice to me, as you always are! I've decided that in between novels, I will write a new story on here. I just finished my seventh novel, and so here I am. Also, maybe you'll buy my book on Amazon Kindle or iTunes? It's been out for a while now.

Unbroken Glass

Part One:

“No! Nononononono! Don’t do this to me. Not now!”

Tassielli punched the steering wheel of her ancient Ford pickup, frustration and anger battling for her attention. Out of all the times in the world for her truck to die, it had to choose now, while she was on a long stretch of empty road with nothing but grass, trees, and cows on all sides.

Muttering to herself, she snatched up her cell phone and--groaned. The damned thing was out of battery. Dead. Just like her truck.


It was still fantastic two hours later--at two in the morning. She sat there stewing, trying to keep her temper in check. She was supposed to pick up her brother Toby hours ago. He was probably worried about her. God, how she hated making him worry.

Several minutes later, headlights appeared in the distance, growing closer. Nervously, Tassi slid from her truck and stood there waving like an idiot as a rusty old Jeep came into view, stereo blasting out some annoying rap song.

The fantasticness just wouldn’t end.

The car pulled up next to her, and she knew a moment of pure terror. Anyone could be in that car. A rapist, a serial killer--she cut herself off before she could hyperventilate.

The music abruptly cut off. The window slowly slid down and a shaggy, dark blond head poked out. Green eyes studied her with obvious interest.

“Oh. God. You have got to be kidding me,” she said to no one in particular. “There is just no way this is happening. I do not accept this. Nope. Nope, nope, nope.”

“Hah!” came a triumphant male voice. “I knew we’d meet again. I’m a big believer in destiny, see, and this just totally proved me right!”

She put her hand to her head, sighing. “So. Carter, isn’t it? I seem to be in need of…assistance.” The words stuck in her throat, but she managed them. For Toby.

“Is that so?” Carter drawled, flashing his so-not-cute dimples. “And here I am with this perfectly functioning vehicle. Now, isn’t that something?”

“Look, either you give me a ride, or you don’t. Either way, you need to stop talking because your voice is like nails on a chalkboard.” …Which was a complete lie. His voice was like honey, all slow and warm and smooth.

He laughed.

Big mistake.

Tassielli’s face hardened and she stared at him. Just stared, never blinking.

Sweat began to form over his strained face. He blinked rapidly, but did not look away. More sweat poured off him, his left eye beginning to twitch.

Finally, she glanced away, and he sighed audibly, wiping a trembling hand over his brow. She’d been told her stare was like looking into the eyes of death.

“Hop on in, then,” he said a little shakily. “I’ll take you wherever you need to go.”

Hating herself, she climbed into his car, shutting the door behind her. She pressed her cheek to the window, closing her eyes.

“You…uh…okay?” he asked quietly.

“I’m peachy. You know Ashling Street?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Head there.”

“Your wish is my command.”

They drove for a few minutes in silence, which was finally broken by a soft hitch of breath and a grumbled little moan.

Carter turned his face into his left shoulder and sneezed forcefully. “Hh’tCHhiuuh!” He gave his head a shake, sniffled, and faced the road again.

“Don’t give me your germs,” Tassi said for the sake of being mean. She didn’t like men of any shape or form, and she especially didn’t like arrogant jerks who thought any woman would simply swoon at their feet--read: Carter.

“I’m not sick,” he replied rapidly, blinking watery eyes.

“Of course not.” She rolled her eyes. Men were all the same.

“Okay, maybe I am,” he admitted. “But it’s nothing serious. Just a stuffed-up nose. And a semi-sore throat. And sort of a headache. And my chest is kind of tight. And--”

“Uh-huh, thanks for sharing. But, really, keep it to yourself.”

He shrugged, muffling a cough in his elbow. “You can pretend to hate me all you want. But I know the truth. You secretly can’t resist me. It’s my masculine charm. No need to blame yourself. I’m irresistible.”

Tassi groaned, combing her hands back through her thick, dark hair. “I think you should just stop talking, because I’m embarrassed for you.”

