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Here's how you play: list a few predictions (could be sneeze-related, but don't have to be) about the person who will post after you. Then the person replies to your predictions and says how many you got right, and then writes their own.

So, the person posting after me:

  • Likes coffee more than tea
  • Is not a Harry Potter fan
  • Lives with roommates
  • Is a college student
  • Enjoys cooking

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I DO like coffee more than tea, and I'm not a big Harry Potter fan. Buuuut, I live with my parents, I'm a high school student, and the extent of my cooking talents end at making ramen noodles. ;) Two out of five!

Okay, the person after me...

  • Loves to draw!
  • Has a good singing voice.
  • Is a little on the short side
  • Has black hair
  • Is an avid gamer.

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I love the IDEA of drawing, but in practice I tend to get frustrated by how bad I am it. I used to have an okay singing voice, but then hormones. :lol: I am definitely on the short side though. A fair number of people think my hair is black, but it's actually really dark brown and in the right light it even has some red highlights. I like gaming, but I'm more of a casual gamer than an avid one. Zelda FTW.

The person after me:

- Is a vegetarian

- Owns a pet

- Plays or used to play a sport

- Doesn't like horror movies

- Secretly loves reality TV

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I am a vegetarian, yes. I don't own a pet at the moment, but I used to have guinea pigs, and I'm planning on getting a pair of piggies again as soon as my lodgings allow it. The only sport I practice nowadays is running, but I used to do a little orienteering and skiing when I was younger. I do like certain horror movies, but for the most part I'm more interested in horror games. Reality tv is an abdomination. tonguesmiley.gifTop Model anyone?

The person after me...

- likes tea

- has siblings

- can speak at least two languages

- plays a musical instrument

- is wearing something red

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I do like tea, and I've got one sibling, so two! I'm learning Japanese, and I LIKE languages, but I'm not fluent in anything other than English. I used to play the clarinet way back when.

The person after me:

- Doesn't like to shop for clothes

- Lives in a place that is currently very warm

- Has had more than one job

- Loves the outdoors

- Can drive

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I enjoy shopping for clothes, but only when I NEED them. I live in a place that is not warm, but HOT! And humid. Yuck. I've only ever had one job (I work there now). I don't mind the outdoors, but I prefer indoors. And sadly, I can't drive. Too scared. :lol:

The person after me:

- Enjoys cool weather

- Prefers cats over dogs

- Has never seen a live rhinoceros before

- Is a picky eater

- Doesn't like the smell of gasoline

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Yes, I love cool weather, I just can't stand heat!

Although I love cats, I am neither a cat or dog person.

I have seen the live rhino while visiting the zoo.

I am indeed a picky eater.

And I am not the gasoline-smell fan.

Ok, the person after me:

- enjoys reading

- loves chocolate

- can't dance

- lives in a house

- has at least three plants inside of his/her living space.

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I love to read, but I don't seem to do nearly as much of it as I used to, which is sad.

I do love chocolate, especially with red wine. Dark chocolate and red wine! Mmmmm.... :wine:

I definitely cannot dance, or at least I don't think I can and therefore avoid it at all costs for fear of death by embarrassment.

I don't live in a house, I live in a camper trailer :lol: But soon I will be moving into an apartment!

I don't have any plants. I'd like to, but I have a terrible talent for killing them...

The person after me:

- Has a mother tongue other than English.

- Still has a favourite toy they've kept since childhood

- Isn't a very good cook

- Is taller than average

- Has a birthmark somewhere.

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Well, English is my mother tongue, but I often joke I learned Canadian English, because living in the States I still get the occasional teasing about my strange pronunciations!

I definitely have a favorite toy I've kept! I have my stuffed bear I used to sleep with every night (basically until college!) and I also have my American Girl dolls stored away.

I'm not a good cook, but a very good baker! I can do the dough and batter bits, but I'm really terrible at making actual meals! (Really, why can't we always eat baked goods/desserts?!) I'm not tall at all...in fact, I'm on the short side....5'3"! And I do have a birthmark on my finger, but it's very faded now that I'm older.

The person after me:

-Has never seen a play (musicals/Broadway shows don't count)

-Rides a bicycle at least once a week

-Is right handed

-Speaks two languages

-Dislikes their feet

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I have seen a few plays, actually.

I'm afraid I don't know how to ride a bike sadsmiley.gif

I'm ambidextrous (meaning that I can use both, by the way)... though I prefer to use my right hand so I don't bump into the elbow of anyone next to me...

I can only speak English fluently, though I can say names of foods in several other languages...

I like my feet, they're nice and soft smile.png

the person after me:

- Likes cupcakes

- Reads often

- Gets frustrated easily

- Loves eating cereal, even after breakfast

- Is very quiet

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Let's see - true, true, true-ish, true, false. I am noisy rather than quiet, most times. :lol:

The person after me

- lives on their own

- likes to cook

- dresses well

- enjoys company

- hates football (I mean soccer).


