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Request or Trade (Homestuck)


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So, I was wondering if anyone else on here reads and/or is obsessed with Homestuck like I am. XD I started reading it a couple of weeks ago and binged until I caught up on Friday. I realized that I could really go for some Homestuck wrong shortly after that and I have been reading all the sickfics I could get my hands on, but it's not the same. I need a sneezefic. XD

I am more than willing to do a trade for this, either art or a story, Homestuck or something else. Ask me if I know it! The trade might take a while, since the last half of spring semester hates all that is good in the world... But I will do my best! (If you want something Homestuck, it will probably be done a lot faster, though. :blush:)

Anyway, here are a list of people/pairings that would be wonderful, in order of most wanted. :D I'll bold the one that I would prefer sneezing. If it doesn't matter who, I'll bold neither!


Karkat/Sollux (matesprits or moirails)

Eridan/Sollux (kismesis)


Bro and Dave

Vriska/Tavros (their weird broken kismesisitude)

Karkat/Terezi (matesprits)

Gamzee/Tavros (matesprits)

Eridan/Feferi (moirails)

If none of those work, there are actually more ships I follow... This fandom. :rolleyes: And again, I will very gladly trade something for this! I just really, really want some fic and it's never as fun when you write it yourself!

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Yo! *points to Gamzee icon xD*

Umm, I would totally be willing to trade some art from a Homestuck sneezefic or something!

I've just never done an art trade before xD;;. I would need to know what you would want. (or, just anything out of these pairings?). And, would you want to see my art if you think it's good enough? How dose work?

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HoNk! (o: Let's see... I certainly wouldn't mind looking at your art (I love to look at art!) but it's not necessary! As for what I want, anything with any of the above pairings would be good. If you like one out of those characters/pairings the best, you can tell me and we could maybe discuss a scenario? I wouldn't want to suggest something you don't want to draw, after all!

And in exchange, I could give you art or a short oneshot! (I can give you examples of my art, too, if you want! There's a bunch of my fic floating around on the forum here, too.) Did you want a Homestuck thing? Because I could write/draw other pairings/characters than the ones listed above. Just let me know what you like!

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I can defiantly PM my DeviantArtif ya would like! I know you're a pretty good writer, and didn't you do that one comic/story thing of Sebastian from Black Butler? Or is my hivemind all screwy today?

I would be able to draw anything, really (besides obvious nsfw, fluffy stuff is fine though) I would do any of those top 3 with gusto! Especially one of the ships with Sollux in it xD. Mostly because I lack in the ability to play someone as cool as Dave B( no joke.

What would you like? Scenario wise. Anything specifics that I should include/avoid? I would probably be fine with doing like 3-5 panels or sortof a small comic or something. And what exactly is a fair panel/words ratio for you anyway? xD

I'd have to think about what I would want back though xDDDD once again, learning how to art trade here! It would probably be homestuck still though. Probably:

EriSol (kismesis)



FefEri (I don't know why I like seeing them red for one another Q__Q)



GamKar (Moirails)


But honestly, I'm not picky. Just seeing some homestuck on these boards would be great!

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I DID do that one comic thingy of Sebastian, quite a while ago! :D I was going to send it to you in reference, since I don't have anything more recent to display, anyway. I am so lazy. But since you've seen it, I guess I don't have to!

I would love an Eridan/Sollux comic thingy! Scenario-wise, I wouldn't mind a bit of cold fluff, with Eridan being a needy kismesis. Like he is. Or maybe Eridan could be allergic to honey? I know that food allergies don't usually cause sneezing, at all, buuuuut it's mind honey. So there. *bad poker face* Or Sollux tickling Eridan's nose with a feather held in his psionic grip while he simultaneous holds Eridan down. Naughty! :blush: There isn't much I can't deal with, but coughing kind of squicks me out. I'm also a fan of mess and contagion, but if that isn't your thing, it's not a requirement at all!

Writing for you, I would love to write either of the Eridan pairs, the SolKar, or the KarGam moirails. Do you have a scenario suggestion? Preferences? I write better if I have a semi-detailed plot and/or list of things you like.

I guess I was thinking about writing maybe 1500-2000 words? My oneshots tend to end up around that length anyway. I wouldn't go below 1200 words. And if I were bitten by the plot bunny, I could go longer! (School might keep me from getting it to you too soon, though, but I will definitely come through. Two or three weeks would definitely be enough time for me to write.) I guess you could draw as many panels in return as you felt like you wanted to? Or one full colored picture would also be great!

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Well now all I can do is fantasize about Sollux/Eridan, thanks mate XD! I can definatly think of something for it! I always could use more practice drawing mess, trust me! And its real fun; I love mess too! I will get on it when I find time away from my parents (Which is usualy the weekends, but I bet I can get away with a few pannels without getting strange questions!)