“I don’t think…hihhh…Hehhissshhahh!” He sneezed straight ahead, all over the steering wheel and dashboard.

Tassi cringed away. “You’re disgusting!”

He bit his lip, still looking a bit fuzzy. His mouth slowly opened, his eyes drifting shut. His head pitched forward with another “Hig’phhishhnnk!

She snorted. “What the heck? Was that seriously supposed to be a sneeze?”

“I’ll have you know my sneezes are the sexiest of all sneezes,” he proclaimed, rubbing a hand under his reddened nostrils.

“Um, no. They’re repulsive.”

“Thou doth protest too much.” He sent her a dimpled grin.

She buried her face in her hands.

This was going to be a long drive.


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Scion - I was just wondering what the name of your book is on iTune's and Amazon Kindle; lol sorry I forgot to ask. Thanks. :)

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I think you've told us before but what's your books name? Cause I forgot. Anyway good posty installmenty thingamickiabobbamacallit. It's my name it's my name! *Jumps up in down in circles* I has a truck! I love trucks. 4x4s or other. Just awesome inventions of man. I blew a lot of money on one. But hey, that's cause I can('t). I love you. Have a great book sale thingimabbobamacallit.

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I knew this was yours before I even looked at the poster.

And I just love Tassi's trains of thought. I think this may be the most lighthearted beginning you've ever given us. Carter's sneezes are so yummmeeeeh!

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sillystarsmoons: Yay! Thank you. :evilsmiley03: *does happy dance*

Tassielli: Lol! She seemed like a truck girl to me. She's such a fun character to write! Usually I don't like writing about girl characters 'cause I'm weird, but yeah, she's cooool. I have a Jeep...which my dad bought for me...some day I WILL pay him back. Heheh. Aww, thank you. ^^ Love you more!

obsessed: Ha! I'm sure he'd love that. :taz:

Emily: Lol, stop making me feel predictable! You're giving me a complex. Jk. Yepyep, a light beginning for sure. But that can't last, because my twisted mind won't let it. *sigh* I bet you never saw that one coming!

Umm, for those who asked, my book's called xTxAxMxIxNxG xSxHxAxDxOxWxS --without all the x's, obviously! :spidy: And of course, it has a shout-out to you guys somewhere in there lol. You know what I mean.

Part Two:

“So,” Carter said cheerfully, “what’s on Ashling Street? Strip club?” He waggled his brows suggestively.

Tassi bonked her head against the window a few times. “I’m not going to grant that absurd statement with a response, and I’m not going to rise to your bait.”

“Bait? What bait?” He wiggled his dimples at her. “Just tryin’ to be friendly over here.”

“Well, stop.”

He shrugged. “Whatever you say. You’re the boss.” He made a weird growling noise in the back of his throat.

She peered at him. “You turning into a werewolf or something, bud?”

“Nope,” he said, his voice choked. “Trying not to cough. Wouldn’t want to give you my germs.”

She squinted suspiciously. “Just cover your mouth or something. I don’t need to be subjected to those appalling beast-sounds.”

“The more you deny it, the more I know you love me,” he grinned, then brought his elbow up for something to cough into. The coughing continued for a long time--too long. His face became strawberry red, his eyes clogging with thick tears.

“Are you sure you should be driving?” Tassi asked, wondering what the strange, tightening sensation in her chest could be.

Finally, he pulled himself together, panting for breath and blinking the tears from his pinkened eyes. “W--wow. I guess that’s what I get for trying not to cough all day. Won’t be doing that again!” His elbow came up again, waiting as his eyelids drooped and his nostrils expanded. He rolled forward with a “Hah’ksshh’uh!

Tassielli blinked.

“Mm. I needed that,” Carter sighed. His eyes slid to her. “You like?”

She would NOT blush. She slapped a scowl onto her face and snapped, “Could you possibly be any more arrogant? How does that ego of yours even fit inside your skull?”

“More protests,” he smiled. “You must really like me.”