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Nope, I live with my family. I do like to cook, though I don't do much of it, and it's normally only breakfast foods. Dressing well...I guess that depends on your standards. I just dress in whatever's comfortable and passes for decent in public, so I wouldn't say I dress well, but I don't dress horribly either. I enjoy company most of the time, as long as it's not a lot of people at once. And I quite like soccer. So that's...2 out of 5?

The person after me:

- Really likes anime

- Doesn't watch a lot of TV

- Is a good listener

- Doesn't like cereal

- Can't climb trees

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-Really likes anime- Nope, never liked it.

- Doesn't watch a lot of TV- Right.

- Is a good listener- Usually, but sometimes my mind does wander. Then again, whose mind doesn't? rolleyes1.gif

- Doesn't like cereal- I do like cereal.

- Can't climb trees- Yep, never climbed a tree in my life.

The next person:

  • Is clumsy
  • Hates being blessed when they sneeze
  • Usually writes in cursive, not print
  • Is good with computers
  • Has watched at least some of the Olympic games

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Yes to all except for the cursive. Both my forms of writing are horrendous. xD

The person after me:

  • Likes to swim at the beach
  • Watches old cartoons like Loony Toons or The Flinstones
  • Has tried Crystal Pepsi before
  • Is wearing a red shirt
  • Owns several stuffed animals to this day

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No, yes, no, no, no. Swimming at the beach is better than the rest of the things I could do at the beach, but I just don't like the beach at all. I own a few stuffed animals, but I don't know how many. I got rid of a lot of them, but I've still got a few.

The person after me:

-Has brown hair

-Likes the color orange

-Has read a lot of classic novels

-Doesn't like sweets

-Likes the daytime better than the night

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I have reddish auburn hair, I don't mind orange but I really love mustard yellow, I haven't read many classics other than those I was told to read in school (Dickens, mostly), I ADORE sweets...I have a major sweet-tooth, and I'm definitely a night-owl...I'd say my favorite time of day is 5pm-11pm.... so really, no correct ones! :)

The person after me:

-Uses Twitter frequently

-Is accessing the forum via a Mac computer

-Dislikes the color green

-Always buys the same kind of shampoo

-Doesn't really like soda/soft-drinks

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So, that is all very creepy.



-Well, I actually like green..




The person below me...

~ Owns something they've never worn.

~ Likes white chocolate.

~ Collects something random.

~ Is wearing socks.

~ Is currently listening to music.

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Nope, milk chocolate.

trading cards.



The person below me.

Has a deviantart account.

Owns a PS3

is watching TV

uses a mac or ipad.

is wearing a t-shirt.

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No to everything. :lol: I hardly game or watch tv, don't have anything from Apple and it's hot so I'm wearing a thin dress.

The person below me:

- follows at least 1 TV series religiously.

- owns a skirt.

- wears glasses.

- has kissed a girl.

- uses a laptop.

(... or not. :lol: )

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Four out of five is pretty good. I don't own a skirt, but I do own several sets of LARP robes...

Okay, the person below me:

- Has a driving license

- Listens to the radio regularly

- Is an optimist

- has longer than shoulder length hair

- owns an extensive book collection

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Let's see....



Yuppers (although I *can* be a cynic from time to time)

Nope (used to)


The person below me...

- Has a pet

- Is a student

- Has more than 5 pairs of shoes

- Likes video games

- Has a show that they like to "geek" about

**I feel psemi safe with my guesses** :lol:

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Yes. No. Yes. Yes. Yes.

The person below me.

Watches at least one anime faithfully.

Still owns a VCR.

Plays a musical instrument.

Has allergies.

Has a job that he/she hates.

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I used to watch Death Note VERY faithfully, but I'm not really into anime anymore, so it's a sort of yes.


Nah. I used to play guitar so I sucked and gave up. I like to sing though. :)

I do have an allergy to grass pollen, yes.

I do absolutely hate it.

The person below me:

Listens to a lot of music.

Dyes their hair regularly.

Likes cats.

Hates cucumber.

Their favourite colour is orange.

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Yeah, though the lot of music is usually in the same genre lately.


I do like cats (and all other animals)!

False! Cucumbers are my favorite vegetable. XD

It's one of them, but my favorite is red.


The person after me:

- Goes barefoot most of the time

- Likes country music

- Ate within the past hour

- Travels often

- Dislikes math

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No chance! Can't even get away with sandals in this country most of the time.

Sure. I love Johnny Cash. And I like a lot of bluegrass and rockabilly songs. "Country pop" is a no go, though.

I did indeed. Just had dinner. Which was good because I was watching Hell's Kitchen for about an hour before that and was getting kinda hungry.

Nah, not really. I get out of the country once or maybe twice a year.

AWW, HELL YES! I absolutely suck at maths and my teacher was an complete knob so my hate for that subject runs deep.

Alright, so the person after me:

- Has never been to a music festival, but wants to!

- Has an IQ of between 110 and 120

- Sneezes at least twice a day

- Has green eyes

- Likes their job

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