I guess we can trade some Sol/Eri for some Sol/Eri, now that Im in the mood for it :D, I dont mind who the sneezer is of the two of them though. I really do like messy uncontrollable sneezes. and looking just BEAT by your cold/allergy/whatever. Flushed face and runny nose and all that beautiful stuff! Trying to hide it is also very nice, it seems like something they would both do, unless Eridan could get some pity-points out of it. Eridan could have caught something from being outside the shores in the cold, considering hed be all drenched....I dont know xD. I also do like forced indusing, like shoving a flower under someones nose or the whole feather situation, long buildups and failed stifles >u> I'm terrible, I know. I dont really have any turn offs that I could think of when it comes to the fetish... I like SNEEZING... its rather simple and thats really all you need to know to make me happy XD. Just have fun with the details of the victim in this!

That would be great! I could probably get a few pannels out, but sometimes I feel as if my art takes FOREVER and I dont know how to make it go faster, but I'll be working on this all weekend as much as I can! This deserves more than just a one full coloured picture. I've spent enough time daydreaming, so I alreayd have a plot *wonk*

Woah, sorry, Im like, super excited! blushsmiley.gif

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Whee! Now I'm super excited as well! Even more super excited than I already was! XD I already have a couple of ideas for the fic, now, too. *dances*

And take as much time as you need! I understand completely that you don't want to be caught. I have a roommate who is also really into Homestuck (she converted me) so I'm going to have to be careful she doesn't find out what I'm writing. Plus, school. So if you take a while, it's only fair!

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uh hey. bluh. sorry. awkward. i've been sorta someone whose lurked around as a guest here for a while and as of recently made an account. being a long time fan of homestuck i'm surprised it hasn't been big on this form considering how large the fandom has become recently (like shit, there were way too many homestucks at sakuracon, the day 2 shoot was a massive mess, thank god for private shoots).

anyways i just thought i might mention i'd gladly love to write some dave/john, or dave and bro, or maybe dirk/jake. i enjoy the striders very much. also i've gotten into the habit of only being able to write homestuck fanfiction in 2nd person.

i've always been reluctant about doing sneezefics because i'm extremely in the closet and i really do not want to tell anyone due to fear of being judge. this site just looks so free of that judgement. this seems like the place i can finally post writing of that nature because i've been too afraid to really put anything like that on my tumblr or deviantart.

blah. sorry. but yeah. i really enjoy homestuck and i plan to work on some writing with stridrers like I mentioned above. u - u also i'll just mention i do like doing rp too (as Dave or Bro)(i've been in a long running text rp where my friend unknowingly made my life heaven the moment he had self-instert hussie made all striders sick forever canon to be an ass and get back at dave).

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Welcome to the forum! It's lovely to meet a new face (and a new Homestuck!). Don't fret, as this is indeed a wonderful nonjudgemental place for fanworks of all kinds. The people here are really friendly. I really do wish that Homestuck was bigger on here, but one must work with what one can get. I would really, really love to see any of the Striders sick, so any sort of Strider sneezefic you write would be much appreciated!

And... I've been meaning to get back into RPing. Do you ship JohnDave? Because if you do, I would love to be the John to your Dave sometime!

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0: I would love to do DaveJohn rp. It's my favorite pairing in the entire fandom. I don't know where you'd want to do it. And as of the end of this week I will have graduated and have more free time for writing. Right now is crazy stressful prep for finals.

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Ooh, good luck on your finals! Finals suck. XD As for where... I don't know! The only SFF RPs I've done so far have been over PMs, but I'd be open to email too, I guess. I'm so glad you like JohnDave! They are so adorable. I'll have to practice writing for John; I've never RPed as him before! Let's discuss what we want to do after your finals, since I wouldn't want to be distracting. :)

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Ah, I've always enjoying doing some sort of college AU with Dave and John sharing an apartment (mostly because I feel weird if they're 13). But I'm done with finals and the graduation ceremony is tonight. But about rping. I don't know how to go about it via pm. Since I can't really access my personal messages. I guess it's because I've only just recently made this account and I haven't made enough posts. So when I attempted to view the page, I get the error community message saying I do not have permission.

But now that I have more time I can start working on the sneezefic(s) biggrin.png

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College AUs are the bomb, so I am totally fine with that. All the way.

But yeah, I can see we'll have problems since you are really new and still need validation. I guess just keep posting positively and go from there? Posting contact info directly on the forum is (rightly) discouraged, so we'll probably have to wait until then.

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Yeah. I'm just the kind of person reluctant to go around posting. Gah. I should try to stop being so paranoid and shy. But sorry this is so late. I've had family visiting and then actually got out of the house with friends.