She threw hands up. “You know what? Fine! You win. I’m secretly harboring an enormous crush on you because you’re oh-so-hot and those dimples of yours are to die for and--whew!--that bod! I’d like to dip you in chocolate and--”

Carter’s whooping laughter interrupted her, pouring through the car in deep, slow waves. “Oh, man,” he wheezed. “You are one awesome chick. Destiny, how I love thee.”

She frowned. Would nothing she said ever get through to him? Was he just going to drool over her like a lost puppy for the rest of eternity?

“How do you feel about my suggestion to shut up?” she asked.

“Heh’kSHhhmmff!” he said, rubbing his nose. He grinned. “I think I’m turning you on. That’s why you’re so touchy. You wanna get jiggy with me, and it’s killing you.”

Anger and embarrassment blasted her in the face. “All right, that’s it!” She flung the car door open, preparing to jump.

“Holy hell! What are you doing, woman!?” Carter bellowed, jerking the wheel to the right and slamming on the gas. “You trying to kill yourself!?”

“Anything to get away from you!” she shot back as he spun the wheel wildly.

Tires screeched as the car fishtailed, nearly sending her out onto the pavement. Tassi gripped her seat with desperate fingers, her heart hammering to escape her chest. The car came to a jarring halt in the center of the road at an awkward 90 degree angle.

“Damn,” Carter murmured, resting his head on the wheel. “I always wanted to do that.”

The hair on the back of Tassi’s neck rose suddenly, and she cut her gaze to the left just in time to see an enormous SUV round the sharp bend in the road at a good forty miles-per-hour. The SUV’s horn blared--and then the vehicle plowed straight into them.

The last thing Tassielli saw was Carter’s white, terrified face as the SUV’s headlights beamed straight for him.




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Eep. Cliffhanger. Awesome start. :taz: ... just one question... how *does* Carter's ego fit inside his skull? :spidy:

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Aww Scion, this story is amazing, Carter is cute. I love it. Thanks for the info on your book. :spidy: I can't wait for another chapter. :taz:

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Well, you ARE kinda predictable, but it's also sorta like I recognize your style. Even your novel, the title is like so you. LOL Does that even make sense. And I totally didn't think for a moment that your love for tragedy would kill that happy, flowery beginning. Nope, not at all. :D

And Tassi's outburst! ♥

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Sigrith: Thank you! :D And good question hehehe. I'll ask him and get back to you. :blushing: But yeah, I'll go into his enormous ego more later.

sillystarsmoons: Aww, thank you so much! Glad you like it--and Carter! :winkkiss:

Ciuty80: Woo! Yay! Thank you! :inlove:

Emily: Haha, yeah, it makes sense! But I swear my novels aren't as predictable as these lmao. And the endings usually aren't all mushy and whatnot. My new goal is to surprise you! I WILL do this. :D

elements: Awesome! Thank you!

obsessed: Teeheehee. Incoherency is good. ^^

Part Three:

She didn’t think. She simply reacted. With a strangled cry, Tassi grabbed Carter under the arms and yanked as hard as she could. The two of them went flying backwards, out through the passenger-side door and onto the icy pavement just as the SUV would have crushed them.

The shriek of metal on metal stuck the air like a banshee’s wail as the two cars collided.

He landed on top of her, but instead of pushing him away, she curled around him, squished her eyes shut, and waited for her blood to stop screaming in her ears. Above her, Carter was still as death; he barely seemed to be breathing.

“FUCK!” bellowed a male voice from seemingly miles away. “OH MY GOD!”

Footsteps pounded toward them, hurried and frightened, and the voice came again: “Shit! Are you okay? I’m so sorry! Christ, you were in the middle of the freaking road!”

“Mmf,” Tassi said.

Someone tried to pull Carter away from her, but she clung to him.

“NO! DON’T TOUCH HIM!” she snarled.

“Shit! Okay. Okay! I just thought--can you breathe under there?”

Ignoring this new imbecile, Tassielli concentrated on Carter. She cupped the back of his head, whispering, “Hey, Ego-Face. Can you hear me?”

