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I am pretty sure Danny has a cold or something throughout the entirety of the mario kart 8 deluxe playthrough. I'm only on episode 4 from it and Danny is audibly stuffed up, sniffly and blew his nose at the end of episode 2 (or 3?) After he blew his nose, he whined for a little bit (so cute!) and at the beginning of episode 4, he's reeallly stuffed up. It sounds like he has a lisp, and he makes a comment about it, tis very nice

EDIT: Danny has a cold! Arin said "You're making ME mucusy from being in proximity to you. Not sick but, sympathy mucus." and Danny is REALLY stuffed up. Its pretty great

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Danny is once again SUPER stuffed up this whole series and at 7:15 he sneezes twice and the second on is really breathy and cute <3

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Danny's having some allergy trouble, and we get 3 cute sneezes within the first minute or so.  Also his voice is again stuffy for the whole episode <3

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Great finds! The breathiness, the trying to talk through it, him saying "excuse me" after each one, Arin being concerned in the last one... very nice. 

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Another one I haven't seen here before. (Sorry for the old ones, my cousin JUST showed me these wonderful people, so I'm catching up with old favorites).




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Sorry to keep coming back, but this is their newest episode so far and it was a pleasant surprise.  It's such a cute sneeze!



:46 seconds, right off the bat.

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@DaylightStarr NEVER apologise for bumping this thread hahaha

LOVED that double omfg!

I had to drop in and post 2 other videos I haven't seen posted yet, one on camera and one that literally sounds like a fucking wav at one point LOL

First one @3:17, on screen!!



And this video has 3 @0:36, @2:07, and then again @2:26. Honestly though I recommend listening to the whole first 3 mins or so. I literally....can't deal with this video it's too unintentionally indulgent to talk about 😅



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Saw that the second one has been previously posted but why not post it in all it's glory again
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@NameTaken ha ha!  Thanks, I just feel a bit shy about it at times.  The ones you posted were absolutely lovely, by the way.


That being said...  Brand new one today.  Double starting at 1:53 or so.  The second one is more away from the microphone I think.



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Only got half the link the first time
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Oh my god I found this thread just last night and now I'm obsessed with him... What a precious man.

I found a new one! In one of their recent power hour videos Dan and Arin are doing shitty ASMR and some of it sounds disgusting so be forewarned.


The sneeze is at 12:23 and it's super fucking cute and Danny has feathers in his hair and he covers in a really cute way. Basically it's amazing and he's amazing. Also in the shot before he sneezes this spacey expression comes over his face and it's adorable. Wow.


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Oh no I'm sorry for spamming but I didn't know if this has been shared yet and I feel like it should be. Okay this next video is a year old from the gg cuphead series (which they never finished and I'm bitter), but this particular episode is verrry interesting to me. 

So from episode 1 of the series I noticed that Arin sounded very stuffed up and his voice was even deeper than usual. The episode below is episode 4, and in the first few seconds I heard congestion in Dan's voice which had not been there the day before. Naturally I started theorizing that Danny caught Arin's cold, and then this happened:


The sneezes start at 2:51 and Dan attempts to talk through the first two, It's precious.


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Oh my god he just keeps on giving LMAO. Thanks for all the posts, guys, this thread is one of the few reasons I visit the forum anymore!

Another one here @ 1:15, with some commentary on Arin's part about how angry it sounds haha



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