But. I was wondering if you had any sort of ideas or preferences for any of those strider situations (DaveJohn, Bro and Dave, DirkJake). I've been in such a terrible rut recently with inspiration. If you had any sort of ideas for those it would be loads of help (I've been leaning towards Bro and Dave). It's terrible because I want to write so badly, but I can't get anything down. It's been affecting my art as well. Just this huge Art/Writing Block. It's been killing me lately.

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Argh, writer's/art block sucks. I've actually been suffering from a bit of that myself lately, and I keep getting bored with stuff. :| But you say you're leaning toward Bro and Dave? Who would be playing as who? I assume you want Dave, which is perfectly fine with me. Unfortunately, I don't really have any ideas for them... Most of my thinking about Bro and Dave takes place when Dave is a little kid, since I'm a HUGE sucker for the single dad/bro scenario, but that wouldn't be as fun for you. I'd be very willing to play it if we could work out an idea, though...

This is hard. XD

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Oh my god I would love anyone who writes a Johnkat sneezefic soooooooo much.

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Welcome to the forum, Sah-Sah (or if you've been a lurker for a while, hi!)! I've found myself liking JohnKat more and more lately, so I'd be willing to write a little something for you if you want to trade something! My preferences are all in this thread already, I think, but do feel free to ask if you're interested.

I'm sort of half-way through writing/posting Dakoter's EriSol fic here, but it hasn't garnered much attention, so if want to trade and you have an idea you'd like to see (the more I know about what you like, the better) tell me, and I'll see what I can do. :)

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I would be glad to do a trade! I don't really write much myself too much anymore neither do I think I'm good enough at writing, but I doodle here and there and even though it's not that great I would be willing to do a trade! ;u;

I have a couple of ideas for JohnKat and I would be more than happy to try and see what I can do!

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Argh, writer's/art block sucks. I've actually been suffering from a bit of that myself lately, and I keep getting bored with stuff. :| But you say you're leaning toward Bro and Dave? Who would be playing as who? I assume you want Dave, which is perfectly fine with me. Unfortunately, I don't really have any ideas for them... Most of my thinking about Bro and Dave takes place when Dave is a little kid, since I'm a HUGE sucker for the single dad/bro scenario, but that wouldn't be as fun for you. I'd be very willing to play it if we could work out an idea, though...

This is hard. XD

Playing? Huh? OH NO. I meant for the sneezefic for you ._.

I like the idea of doing something with a college AU Dave/John rp. What you stated above does however give me ideas. It's just a matter of pounding something out. Yet my motivation is running dry for unexplained reasons. Even now I pause greatly between each word. I continue to draw a blank. The moment I get on my iPod (because that's where I do my writing) and open a note all the ideas and story that had begun to piece together in my mind fly out the window. At this point I sigh and put it off to later. I'm not sure what has happened to the moments where I could write for hours on end.

I threw around a few ideas with a situation when Dave was very young but they all seem to crumble. It's as if I cannot find any inspiration in any place. It's killing me because I really want to write. So I will continue to scour every place I can locate for something that will help me write. But until then I'm stuck in a hole.

Also when I read it at first I took it as the ship DadBro xD (which i do really like)

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@Sah-Sah: Doodling is awesome, too! Let's do that trade. :) Give me your suggestions and let's work something out! For me, anything with Dave would be fine. If you want me to come up with ideas, let me know. XD

@timaeusTestified: Ooooooohhhhh. Hee hee. ^^; Yeah, a Dave/John college AU would be boss if we can figure out how to actually roleplay. And for the fic, just keep at it I guess? I'm not going to push you; write when you have the inspiration. :)

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I know this topic is pretty old but I'd totally write you something! I don't do nearly enough sneezefics.

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Wow, really? XD That'd be awesome if you want to do that. :) I'm not really in a position to offer a trade anymore, since school's keeping me pretty busy, but if you still want to write, I'd love to read anything you come up with! I have a preference for sneezy Striders (Davesprite would be amazing) and I like JohnDave/sprite and DirkJake, but really anything would be awesome. You're so sweet!

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Would you believe I wrote a whole hurt/comforty dirkjake sneezefic the other day and this morning when I woke up it had vanished from my USB? This is a travesty.

But yes indeedy, I'll definitely write something uwu

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You got any prompts in mind? I was thinkin' mebbe a post sburb/no sburb AU where John and Dave are doing the boyfriend thing, and Dave comes to Washington to visit and they have cute dates and stuff but Dave always gets sick because he's not used to the cold?

Wow that was a long sentence. Just give me a few days ^^

Yeah I write way too much dirkjake, I need to broaden my horizons.

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