He grunted.

There was that irksome tightening sensation again. “Are you okay?”

He lifted himself up onto his elbows and stared down at her with dilated pupils. His mouth curved up. “That,” he said wonderingly, “was awesome!”

She blinked. “Excuse me?”

“That was freaking awesome, man! You totally saved my life!”

“And now I am about to end it,” she growled, shoving at his chest. “Get off me, you big lug!”

Laughing, he dragged himself off her and sat with his arms curled around his knees. He kept laughing until his eyes bled tears and his face turned red and he sounded utterly hysterical. Then he started rocking back and forth, still cackling like a madman.

“Um. Are you having an episode?” Tassi asked.

“I think I should call an ambulance,” the imbecile said. She looked at him. He was about her age, with messy black hair that flopped down to his shoulders, sensitive green eyes, and a nose that was slightly too big for his thin face.

“I think you should shut up,” she remarked.

As Carter continued to spew laughter, Tassielli crawled over to him and bonked him on the back of the head. He didn’t react, just kept on chortling maniacally. After a few more seconds, the laughter transformed into harsh choking sounds; he rested his forehead on his knees, his back heaving as he coughed.

“Oh, for God’s sake.” Tassi thumped him on the back--which didn’t help. The pressure on her chest intensified, and her thumps turned to soothing circles.

He calmed down some as she continued to gently rub his back, finally able to draw a deep breath without breaking into another fit. “Damn,” he gasped. “Damn, sorry. Sorry.”

“It’s okay,” she said, starting to shake. “It’s okay.”

From between his knees came the sound of a muffled little “Hkt’chhmphh!”--and then another, this one more contained: “Hm’chh!

“Bless you,” the imbecile said.

Tassi turned on him. “Are you still here!?”

He blinked, shifted from foot to foot. “Um. Yeah. I can’t just leave. Your car is, uh…well, your car--your car is freaking wrecked, lady.”

She closed her eyes. “Of course.” She rolled her eyes, shivering.

“Are you cold?” Carter asked. Before waiting for her answer, he slid out of his sweatshirt and draped it over her shoulders.

Tassi raised a brow, but didn’t thank him--that would satisfy him.

“Um, look, we really need to call the police,” the imbecile said, hovering over them with his hands stuffed in his pockets.

“No, we don’t,” Carter replied with a scary little smile. “It’s my sister’s car.”

“What?” Tassi glared at him. “What does that even mean? Are you some kind of chauvinist or something?”

“Nooo.” He shivered, then buried a sneeze in his knees. “Chh’ISH! Hah’chksshh!” He rubbed his nose on his jean-clad knees, then peered at her with drippy eyes, arching a dark blond brow. “You’re staring. I mean, not that I can blame you.”

She narrowed her eyes. “You can’t possibly know how much I want to punch you right now.”

“HELLO?” Mr. Imbecile shouted impatiently. “Are you two just gonna sit there chatting it up all night?”

“Oh, um.” Carter glanced up at him, and his eyes bugged. “Cam?”

The imbecile’s jaw dropped. “Carter?”


Sooo, there IS going to be a twist, and if anyone guesses it, I will officially resign as a writer. :D

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I'm loving this! Super glad you're writing another story! Yay!

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Haha, I can't wait then! Emily likes surprises. I'll make sure I don't say anything if I guess the twist. I'd be a sad sniveling mess without you D:

And damn. Carter has episodes? o__o I see you brought Cam back into the picture. :winkkiss: I liked him.

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I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Sorry I've been absent on commenting on your stories lately (I've been absent in general, actually :/) but aksfhjkdhfjkfa GOD, the hiatus was worth it. This is wonderful! Carter's adorable, all egotistic yet gentlemanly and Tassi is super tough and sharp and awesome and akslsdhfjkahfa your twists and your writing ahhhhh baby this is so good!!!

