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What are your favourite names you would give to your child if you had one? And if you already have obviously I don't pretend to violate your privacy by wanting to know your sons name don't worry :)

Mine would be in case of a female Alexandra and for a male Christian :) don't have much fantasy but I must say I'm very very picky when it comes to choosing names. Maybe with this thread you could come up with some helpful ideas :)

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I think Kimmy for a girl :)

It's taken me years to decide on a boy's name, but I think I've finally agreed to Theo.

i know what you mean though, I'm really picky and am worried people might steal my names!!

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I think Anna is a very beautiful name. Usually I like girl names to be longer, but that's my favourite. Elizabeth is pretty, too.

For a boy, it would be Philip.

Not that I'd ever have any children, but still. :lol:

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I have a pair of kidlets (one of each) - and obviously I won't disclose names that I chose, but...

Two names that I think are beautiful for girls but which I thought would have been a little too "exotic" for a little white girl are: (I was going to use them if I had adopted)

1) Athena

2) Iesha

Two boys names that I *always* loved but I was voted on because "They are too common"

1) Michael

2) David

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For a girl, I really like the name Emily. Or anything with L in it, really. But I forget what "normal" girl names are out there because I'm so used to either making them up or thinking about non-English names that would seem really weird if I named my kids those things. xD

For boys, I like Caleb and Jacob/Jake. I guess I gravitate toward more common boy names...always found those harder to make up for some reason. That being said, it's highly unlikely that I'd ever name my child something I made up, unless it sounded relatively normal despite its uniqueness.

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I had Lily picked out since I was 12 but my stepsister recently took that one...

So Olivia is my top choice. I'll be damned if anyone takes it from me. If I had a second girl, Brooke.

For boys Milo, Luke, or Gavin.

While unique names can be fun, I have to admit that I really hate made-up names or crazy spellings. Since I substitute teach, I see a ton of kids every day, and the stuff I see on my attendance sheet can be ridiculous.

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I've always really liked Peter for a boy (except for the Harry Potter connection...yuck! Boooo to that Peter!). I also like Hunter (because it's family name connection). Patrick, Oliver, Harrison, Jon, and Theo are also pretty high on my list.

For girls, I love Mae, Amelie, Emaline, and Elyse. I also like Kayleigh.

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I have a weird name. Like a really weird first name. But I do love my name, and watching people trying to pronounce my name correctly! So much fun! The problem with it is, my name would never be on one of those personalized things such as key chains or cups etc. A disappointment of childhood! :P

Anyway, I'd have to give my children equally weird names to match me! For girls, I'd have Araminta (Minty for short) and Tea (pronounced Tay-ah). For boys, probably Lupin and/or Caleb.

Or if my husband's boring, Maria and David.

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Boy's name, i have no idea. But for a girl, i just LOVE the name Lydia, I always have and if i ever have a daughter, i will push my hardest for her to be named Lydia.

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I'm very fond of M-names, so if I had a girl, I think I would maybe name her Malou. Or Mirjam. I also like the names Lovis and Lia (both are names from the book Ronia the Robber's Daughter by Astrid Lindgren).

Boys... hm. I like Benjamin a lot. It's a soft, kind name. Alexander is also very pretty. I love longer names on boys.

Edit: I almost forgot: Lyra! Yes. I could totally name my daughter after Pullman's His Dark Materials protagonist.

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I love Benjamin and Alexander too for boys! I think I've just decided my three future kids names. Naturally I'll have two boys and a girl haha :D the older one will be Alexandra, then Andrew and the youngest would be Matthew :heart: boring and classic names I know but I love therm and I think they're so sweet! I also like Jonathan and Chris but they're names of one of my ex and one is from my actual bf do I don't think its a good idea..

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Hopefully, I won't have children in near future, but I have been thinking about the names since I was five.

I really like Hlynn for a girl. It just sounds so ridiculously pretty (and it means "waterfall". How awesome is that?)

Barclay for a boy. :yes:

But knowing me, my poor children's names would probably be Magenta, Ziggy, Scaramouche (which often comes along with mispronounciation "ScaryBush" :lol: )... or something as awkward. My kids are going to hate me. :D

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Erik for a boy (what can I say? I'm a Phantom fan through and through), Lizzie (after composer Liz Swados) or Mandy (after the Barry Manilow song) for a girl.

Yes, they're all music-related, which just shows how deep my pathological obsession with the subject really goes. I guess we're lucky I don't want kids.

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I've always loved the name Xavier. Yes, I know it's almost always a middle name; I don't care! Also, Arthur, a fact which annoys my mother. For girls, Amber, Arianna, and Penelope. Susan isn't bad either.

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(I know some of these are spelt "wrong", but that's how I would spell them.)

I think I like for girls: Dea

And for boys: Landyn

For either gender: Amber, Asher, Denim

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My favorite names for girls are Lily and Alyssa (hence the username, I really wish my parents had chosen one of those, my mom nearly chose Lily but my dad didnt like it :( ) For guys I like Casey and Zach or Joshua

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I've just realized I have a thing for plant names for girls. If I have a daughter I will almost certainly insist on naming her Rowan. I also really like Hazel though.

For a boy I like William, Hamish, Hugh, Dylan, and Darwin.

For gender neutral I really like Shiloh, as well as Brynn and Keats.

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I like names that are a little different. Due to my name being Emily, I hate the thought of giving my child a common name.

My favorites for girls are Ember (a nickname of mine,) Candy, Tallulah, and one that I LOVE lately is Bonnibel. It's pretty on its own and can be shortened to lots of nice things like Bonnie, Belle, or Bon Bon.

I don't think about boy's name's all that much because I usually think about adopting a girl if I have a child, but I do like the name Zanzibar. I think that would probably be most appropriate for a black child though. Though I am most interested in adopting from Africa if I do adopt.

Despite all that though, I actually don't plan on adopting or having any children haha. I just like going through these scenarios you know?

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for a guy, Thom, or Lionel. Maybe Aleksander or Gunnar (I'm not scandinavian...). I thought Fabiana and Violine were good names for girls.

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I've considered naming one after my friend who's passed. Suzanne. :) I would probably call her Suzie. But I might do that for a middle name.

The name Cassandra has always been a beautiful name imo. And gosh. I'm awful with boys names because my friend writes the male characters when we do stories together often. +P She has thought of them. I'm not sure what I'd name a boy! Perhaps the hubby (whoever he is as I'm still single =P), would have more input. I could see Robert after my grandfather who I LOVED. Or William, after the other one.

I am single and no child yet so I've got time!

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I've just realized I have a thing for plant names for girls. If I have a daughter I will almost certainly insist on naming her Rowan. I also really like Hazel though.

I know I'm resurrecting an old thread (sorry!!) but I just saw this, and I'm amazed!! I'm currently pregnant with my first daughter, and I said to my SO that I wanted Rowan or Hazel, but he didn't like either of them :cry: because he said he had a teacher at school called Mrs Rowan and he didnt like her :glare:

My nan is called Hazel though :P

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