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Rafa Nadal (M)


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Thanks for these. Rafa does seem to be a photic sneezer. Pity we can't hear the sneeze, but at least we know he does doubles as well as singles (as any good tennis player does...)

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It's really cute. I'll search for the video, it must be on youtube somewhere and since it's after the game it shouldn't be.. too hard.

It really looks like he likes to sneeze though, as he's even searching for the light and not trying to ignore the tickle. teehee.gif

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Aww! He has cute sneezes! I like photic sneezing! teehee.gif

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How am I just now finding about this goldmine of sneezes? So many gorgeous photo sneezes... :wub:

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Ahh, I was just about to post these...but you guys beat me to it :)

He's adorable, and it really doesn't take much to make him sneeze (seen it live)

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I've become seriously obsessed by these videos you guys. There's something about how whole looking at the sun thing that makes them amazing to watch, and I am SO jealous that you've seen them person. I hope he sneezes more for us soon!

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Just to make this thread even better, here is a HQ pic from the same person of his pre sneeze!


The person tweeted that she has to decide when he starts to sneeze whether to film or take a photo, which means he must sneeze a lot, and always at the sun and in doubles!

I'm gonna put in a request that she ALWAYS films. ALWAYS.

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