[ edited because I can't spell or type properly when I am this excited lol ]

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Rachiella44: Thanks, darling! Glad you're loving it. :laugh:

Emily: Haha, good. 'Cause you're gonna get one. I thought about the twist all day and came up with a bunch of different options...we'll see how it goes! Must. Surprise. Emily. Or. Else! Hehe, nah. He doesn't really have episodes, exactly. Hmm. I won't say any more on that for now! Twistyness and all! YES. I am obsessed with Cam lol.

Sen Beret: DARLING! No need to apologize. I've been gone for a while and I just started posting again a few days ago. BUT SERIOUSLY how could I not miss your comments???? They are clearly designed to make me the happiest person ever. THANK YOU! LOVE YOU! lol

sillystarsmoons: Hehe, I'm glad to hear you can't guess the twist! That'll make it more twisty when it finally comes. Thank you!

obsessed: Hahaha! I cackled to myself for a good minute when I read your comment. :)

sneezytwilight: Yay! Thank you! I'm glad your glued! :hug:

Part Four:

“Maybe we can have this touching reunion a bit later,” Tassi commented dryly.

Cam tossed a hand up. “That’s what I’ve been saying!” He shook his head, scowling. “Women,” he muttered.

“MEN!” Tassi snapped back.

“Women and men!” Cam said. “Now get a move on. I have somewhere to be.” His expression became pinched, but then he shook his head, shrugging it off.

Carter was busy trying shrug off his own problem; he couldn’t seem to think straight. It was like his mind was wrapped in wool. Even when he’d been using Tassi as a pillow, he hadn’t been able to focus his thoughts long enough to enjoy it--hell, he couldn’t even remember what if felt like to have her nice, soft bre--

“What’s that look on your face?” she demanded. “I don’t like it.”

“Nothing,” he said a little too quickly.

She cocked a suspicious eyebrow before standing to look down on him. “Uh-huh.”

Carter stood, too, trying not to fall on his face as the world spun. The punch Cam suddenly planted to his jaw didn’t help matters. He staggered, flailed his arms uselessly, and went sailing back onto his ass.

“What the hell!?” Tassi demanded, glaring at Cam. “Are you some kind of demented lunatic from another dimension? Because from where I’m standing that made abso-freaking-lutely NO SENSE!”

Carter touched his pulsing jaw, peering up at Cam through eyes that refused to focus.

“That,” Cam said, looking down at him, “was for Rush.”

Clutching his head with both hands, Carter replied, “The two cracked ribs you gave me last time weren’t enough?”

“Nope.” Cam smiled evilly.

“Man, that’s not fair.” What the hell? Why was he so freaking dizzy? It really wasn’t a good time! “You know I thought he’d hurt Beth. What was I supposed to do?” And then there was his nose, which wouldn’t leave him the hell alone. He curled a half-hearted arm up to capture another one of his disgusting sneezes. “Huht’chhSHuue!

He shot a glance at Tassi, who made a face, saying, “Don’t even say it.”

God, she obviously thought he was the most revolting creature to walk the earth. He slapped a smile onto his face. “You know you like it, hot-stuff.”

“All right, this is getting a bit too graphic for my tastes,” Cam cut in. “I’m out.” He started to walk off.

“Wait!” Tassi reached down, took hold of Carter’s t-shirt, and yanked him up to his feet. “Hurry up, Ego-Face. Move your legs.”

“You checkin’ out my legs?” he asked, trying to appear smug.

“Okay, enough. You stay here. I can’t deal with you anymore.” And she flounced after Cam, leaving him in the dust.

He blamed his next sneeze on that dust, figurative or not. Maybe if he denied having this beast of a cold, it would just decide to give up and find someone else to mess with.

“Hhh…t’schhoo--tshh!” He lost his balance a little, wondering if that had been one or two sneezes. Tassi would probably get a good laugh at his expense…

But, hell…his head. Freaking hello and goodbye, pain. Go bother someone else, preferably Cam, the self-righteous little…

Annoyed at herself for caring, Tassi went back for the stupid lug. He was just standing there, staring off into space, his eyes glassy, his mouth hanging open.

“Earth to Ego-Face. You alive in there?” She snapped two fingers in front of his face.

His eyes slowly closed, pink heat suffusing his cheeks. He waved a hand vaguely in front of his face, taking a stunted breath in through his clogged nose. His head gave a little bob as: “Hah’isshhuh!” A funny smile ghosted over his lips. “Whoa,” he said dreamily.

“Ohhh-kay. Time to go.” She grabbed his elbow and steered him after Cam. “We really do have to call the police about this.”

“Ho-kay,” he murmured distractedly, stumbling along beside her.

Her heart did this annoying little lurchy thing. “We’re almost there. Just a few more steps. I’m sure you can handle that.”

At the car, she opened up the back door and tugged him in after her. He sort of just sat there like a lump, not moving.

“Um. Shut the door?” she said, unable to swallow her concern. What was this!? She hated men! They were all the same and they all wanted one thing.

“I got it,” Cam said, shutting their door and getting in behind the wheel. “What’s wrong with him, anyway? He high or something?”

“No,” she said coldly, glaring at the back of Cam’s head. “He is not. He’s not feeling well at the moment. Have some compassion.”

“Jeez. Try not to suck my blood,” Cam muttered.

Tassi almost gagged at the thought. “You’re a sicko. Really. Stop talking to me. Oh, and I need to go to--”

“Don’t care. You’re going where I’m going, which is back to campus. You can figure the rest out yourself from there.”

She was about to protest, when Carter suddenly slumped against her. His head landed on her shoulder and she could hear his spongy, pitiful little gasps for breath.

He blinked, eyes struggling to focus. “Ohh, shit,” he said when he realized just where he was. “Sorry. Accident. Swear. Don’t know…God, so…tired.”

“Shh. It’s okay.” She petted his hair with her traitorous hand. The damn thing had a life of its own. So, apparently, did her mouth. “Just go to sleep. I’ll wake you when we get there.”

Still, he fought to keep his eyes open. “Tell…Cam. Beth…she cheated…on me--forgave her. Thought…mistake. But…after she lied…saw her for…” His features relaxed as he drifted into sleep, his face flushed.

“Hey,” Cam said from up front, his tone alarmed. “Hey, is he okay? Carter?”

She felt his forehead; he was burning up. “He just fell asleep. But he’s got a fever.”

“Shit. We’re almost there. Like, two more minutes.”

“Try not to hit anyone,” Tassi said, “on the way there.”


And no, that was not the twist lol. That's next time!

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WAIT!!! That wasn't the twist!!! You're gonna leave us haning after A TWIST that's not THE TWIST!!

I do like how Tassi is s l o w l y finding her inner compassion. Its so adorable. I don't like Cam.

XP I really do enjoy this story. You keep getting better and better!!♥

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AAAH ! NEWNESS!!! I feel sooo bad for not coming on the site enough to see this!!! Seriously, I have a girlfriend who acts EXACTLY like Tassi its like, scary similar.. :drool:

Annoyed at herself for caring, Tassi went back for the stupid lug. He was just standing there, staring off into space, his eyes glassy, his mouth hanging open.

“Earth to Ego-Face. You alive in there?” She snapped two fingers in front of his face.

His eyes slowly closed, pink heat suffusing his cheeks. He waved a hand vaguely in front of his face, taking a stunted breath in through his clogged nose. His head gave a little bob as: “Hah’isshhuh!” A funny smile ghosted over his lips. “Whoa,” he said dreamily.

“Ohhh-kay. Time to go.” She grabbed his elbow and steered him after Cam. “We really do have to call the police about this.”

“Ho-kay,” he murmured distractedly, stumbling along beside her.

Ya, this part, is just one of my favorites. Don't know why, it just is. :laugh: Its so great to read another epic twist with a side of twist, then some BAM! from you Scion. You really should get published one day girly!!! :wub:

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Your so fly like a G6 B)

loved it love disoriented guys talking nonesense....WHEN are they not right?! :laugh:

just kidding :wub::rolleyes:

love this lacking sneezes but I like how your characters are. I really like Carter and Tassi<3


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